[31.05.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Have a happy morning together with Gotta Getcha~~~!!
和Gotta getcha一起度过的愉快早晨~~~!!
@张根硕:가라겟챠와 함께하는 신나는 아침~~~!!

Aigoo our pig ~~~^^^^^^^^^^^
아이고 우리 돼지~~~^^^^^^^^^^^

Then~~~ going to quietly start carousing ~~~~~ vast empty Beijing night~~~!!!
자~~~슬슬 칠링을 시작해 볼까요~~~~넓디넓은 베이징 나이트~~~!!!!

One more pig …
돼지가 한마리 더 늘었군…

Asia Prince and Italian man~~ pig go one side~~ ho~~
아시아 프린스와 이태리 상남자~~ 돼지는 저리가~~훠이~~

Want to eat this here!!!!!
여기서 이걸 먹게되다니!!!!!

Passed a shop while in the car – so dazzling!!! What is it? Walked closer to take a look, it’s the Asia Prince!!!!!
차타고 지나가다 한 가게가 유독 빛나고 있었던 것이었다!!! 무슨 일인가 하고 가까이 가 보니 아시아프린스가 뙇!!!!!!

Chinese eels~ don’t drive dangerously to follow me~ go back and sleep now~~ escape !!!!!!!!!!! Go and sleep!!!!!! kekekekekekeke
중국장어들아~ 운전 위험하게 하면서 자꾸 따라오지 말구~ 이제 들어가서 자~~쫌!!!!!!!!!!!자라고!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

15 thoughts on “[31.05.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. He is so mischievous yet cute & adorable! This is our Sukkie! Look like an innocent baby taking a bath.kkkkkk ……. He seems happy!

  2. Kya————– (//_///)
    Even though I’m very busy working, I can’t ignore this smile….  
    I really really Love him without makeup <3 <3

  3. really like bathing baby here.. I bet many who don’t know him can’t link with him on screen ^_^
    his double eyelids are showing even in his right eye in this shot as normally only the left eye has the obvious double eyelids… he must have a good rest after all the Love Rain filming..

  4. He just transformed from baby herbivore in the morning to carnivore at night~! 😀

    after months of filming, time he takes a break and enjoy himself in Beijing!

  5. happy to see him having a relaxing time last night … he and Jason really get along so well … was the second pic taken after the press conference?

  6. i’m so in love with this guy..happy seeing him having fun in Beijing..please eat and rest well dear uri prince.. ^__^

  7. According to Chinese eels, he played with his water gun on the 1st night outside his hotel with eels in his shorts. He’s so full of life. I don’t think there is any other celebrity who would do such a thing! The water gun was gift from Chinese eels. The camera he used on arrival at the airport was also gift from Chinese eels when he was filming LR. Whenever he can, he will show eels he’s using the gifts he receives from them, such a nice guy – showing that he appreciates the gifts and haven’t thrown them away or given to someone else!


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