[30.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Please don’t sleep! Let’s try to achieve a new record! Please cheer up!!
자지마세요! 니코니코를 쵸져! 신기록 달성해보자! 응원의 짤!! ㄲ ㅑ

When we were very busy shooting, “Love Rain” cake was sent to Tree-J!
It cheered up our regrets of airing finale “Love Rain”!
“Love Rain”, bye-cri…
We rush back again to the official album.
In fact, eels and staff do not take time off kk
그리 바쁜 촬영중에 크리제이에서 보내준 사랑비 케익! 사랑비 마지막방송의 아쉬움을, 현장에서 추르릅~! 사랑비는 그렇게 빠이크리… 정규앨범으로 다시 달려들! 그러고보면, 장어나 스텝이나 쉴틈이 없다ㅋㅋ

When he hears “Jang Keun Suk ssi~”, Guen-chan waves his hand to the screen!
His love to eels is amazing!!!
장근석씨~ 하면 모니터보고 손흔드는 근짱! 역시 장어사랑 갑!!!

A seat was occupied by Guen-chan kkkk
He himself wants to do something fun in NICONICO LIVE!
근짱이 한대리님 자리 점령 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 니코동 재밌다 이런 생방송을 본인이 직접하고 싶다고!

니코동 멈췄다

We captured when Guen-chan was chatting! He made contact with eels! kk
근짱이 채팅한거 캡쳐한 분! 역시 장어 촉시! ㅋㅋ

Our hunch of Oricon No.1 came true! Thanks, Frau^^
오리콘 1위의 예감은 적중! 프라우 감사합니다^^

Bouquet flowers were sent expecting Jang Keun Suk’s would become a big hit…!
Thank you so much^^
Oricon No.1 proves eels’ power!!
장근석 정규앨범 미리 대박을 예감하시고, 보내준 꽃다발들…! 정말 감사드립니다^^ 오늘 피자도 잘 먹었습니다! 오리콘 1위는 장어들의 힘!!

How are you, China? Hot airport!
니 하오 차이나! 뜨거운 공항!

From today (5/30), you can download ringtone full version! You can also download music source on iTunes!
Let’s show your power a little more! Eels’ power to Guen-chan!
오늘부터 (5/30) /착신음 풀버전 다운로드 가능! /i-tunes 음원 다운로드 가능! 좀 더 힘을 냅시다! 우나기 파워를 근짱에게!

Completely exhausted! heated 24-hour NICONICO LIVE… thanks for your effort!
Did you see MJ’s surprising appearance last?
완전소진! 하얗게 불태웠다… 니코동 24시간 생방송 수고하셨습니다! 마지막 MJ의 깜짝등장 본 사람?

As soon as I arrived, my mobile phone was all wet…
젊음의 생간… 오자마자 이러기 있다고… 핸드폰 다 젖었다고…

We need to drink a beer to celebrate in such a day… Busy, busy~
Go go to get Oricon weekly No.1!!!
This is a life-sized Guen-chan’s poster sent to Tree-J!
이런날은 추카 맥주라도 한잔 해야하는데, 바쁘다, 바빠~ 위클리 1위를 향해 달려요!!! 사진은 트리제이에 도착한 근짱 전신 포스터! 진짜 큽디다!

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  1. Sheeha, Nico Nico is a Japanese programme you can watch on your computer and also leave messages but you need to register for it first. Tenshi has provided instructions how to sign up for the website before. Keep reading this blog, we always get up-to-date information on Sukkie and how to watch certain programmes etc. You might also want to read some archive items on this blog.


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