[29.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

UPDATE: added some pics
English Translation: Sarah Ye, tenshi_akuma

The last shooting was over safely.
He gave carefully chosen gifts to the each staff.
Besides, he expressed this thankfulness with a hug, autographs and photos each and every person.
I’m really proud of this kind of him.
막촬 무사히 잘 끝났습니다 정성스레 준비한 선물을 스탭들에게 전달하고 한 명 한 명 포옹으로 인사하고 싸인에 사진촬영까지- 이런 사람이라 너무 자랑스럽습니다

Although Actor finished such a tough shooting just now, he already began to smile like this.
A 26-year-old Jang Keun Suk, he completed another his masterpiece!
I wonder what kind of him will he show us… I’m really proud of your hard work…!
“Love Rain”, Annyon~
힘든 여정을 끝낸 배우는 이렇게 또 웃는다. 또 하나의 필모를 쌓아가는 26살의 장근석! 다음엔 어떠한 모습을 보여줄지… 수고했습니다..! 사랑비 안녕~

But, Love Rain hasn’t reached its finale yet…! Why it feels like is over? Looks like still haven’t seen on air live,,, now reveal the Prince’s hairstyle from last episode. kk, Tomorrow please still tune for Love Rain’s finale live on TV!!!
근데, 아직 사랑비 막방 안끝났는데..! 왜 다 끝난거 같지? 그러고보면 아직 닥본사 못했,,,, 막방 스포 프린스 머리 ㅋㅋ 내일도 닥본사 사랑비!!!

RT @lime0804 Hello, Magazine has Jang Keun Suk ssi which released in Japan. MIN: wow!
(a Japanese eels collection of Magazine with JKS cover)
RT @lime0804 MIN 안녕하세요 (* ^ ^ *) 장근석 씨는 Japan에서 발매한 잡지입니다 \ (^ ^)

I love Love Rain and also that album!!!
사랑비 오늘 안녕… 그리고, 정규앨범 뙇!!!

The first shipping limited edition includes making DVD!
It’s like yesterday that we went to the shooting site of the album cover and MV. How time flies…!
Guen-chan checked himself carefully all from the concept, storyboard to costume!
Making DVD also reorganized under his inspection! Geun-chan, be nice…
초회한정반에는 메이킹DVD가! 자켓촬영현장, MV촬영현장에 갔던게 엊그제 같은데, 시간 정말 빠르다 컨셉트부터 콘티, 의상헤어시안, 모두 근짱이 꼼꼼하게 확인한 것! 메이킹DVD도 가편 검수하심! 근짱 살살해

One hour before broadcasting the last episode of “Love Rain”, White Garden Annyon
사랑비 마지막방송 1시간전, 화이트가든 안녕

We can see really beautiful roses, but why not shot during daytime…White Garden Annyon
장미꽃이 참 예뻤던 곳, 왜 낮에 사진을 찍은적이 없지… 화이트가든 안녕

It was hard… It was fun… It was happy… White Garden Annyon
수고했슴다… 즐거웠슴다… 행복했슴다… 화이트가든 안녕

A strategy was very sweet~
But, why I took it at the end of whole things? White Garden Annyon
하나방도 참 이뿌더라~ 근데, 이 모든거 왜 마지막에 가서 찍었지!! 화이트가든 안녕

I want to this as my room~ White Garden Annyon
내 방이고 싶더라~ 화이트가든 안녕

마지막으로, 오늘 막방 대형 스포짤!!! 준이랑 하나가 다 있슴!!! 뭐 일부러 이리 찍은거 아님 쿨럭~ 사랑비야~ 즐거웠다! 누가 운명비래~!! 사랑비… 막방들 닥본사 잘하세요^^

eel: #JUSTCRAZY got No.1 twitter trend in Japan (^^)
staff: Wow! Anything No.1 is great 🙂
“@rumlove_JKS: @codeinconnu 트렌드1위 잡았습니다 (^^) http://yfrog.com/oc82pmfj” 와우! 뭐든 1등은 좋아요 : )

eel: Shibuya has gone crazy! Fighting working!
staff: Shibuya JKS Festival!!
@happychild720: @codeinconnu 시부야는 굉장하게 되어 있어요! 일 화이팅! http://twitpic.com/9qn8x2 http://twitpic.com/9qn8xy” 시부야는 장근석 축제!!

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  1. I heard that he write a hand writing note to each staff with their name to said thank you to them for their hard work. There hundred plus staff that involve in this drama. That’s how caring and considered he is to everybody. Love him for this small caring gesture.


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