[video] Love Rain Ep 17 Preview with text translation

Credit: Uploader / Sukbar
English Translation by Sarah Ye

Text Translation:
Joon to Ha Na: Now, let’s only think two of us.
Miho to Sunho: Joonie Oppa is back together with HaNa
Sangbae to Yoon He: Teacher, I hope you can stop them, to Ha Na, he is not a suitable the other half.
Yoon Hee to Ha Na: Today even you told your loved one “Sorry”, but I hope you would love for yourself.

16 thoughts on “[video] Love Rain Ep 17 Preview with text translation”

  1. I think Yoon Hee would give green light to Na for her and Joonie. She knows how sad would be that you can’t be with your loved ones and also you wouldn’t forget that love for your life.

    • Sarah, I really think so too. Yoon Hee will encourage Ha Na not to give up her love from her experience. Yoon Hee is a kind of person. But now even if In Ha and Yoon Hee give up their love, I haven’t already felt just happy like “Let’s go Jun and Ha Na!” after knowing Marriage in South Korea… so complicated… 🙁

  2. I am happy and sad.
    Happy, to find out how Joon & Ha Na will end up at last. 🙂
    And sad, cause Love Rain nearly end. *sigh*

  3. The preview seems like we will be getting a happy and smiling episode on tomorrow. Upon HEE is smiling when she saw Jun and Hans photos together. So, I’m sure she will support their relationship. Shame on Sunbae!

  4. But there’s still the Hye Jung obstacle … In fact Joonie looks kind of worried@the end of the preview clip 8-/

  5. hooray! they finally together! new enemy in the next episode..hye jung, tae sung and miho..fighting joon -hana….^_____^

  6. Thanks sis Sarah for Eng-text.

    Hmmm…wonder how long can Jun and Hana’s happiness last before the crazy mother cause them pain again…lol

  7. gracias…como amo esta pareja..se que si ellos se casan tendrían unos bebes muy hermosos….ellos realmente hacen una bonita pareja.

  8. Finally, lights sparkling at the end of the tunnel! It’s been long last that we see Jun and Hana smiling happily at each other again. The sun, the rain, the entire universe simply belong to both of them.

    Tae Sung is not an honorable character – very chaebol indeed. He was first to squeel on Joon to Hana about Hye Jung causing Yoon Hee to lose her job. He is again squeeling on Joon and Hana to Yoon Hee about their relationship. Hana’s love should have been her perogrative to discuss with Yoon Hee when she deems fit. Joon on the other hand has never said a negative word about Tae Sung to Hana even at an earlier episode when he discovered that Tae Sung was really not what he appeared to be in Hana’s mind (the fact that he was engaged and a chaebol).

    Hye Jung needs to be taught a LESSON and the one to do it should be In Ha.


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