[interview] 100 Q & A (“CUT” June 2012)

Credits: rockin’on Inc
Japanese-Chinese translation: lucine_Rei__抹茶小囧
Chinese-English translation: Aphrael, Sarah Ye (edited by tenshi_akuma)


Q1. What’s your blood type and constellation?
JKS: Type A, Leo.

Q2: Family members?
JKS: Father, mother and me.

Q3: What’s your strong point?
JKS: No weak points.

Q4: What’s your weak point?
JKS: Lots of strong points.

Q5: What’s your motto?
JKS: No one is superior to anyone else. / Sincerity will get across to everyone eventually.

Q6: Which is your better arm?
JKS: I’m right handed.

Q7: What is your favorite word?
JKS: Kizuna (絆; Bond).

Q8: If you say yourself as an animal, what will be?
JKS: Rabbit.

Q9: What you are good at?
JKS: Teasing.

Q10: What’s the meaning of your name?
JKS: Down to earth, have firm conviction to keep going on.

Q11: What’s your earliest memory?
JKS: 5 years old, I was hit by bus.

Q12: Do you have lots of friends?
JKS: Now, I do have a lot.

Q13: What kind of kid you were?
JKS: Smart and adorable.

Q14: What kind of music you’re listening recently?
JKS: BritPop

Q15: What’s your trademark phrase?
JKS: I always like to add “cri” at the end of a sentence.

Q16: Please use one sentence to say your personality.
JKS: Free spirit.

Q17: What habit you can’t stop (change)?
JKS: Touch my nose.

Q18: If you only can eat one meal, what you would eat?
JKS: Sushi.

Q19: What drink you like?
JKS: Water

Q20: No matter what, what you are just not good at it?
JKS: Diet (Losing weight).

Q21: What color you like?
JKS: Beige (creamy color)

Q22: What kind of person you look up to?
JKS: A person who has firm conviction.

Q23: So far, what’s the happiest shopping you’ve done?
JKS: Bought my first car.

Q24: So far, what’s the most regretful shopping you’ve done?
JKS: When I bought clothes on the internet. Not a success.

Q25: What did you dream recently?
JKS: I dreamed to drive my car for fun.

Q26: When did you cry recently?
JKS: During shooting “Love Rain”

Q27: So far in your life, what you proud most for yourself?
JKS: Become Asia Prince.

Q28: So far in your life, what is your most regretful thing?
JKS: I don’t think there is any.

Q29: What you want most now?
JKS: Car.

Q30: Please tell us the best book in your life.
JKS: “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami.

Q31: If you feel blue, what you will do to make you feel better?
JKS: Go for a drive.

Q32: So far, what’s the most embarrassing thing you did?
JKS: 2010 Crishow in Seoul, during performance, my voice became cracking.

Q33: So far, what is the happiest thing you did?
JKS: I stood on the stage at Tokyo Dome.

Q34: Please tell us what’s in your bag?
JKS: Wallet, fragrance, water, sunglasses, facial mask.

Q35: So far, what’s your favorite movie?
JKS: I love all Charlie Chaplin and James Dean’s movies. I have watched many times but every time I watch them still feel like I watch for the first time.

Q36: If you have another life, who you want to be?
JKS: Still, be myself.

Q37: Recently, what made you smile?
JKS: Got “Popularity Award” at 48th Baek-sang Arts Awards.

Q38: Whom you respect most?
JKS: My mother.

Q39: Spring, summer, autumn, winter, which season you like?
JKS: Summer, because I can swim.

Q40: Now, where do you want to travel the most?
JKS: India.

Q41: If you are not doing what you’re doing as an actor? What you will do?
JKS: A director of a car repair shop.

Q42: Do you have any pets?
JKS. Suni, a dog.

Q43: What you will do when you go home today?
JKS: Sleep.

Q44: Do you believe fortune teller?
JKS: I’m more on believing in myself.

Q45: If you only can live for a week, what you will do?
JKS: Have a happy party.

Q46: What kind of transportation you like.
JKS: My car.

Q47: Do you like working in groups?
JKS: Yes, I do.

Q48: If there is some rule that you can’t accept, what you will do?
JKS: I will work hard to change it.

Q49: What book you read recently?
JKS: “Le rire du Cyclope” by Bernard Werber.

Q50: Which fashion items you just buy without even realize it?
JKS: Sunglasses.

Q51. Do you write in a diary?
JKS: I used to.

Q52. If possible, whose diary do you wish to read most?
JKS: The diaries of my managers.

Q53. What role do you take on usually when you’re with your friends?
JKS: Leader.

Q54. What kind of person do you find it hard to interact with?
JKS: People who lack in what is expected.

Q55. What kind of behaviour (mannerism, attitude etc) from a woman will make your heart pound?
JKS: Pushing her hair behind her ear, which looks feminine.

Q56. The thing that you want to challenge most now is?
JKS: Solo travelling, such as to India.

Q57. Which part of your body do you like most?
JKS: Pubic bone (恥骨).

Q58. Looking back on your life so far, what do you describe it?
JKS: Roller coaster.

Q59. The pattern you like most is?
JKS: Leopard print.

Q60. Please say something to yourself of 10 years later.
JKS: You’ve been working hard.

Q61. To date, what was your most heartaching experience?
JKS: Shooting an undergarment ad during my teenage years.

Q62. What do most people say about their first impression of you?
JKS: Unapproachable.

Q63: What’s ringtone on your cellphone?
JKS: Default ringtone.

Q64. What’s your daily routine is?
JKS: The drama filming recently.

Q65. Your favourite proverb?
JKS: Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Q66. Your most memorable teenage memory is?
JKS: The period of my overseas studies in New zealand.

Q67. What do you like others to say about you?
JKS: No wonder is Jang Keun Suk.

Q68. Your ideal image of a man?
JKS: My father.

Q69. Average sleeping time? What do you do when you can’t sleep?
JKS: 4 to 5 hours. Surfing the internet.

Q70. Do you believe in fate?
JKS: Although I believe, I also feel that fate can be changed.

Q71. Who do you long to see now?
JKS: My family.

Q72. To date, of all the places you’ve been to, which place do you like most?
JKS: My room, my bed.

Q73. Your biggest source of motivation is?
JKS: My feelings to try whatever I want to do.

Q74. Do you think you’re a romantic?
JKS: Of course.

Q75. What do you feel is most important as a person?
JKS: Trust and integrity.

Q76. If you can use magic only once, what do you want to do?
JKS: I want to return to the 2010 “Last in Seoul” performance and fix my voice when it became cracking during singing.

Q77. Your treasure is?
JKS: Myself now.

Q78. If you’re the editor of a magazine, what kind of magazine would it be?
JKS: A magazine comprising of many interesting things.

Q79. What is the difference between romance and love?
JKS: There is no romance without love. To me, there is not much difference.

Q80. Are you strict towards yourself? Strict towards others?
JKS: Strict towards myself, so that strict towards others.

Q81. If tomorrow is a rest day, what do you want to do?
JKS: Sleep.

Q82. What do you like about Jang Keun Suk?
JKS: Creativity.

Q83. What do you dislike about Jang Keun Suk?
JKS: If I suddenly think of something, I will act immediately, if not I will feel uncomfortable.

Q84. Now your biggest enemy is?
JKS: Schedule.

Q85. Have you ever suddenly been conscious about death?
JKS: On a rainy day, my car skidded….. felt like I had escaped death ….

Q86. Do you like interviews? The reason?
JKS: Like. It’s work that allows others to understand me.

Q87. Please list 3 things that you want to carry through until death.
JKS: Acting, performing, travelling.

Q88. What do you think only you can say?
JKS: My trap words.
*tenshi_akuma’s note: The original Japanese answer is “My trap”. It might be difficult to understand this Q & A. He must have answered almost all questions in Japanese, so he might have misunderstood the question. I think his words such as twitters make others feel happy or sad easily. He’s good at controlling our feelings and we are trapped without knowing. So he must be the only professional of saying trap words. I think he intended to answer he’s the only person who is good at saying words to trap someone.

Q89. What are you particular about when you work?
JKS: Whether my intentions of my work are 100% communicated to everyone.

Q90. The song that matches your feelings right now is?
JKS: “Crazy Crazy Crazy”.

Q91. The little happy things in your life?
JKS: When I eat the food I cook with the people I like.

Q92. What’s your jinx?
JKS: It will definitely rain in any place I go to. Rain bringer.

Q93. Your biggest crisis in the past is?
JKS: During my youth, I felt lost when I had to shoot an undergarment ad, and then I told them I would do it if there’s just the photographer and me.

Q94. The method to go through a crisis?
JKS: To face myself.

Q95. What made you upset recently?
JKS: When Suni didn’t listen to me.

Q96. Anything recently when you felt super happy?
JKS: Drinking a cup of ice cold coffee at the scorching filming venue, a very subtle kind of happiness.

Q97. Use one line to express your charm?
JKS: Free and unrestrained.

Q98. Give yourself a catch-phrase now.
JKS: In order to become the World Prince, I will do the best I can today.

Q99. Will you be an artist your whole life?
JKS: Now, I feel that this is my destiny.

Q100. Finally, please conclude.
JKS: So many questions you wanted to ask! Got a big shock. Many thanks for chatting so long with me.

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    If I may add,I have this feeling that one reason why Sukkie want to go to India is because of Taj Mahal..He’s very sweet, I can’t help but smile and imagine who will be that special girl in his life**

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  3. Thanks for the post. Best place he’s been to is his room & bed! Hahaha, I like that! As usual, he’s so witty and unique in his responses!

    • I like it too! Some answers may appear simple, but some have a deeper level of meaning.

      Q72. To date, of all the places you’ve been to, which place do you like most?
      JKS: My room, my bed.

      Sukkie is well travelled, but in the end, the place he misses most and appreciates most is his home, and his own private space.

      Home = he doesn’t forget his roots and family. And home may not be the most luxurious place, but home is always the best!

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  7. I changed the answer of Q57 like this.

    Q57. Which part of your body do you like most?
    JKS: Pelvic bone.
    *the Japanese original text said “pubic bone(恥骨)” though.

    But I’m not sure if he really meant to say “pubic bone(恥骨)” or not.
    Is he joking or serious? Only Sukkie knows the truth… can’t sleep to think it over…

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    I always love JKS’ interviews. JKS is so spontaneous, smart and witty man. Though, some questions are past repeated, but in every interviews, there are always somethings to learn from him, not just get to know him more. I like the all the phrases he used in this interview. My favorite is #75, “a person who has firm conviction” because I feel like this phrase truly described JKS, the Asia Prince.

    • I like translating his interviews because it’s such fun~!

      burst out laughing when he wants to time-travel back to fix his voice cracking during his singing. he’s so fixated about that!

  10. he love his family most …the most respect is his mom, the ideal man is his father …SALUTE !!

    who’s the interviewer ? althought he was asked so many questions he said “many thanks to chatting so long with me” it must be fun interview (or he only write fron the question fill? heheehe)

  11. Thanks for the translation! I love his interviews. However long or short his answers are, they are always full of wit and maturity, with a touch of his humor here and there.

    I kinda feel sad about his answer in questions 32 & 76 though. I saw the BTS of that Cri Show and my heart went out to him when I saw that part. I felt how disappointed he was of himself then but I never thought he still harbors that disappointment (regret) until now. It makes me wanna pat him on the back and tell him not to be too hard on himself. He is indeed a perfectionist. I think more than his good looks and outstanding talents, it‘s his personality, character and principles in life that really sets him apart. He is so much grounded to who he is as a person. Hands down!!!

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    I like this part the most :
    Q94. The method to go through a crisis?
    JKS: To face myself.

    Love sukkie’s mature thought, hopefully with this thought in his mind he can overcome any obstacles in his life.. Sukkie fighting!!! We’ll support you xD

  14. About 88 question, it might be difficult to understand his answer. I added my thoughts above. I hope it’ll help you understand it.

  15. Q57. Which part of your body do you like most?
    JKS: Pubic bone. –> (is it hip bone?) . i thought he likes his nose bone the most, because he often touch it.

    Q62. What do most people say about their first impression of you?
    JKS: Unapproachable. –> why? i thought he gave friendly impression to others.

    thank you very much Aphrael, Sarah Ye & Tenshi for sharing these Q&A… all his answers is JKS authentic, cute, yet impressive n wise! No wonder is JKS. ^^

    • Yes, capujette, it is hip bone, though there is some confusion over the technical words! but he means that part near his hip.

      I guess unapproachable because when he does not smile or has no expression on his face, he looks very stern. One of my eel friends saw this side of him in Singapore in 2011, and she said she got “frozen” by his cold expression. but i guess he can’t be smiling all the time for no reason, so it’s not an issue.

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  18. @ivy hahaha I too burst out laughing when he said he wants to time travel back to fix his voice.. Poor boy, the memory is haunting him till now!!

    And his typical JKS answers – too many strong points, no weak points. Gotta give it to him, he’s really good at teasing and has us all in his trap! No wonder he’s JKS heh.

    Indian Eels watch out! You may see him walking by your house one day!!!

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    He is type A person, so if something bother him is hard for him to let it go, I think that’s why he said he would go back to time to sing again to correct that broken voice. What a boy!

    100 Questions are a lot, but we are so enjoying to read it, so I feel so fast when the last one is done, I was like, is that 100 questions already, didn’t feel like that.

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    aah..the interview was very straightforward and yet genuine. 😀 glad to know that he’s still the same person but with deeper appreciation in work and life.^.^

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    arigato gozaimasu 😀

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  24. yeah, thanks for sharing! really happy to hear more about JKS! 🙂
    i was just wondering about Q57: Which part of your body do you like most? Maybe he was meaning collar bone? since I think he mentioned before that he like that part most 😉

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    Q30: Please tell us the best book in your life.
    JKS: “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami.
    This answer made me like him more. . I don't know why . . maybe because I love that book too! 😀
    Cheers for the post! Love you!

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  30. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………..he wanna come to INDIA…………….am dying to meet him…………….i love u JKS……………:) … big fan of him.. eventhough i cant understand korean without subs i have watched all his dramas more than twice and i m in INDIA 😀 hopefully would get to see him.. buh if he visits north India :/ i m at a disadvantage coz i m in south.. :)….
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