Love Rain ep13, The Flower Message Ha Na Left for Seo Joon.

credit: neineilove
Translated by Sarah Ye

In Love Rain, ep 13, the purple flower that Ha Na left for Seo Joon (anemone), is a kind of peony. Has story with Venus, the beauty godess. The flower is poignant and beautiful, but has short life. It is said that the wind will blow it to blossom, but the petals will fall off immediately, so it is also called “wind flower”. Purple anemone’s message (Japanese): “Believe you and wait for you” but the Korean flower message is: “The pain of the love, hopeless love.” T_T (that’s what exactly like Seo Joon and Ha Na’s love situation)

8 thoughts on “Love Rain ep13, The Flower Message Ha Na Left for Seo Joon.”

  1. I really love the scene where Hana left flowers for each of the guys when she left – i was curious to know what was the flower and its hidden message meant for each of them, coz knowing PD Yoon, there must be deeper meaning in each. Indeed, as reflected here the flower for Joon…..aww….so sad…the pain of love…hopeless love :”(

  2. I hate to see Jun crying again… so sad for Jun and Hana…
    I have strange feeling like this.. Is Jun going to get sick?? or die??
    I feel like this by seeing his wake-up scene in episode13 TT

    • My heart breaks when he’s crying. But, I think someones will die in Love Rain’s ending, like original “Love Story” movie !!! So sad …

  3. Yes but she said on her note, “I will always wish for your happiness.”
    Which if I remember correctly was also said by either In Ha or Yoon Hee in the 1970 portion? So poignant. Have to confess that line was what really made my heart skip a beat. LOL

  4. i hope the meaning is … the painful love, the hopeless love that i believe and i wait forever, not to care if it’s hopeless, so what? kkkkkkk : )

  5. What – “the pain of love and hopeless love”???!!!! What is Hana doing leaving such a message for Seo Joon? If one can give up so easily, at the first sign of difficulty, then it is not true love. The obstacles infront of them is not all that insurmountable like mount everest. It really depends on how she (Hana) views the situation because Seo Joon is quite prepared to brave on fiercelessly in pursuit of his and Hana’s happiness. So I prefer to adopt the Japanese meaning “believe you and wait for you”. Fighting !

    In fact, Yoon Hee made the mistake of leaving without letting InHa know that she was sick in the 70s. Even if one was dying, the person who love you so dearly would especially want to share whatever moments left with you however fleeting it may be. She self righteously took away In Ha’s opportunity to love her. Hope Hana and Seo Joon will decide differently and not follow in the footsteps of InHa and Yoon Hee.

  6. this part really breaks my heart…. i hope that there will come a chance to continue their relationship no matter what if they really love each other. Love always finds a way.


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