[article] Jang Geun Suk ‘Essence of Love Drama’ Acting Critically Acclaimed!

The meticulous emotional acting by Jang Geun Suk who is starring in KBS drama “Love Rain” is critically acclaimed by the audience.

Jang Geun Suk naturally interprets the character of rough and gentle evil man “Seo Joon,” he uses one line to express the hurt suffered since young to now from the family, and in the happy period and parting scenes with Ha Na (YoonA), he expresses the change of emotion in great detail, allowing viewers to go deeper into the plot.

In particular, whenever he interprets the complex feelings of “Seo Joon,” his meticulous breathing, gestures, eyes are perfectly manifested.

The production team of “Love Rain” said, “Jang Geun Suk perfectly demonstrates the emotional play with a variety of pain, which is both happy and sad when falling into love. Nobody can replace Jang Geun Suk to play the role of ‘Seo Joon,’ in the remaining plot, the emotional acting of Jang Geun Suk will shine even more, please looking forward to it.”

Source: Asian Drama, Daily KPOP NEWS

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  1. The pic above has 44 faces of Jang Keun Suk. There are many reputation we can find about his acting now. In an article, Sukke was praised especially his acting of his unknowingly drunken hug to Ha Na of episode 12. The article said that JKS succeeded to express the depth of Jun’s emotion and it was too great to be believed he was just in 20s. Yes, we know it already watching his acting without subtitles made us touched.


  2. it’s about time he gets recognized for his brilliant acting skills! The only Korean actor who made me interested in Korean dramas.

    • I so agree with you… I mean he’s really good. I’ve watched a lot of Korean movies/drama but I only really LOVED them when I watched You’re Beautiful. He’s every expression is to die for. That’s why I wonder why he’s popularity in Korea is not that high. Hope to see his name in the top of Korea’s brightest stars.

  3. Sukkie has always been recognised for his acting skills. In 2008, he received Best New Actor award at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in the movie The Happy Life. I am sure he will receive more acting awards in years to come.

  4. The first time I saw JKS was when I was able to watch You’re Beautiful..that moment, I knew that he’s not a typical Korean idol, rather, a natural-born actor.

    The way he portrayed HTK through his expressions, body languages (yes, from the detailed hand movements) at that time is really award-winning. Let alone his other works – Hwang Jin-Yi, in particular, of which he was also recognized for his dramatic acting capabilities.

    And now, Love Rain. Another project wherein he showcases another character and another aspect of acting which, as a fan and as a viewer of his previous works, i’m am still surprised..How was he able to offer a fresh side of him?..in each LR episode, new sides of Seo Joon are unveiled. No wonder, the good reviews of the viewers towards JKS above. 😀

  5. Thank you, drama critic or DramaGod, for praising our JKS’ acting ability. This young man deserves all the praising dues to him. Almost all his life, he’d been working so endlessly to become who he is right now, Actor Jang or KeunJang or Asia Prince. So it’s no coincident but pure determination and hard work that he becomes Prince of Asia.

  6. Recently, I have come across comments in other sites praising Suk for his acting chops in LR. Some even expressed surprise that it is actually a good drama. Reading such positive comments made me feel so happy and proud of Prince who is a totally dedicated, natural and serious actor. It is so true that no other actor can replace him to play the role of Seo Joon. Well done, Keun Suk~^^

  7. I think only Sukkie who capable and fit perfectly portray Seo Joon.
    First I was very curious when the director / screenwriter wanted Sukkie to portray Seo Joon, but after watching this drama I believe Sukkie is the right choice

    If you fans, you will be more crazy about him
    If you are not fans, you’ll fall in love with him as soon as 1..2..3..second 🙂

    Sukkie Fighting!!

  8. Jang Geun Suk is a great actor. He’s natural and really talented. I love his movies and drama that I even watch them repeatedly. When he cries, my heart aches— I also feel like crying because his eyes looks like he’s really feeling pain. I haven’t watched Love Rain yet since I wanted the complete drama first before watching but I’m already expecting a good drama since it is Jang Geun Suk who is playing the role.

    I loved how he portrayed Tae Kyung in He’s beautiful. He was really lovable. Every expression he makes doesn’t look like acting. I really felt like he’s really Tae Kyung and he’s not only acting. When he played KMG in Marry me, Mary (Mary stayed out all night), people thought that as another lead singer role, he would just act like Tae Kyung. But no! He was great! No traces of Tae Kyung at all.

    I feel sad when sukkie says in interview(KneeDrop Guru) how he’s not really popular in Korea unlike in other countries like Japan. I think its about time that Koreans appreciate our sukkie. I know that there are also a lot of eels in Korea who really loves him but it saddens me when others compare him to other korean stars and they say that the other is better. Our sukkie is doing his best and he’s great in what he does.

    Being able to play different roles excellently is the proof of his greatness. So even if the ratings in Korea aren’t high, I know for a fact that they are great drama. Let’s take You’re beautiful as an example, the rating in Korea is Mediocre but it was greatly accepted in other countries. It became a big hit in Japan and other countries.

    He’s face is definitely pretty—but there is more to sukkie than his charms.

  9. I also don’t understand why sukkie is not well appreciated and well loved by his fellow Korean I got hurt when Love Rain got low rating in Korea because love rain was such an excellent drama. Korea must be proud with sukkie for in he’s acting ability he become well known and well loved by foreign countries. As for me I am so proud for sukkie and I am his big big fan.


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