[Video] TBC new CF (w/ text translation)

Credits: TBCchannelOfficial, uploaders
Interview with JKS

Text translation: tenshi_akuma
— How did you prepare for this shooting for the first time since last August?
It was my first appearance in a while. It was so great to see the same shooting staff as last time again. I’ve been careful about skin care and physique to be worthy of the TBC endorser. That was kind of hard for me, but I’ve tried patiently. Thanks to that, I really enjoyed shooting.
— Message for fans
Thank you for your continuous supporting for me. I’m sure you’ll be nicer if you try hard. Please keep trying! Bye bye!

New TBC CF 30 seconds version

New TBC CF 15 seconds version 1

New TBC CF 15 seconds version 2

Making of CF in Korea

5 thoughts on “[Video] TBC new CF (w/ text translation)”

  1. shocks! just saw this..the making of the CF where he wears a sleeveless and the cap..reminds me the 2008 debut in japan days! he’s just the same! 😀

  2. That’s our princejks..how can one not fall in love with his addictive smile! I got to admit he is the only korean artist that attracts me.. his cheerlness especially..please princejks love and enjoy your life and we will always love and support you 😉


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