6 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] the announcement of the first winners or WPS”

  1. Kaori-chan, think I missed the news – what contest is this? When watching it I was thinking “Kaori! Kaori! Kaori!” hahaha. Better luck next time!!

    • See the link below (I posted it above already, too).

      When you visit WPS (World Prince Shop; JKS official goods shop) and buy something, you’re given a small apple memo. You can write a message to Sukkie. Once a month, these memos are sent to Sukkie and some of the luckiest eels who left messages will win a gift. And this is the first time drawing ^^

      • I wonder how WPS contact the winner especially if it is overseas eels?? coz when i was at WPS and wrote on the apple memo, i don’t think i put my contact details anywhere lol!! >.<
        just curious only…

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