How different is JKS from his childhood?

Jang Keun Suk is well-known as a new Hallyu star these days. Yet, he hasn’t become popular recently. He’s worked in showbiz for 20 years. In a nutshell, this year is his 20th anniversary!
Nevertheless, he’s sometimes need to have had plastic surgery because he broke his nose in an accident. He has had lots of trouble finding the right surgeon because he didn´t just want some random doctor to work on his face, he needed a pro. So one day after reading the journal of the medical association, he found Dr. Sachin Shridharani and was amazed by all of his work. He didn´t waste any time on booking his appointment and now he has the perfect face he´s always wanted. One of the reason might be he’s such a chameleon actor is that he enjoys to change his appearance including his weight and hairstyle etc. Plus, he personally has many faces and he’s really versatile while he´s working.

He’s experienced a lot in his age, and he’s become more and more mature. But what makes us most surprised is his unchangeable adorable smile!!! Can you believe this picture was shot in different years??? 24 year-old guy (right) and cute teenager (left). From this picture, we see he really didn’t age much after 10 years. The right one is like 13-14, isn’t it?
We eels want to see his smile for years to come. Here we promise to support him forever!

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  1. Kaori chan. thanks so much for clarify this issue one and for all. The picture posted above clearly shows JKS never had plastic surgery, unless the person is too blind to see.

    Eels always know the truth about JKS because we are 100% believing in him and trusting him with all our mighty fans’ hearts. The truth will always be true, no matter what twisted stories are told.

    To the non-fans or Antis, if you ever wondered and wanted to know why Eels always love, protect and loyally support JKS?

    Here for your info, EELs love JKS not so much because of his look which comes as a bonus for being handsome man….but we love him because of his goodness and cheerful personality, his sincerity to his fans, his undoubtedly multi-talents, his positive spirit and attitude toward work and life in general.

    So to be better, please DO NOT waste to your precious time or energy hating or spreading untruth story about him anymore. No matter what negativity you will bring regarding JKS, we will protect and stand by him forever.

    • Kailey, i super LIKE your comment, spoke my thoughts exactly.

      Indeed, i first love him for his voice (ost of YAB), and got to know him better through YAB drama itself. However, it was only when i saw vids of his bts and his fan meetings, i can’t help admire his attitude towards work and life, his professionalism, his sincerity and love towards his eels…truly a gem.

      ……and the bonus is that he is a chameleon, who is also very good looking, has a pair of electrifying eyes, and that million dollar smile of his that brightens anyone’s day!!! 🙂

      • ops click too fast…meant to end with…….

        the pictures speak for themselves. i think there is no need for more explanations on the untrue rumors of him having plastic surgery.

    • Kailey, I too SUPER LIKE and agree with everything you said. We love him not just for what he is and what he looks like, but more importantly for who he is and who he is striving to become. And that is why he is our inspiration and why our support for him will continue to be unwavering as he matures and works towards fulfilling his dreams. We will be there with him every step of the way.

      Thanks so much Kaori-chan, for this post. It really made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. There is a reason why he won Most Beautiful Child when he was 5 years old!!!!

  2. Support our prince forever. Eels love JKS! This is a very well written post. It’s always very clear that he never had any plastic surgery. If he had, he would have corrected his “slight” imbalance eyelids. Heck, he already had that perfect face and smile since young, why would he want to change something so perfect?!!! The antis just couldn’t understand how a person like JKS can be so perfect. Well, he ain’t perfect but we eels learn to love his good and bad, so eventhough he ain’t a perfect person, he is perfect to us EELS.

    • agree..he ain’t perfect but because he’s not trying to hide his unperfectness made me feel he’s so perfect..haha..he’s already beautiful since he’s child so i only can “ckckckck’ to people who said the pict of RSW is him be4 plastic surgery 😛

  3. The first thing I noticed about him was his imbalanced eyelids and slightly big nostrils. It’s obvious this guy didn’t have any cosmetic surgery because if he did, these would be the first things he would have corrected. I like him for that. His nose bridge is not high at all, I can’t understand why some people suspect he had cosmetic surgery on it. As he matures, he lost his baby fat and lost a lot of weight too so his facial features are more refined now.

  4. I happen to see this video on YT yesterday, thought I’d share it.
    Looks like it’s a new year TV programme in 2008. Sukkie has been receiving a lot of attention since he appeared in the movie The Happy Days. He has changed from a teenager into young adult and has successfully become an actor to everyone’s surprise. Reporter caught up with JGS at a CF filming site on new year’s eve 2007. He commented Suk’s looks have matured. (Suk was very cold!)
    Reporter: You look more mature now. Suk joked: Everyone says that, have I got wrinkles? Actually, I think I have become more responsible now that I am receiving a lot of attention.

    Reporter wanted to find out what Suk’s attraction is. He interviewed a man who looks like the CF director. PD says he likes it that Suk can be cute, he can be charming. He can express through his facial expressions which is very good.
    Reporter: Apart from the above, Sukkie can dance, he can sing, there’s nothing he can’t do and he has great singing skills.

    This is not the first time I see PDs praising Sukkie. He has the ability to deliver what they need for the camera. Photographers and PDs love him. A chameleon indeed.

  5. his smile realy contagious… … ohhh how can this beautifull/handsome man has antis ??? Keun Suk – ah please always be happy n healthy^^

  6. whenever i get into bad mood i’ll just stare at your photos and everything will be ok…

    so your adorable oppa! <3

  7. yes its true. his look is not only the reason v all love and admire JKS.its the bonus point along with his hard work, dedication towards work, his simplicity and how much importance he is giving to his eels. these qualifications made him to raise to top level. and he is not only Asia prince he is really a world prince. whenever I feel depressed immediately I will watch him in you’re beautiful i feel relief, all the artist can’t do this. totally he is amazing. no matter how many artist come to this industry but no one can beat him . v all eels will be with u(JKS) forever. long live JKS and v all luv u.

  8. we all true fans love jks $ whoever tell how much negative he is, we will protect him, even from our hearts… and as said we will never let happen your grin fade away… love ya jks..

    • Yes..this child has such beautiful innocent smile while his youth was not always something to smile about…even now with all the negetivity and bashing of certain people still he can smile so sweetly to people he loves..
      He is great

      • i support you…. really what you say is true… no one really can say what feelings is inside going through him while he is smiling

  9. i just started watching your movies, n day by day i am going crazy.. i luv “love rain ” the most. i happen to fall for you since this drama. persistently i am going on google search growing more eager to know you .. m great fan of yours… luv u

  10. JKS is the most pretty korean actor, I’ve seen,, infact he was the one that introduced me to korean movies and drama from sharp blade.. BTW, all those saying he had plastic surgery, I wonder if you guys are blind or just jealous, his face is the same since he was a kid, except that he is now thinner.. Anyway, I love u JKS, Im your biggest fan from Africa

  11. He is such a great actor!! He got good looks and great acting skill, i watch all the dramas and movies of him, i don’t care about the story line or script , i watch them all )

  12. he hasn’t changed much from kids ’till now just compare to the last pic where the left is the old pic that is about 13 y.o ’till now in 20’s not much different; just wondering why people thought he has done plastic surgery, it is not true at all. It is just that when he was becoming adult he has changed his face figure in fact he looks even great now that back then ^,^

  13. I also believd that he did not get his nose done. Its stil the same maybe at some point it kinda look much straighter it must be because now hes more matured meaning his genes already developed and of course makeup does help alot in changing someones appearance. Overall Jks is really awesome this is the first time i really adored a certain korean actor to the point oof even watching interviews which i cant hardly undrstand(bcoz im a filipina) . I really love his personality most rather than his good looks. Just sad that membership as a fan pf him requires fees :(. .anyway ill just be contented getting updtes of him online.. i love you Jks!


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