[2012] How to join official Korean JKS fanclub www.princejks.com

UPDATE: tenshi_akuma’s comment posted on May 10, 2012 at 9:51 pm
*Virtual account number isn’t uniform. Please check your account number from e-mail you received.
*Registration and bank transfer must be completed by at 24:00 on May 31 in 2012 *
*Tree-J provided the visual instruction in English. See the link below and see the latest post.
*I replaced the visual direction posted on “princejks.com” below.


The printscreen guide on registration is posted below the Notice from Tree-J.
Please read the Notice and instructions carefully.

——————————————- NOTICE from TREE-J ——————————————-

Hi everyone, this is TreeJ company.

We are accepting foreigners (living abroad, including Koreans) to join Jang Keun Suk Official Fanclub website – PrinceJKS.com – as full members of Cri-J 3.

Foreigners residing in Korea or abroad can use their Certificate Of Alien Registration number to join. You can use the same procedure as regular Korean members to join. However if you do not have Korean addresses for shipping, you have to follow a guideline for foreigners living abroad.

If you want to join, please check the notice below.

Thank you.

▶ Joining Period
Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 (1:00 pm) ~ Thursday, May 31st, 2012 (midnight)

▶ Qualification for joining
Everybody who loves and cheers Jang Keun Suk

▶ Membership period
Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 ~ Monday, December 31st, 2012

▶ Joining Fee
Foreigners – 60,000won (Full membership fee 20,000 + Shipping cost 40,000)
* Be careful. The remittance charge seems much bigger than the Joining Fee…

▶ Deposit Period
Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 (1:00 pm) ~ Thursday, May 31th, 2012 (midnight)
*At first, it was announced that the deadline was May 18th, but it was corrected to May 31st officially.

(After completing your application, you will be able to see our deposit account number. Then you can deposit the appropriate amount into our account.)

▶ Joining Procedure

step 1. click on the JOIN button on the main page.

step 2. click on the APPLY button.

step 3. click on the Foreigner button.

step 4. fill in your information and click on NEXT button.

step 5. check both agree buttons and click on NEXT button.

step 6. fill out the application and click on APPLY button.
( In the Deposit Account Information section, you need to fill in YOUR information.)
then you will see “Certification has been sent to your e-mail)

step 7. Check your e-mail from Tree-J company and click on Authentication button in the middle of the e-mail. Deposit the correct amount into our account, which is shown on the next page.

* It takes approximately 2 weeks to confirm your membership due to the process we must undertake to verify your payment.
After verification, Tree-J company will send you another e-mail to confirm your membership.

The name that you use in the application must be the same name as the person making the deposit. If the names are different, you can not join.

If you make any mistakes, we are not responsible. We only accept cash deposits. (No credit cards or checks in any form). Please keep that in mind.

▶ Member Perks

1) Online Service
– Can use fan club full members-only homepage (JKS Message, Photos, Videos, Step Blog)
– Will receive Cri-J third term full membership goods
– Can participate (only for full members) in on-line events

2) Offline Service
Can participate (only for full members) in off-line events

▶ Things that you need to be aware of.

1) You have to complete the procedure to join.

2. You have to join using your own name. If you use another person’s name or a fake name to join, you cannot participate in any JKS fanclub event.

3) If you are caught selling the fan club membership card and/or full membership goods, we will take legal actions and you will be banned from ever joining JKS fanclub.

4) It takes about 2 months or a little longer to deliver the full membership goods.

5) After becoming a member, we do not give refunds in any way, shape, or form.

6) We do not take questions over the phone. Please contact us by e-mail for all questions relating to the fan club. Follow the format shown below.

E-mail Adress : treej0804@naver.com
E-mail Title : [Thrid term Cri-J] Inquiry Contents
E-mail Content : Name / Date of Birth / ID / Explanation of Inquiries

7) Before asking us questions, please check the notice. If you ask questions that are easily answerable by looking at our notice, we will not reply.

——————————————- END of Notice ——————————————-

Printscreen Guide to Registration
I replaced the previous Aphrael’s visual guidance with the one posted by princejks.com

(1) Go to http://www.princejks.com/

(2) Click on “Membership Join”
– may have to wait a while for this to appear in the slider


(3) Click “Apply” button


(4) Click on “Foreigner” tab.
Fill in your real name and email.
* this should be the SAME name as the bank sender


(5) Check the two small “I agree” boxes below Terms and Conditions.


(6) Fill in your details
– I think ID and Nickname can be different from member’s name filled in earlier
– bank account details should be the bank account that you’ll use to transfer membership fee to Tree-J
– click “Apply”


(7) You’ll see note below to check your email.
Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it.


(8) You’ll receive the email from Tree-J almost instantaneously.
Click “Authentication” button.


(9) Your membership subscription request has been authenticated.

(10) Then you’ll receive the e-mail about the payment.

(11) Please take a memo about the information you received.
Especially “Virtual Account Deposit Account” is different from each applicant.
And please take a memo of the information below. Some bank requires to give Bank address etc.

Virtual Account Deposit Account—— 044-202-04-189037 (this number is just a SAMPLE)
*Virtual account number isn’t uniform. Please check your account number from e-mail you received.
Amount——— 60,000 Won
Tree-J TEL no.—- 02-540-6959

Tree-J finally provided Bank Address and Tree-J address. See the above.
Be careful. The remittance charge seems much bigger than the Joining Fee…

– Sender should bear ALL banking charges so that Tree-J will receive exactly KRW 60,000, if not your application will be rejected and money wasted.
– Bank transfer should reach Tree-J by end of May 2012.
*The Deposit Period was corrected officially. You have to complete bank transfer by May 31st.

– No credit card payment.

Tree-J will take one to two weeks to confirm your payment (or even longer). Please be patient.

They will send you a confirmation email in due course.

– Bank account details –

Virtual Account Deposit Account Information

Virtual Account Deposit Account: This is sample number “044202-04-189037”
*Virtual account number isn’t uniform. Please check your account number from e-mail you received.
Amount: 60,000 won (for foreigners including shipping)
Tree-J TEL no.: 02-540-6959

121 thoughts on “[2012] How to join official Korean JKS fanclub www.princejks.com”

    • Hi, I believe it is your bank account details that you will use to transfer the membership fee to Tree-J.

  1. I’m having a problem understanding the bank account part too..bank is my bank a/c name right? deposit a/c should be my a/c number right? here come the name part which I don’t get it! I put in my name but I’m not sure it’s correct! Please someone help me over here! Don’t want to miss the chance as a real princejks member!

    • Hi Shalyn

      I hv just registered. The acct part – 1st portion is the bank’s name
      2nd part is your acct no. And 3rd part is your name ( as per your bank acct
      Which you are going to use). I got this info online and tried. Ok leh.
      Can you explain how I should transfer the $ over? Via Internet banking? Or go to
      Bank and do a tt over the counter?

  2. hi thank you dear for explaining this
    but I have trouble understanding all of it ^^
    what about Visa? or Master Card?

  3. I can’t go through step 3 because it says “Password with a combination of English and please enter the number” I have entered many passwords and it didn’t work out. Am I doing something wrong? please help me.

  4. Hi, I hv just registered and recv the email confirmation but
    now I have a problem which I hope someone can help. How to
    transfer the $? Via Internet banking or what? Pls help….

  5. I just realise that the name I register is different from the bank detail, how?
    Should I still go ahead with the transfer? What should I do now?

  6. Mmmmm I have a question…
    All this registration process must be done after the deposit? I got confuse for a sec.

  7. Hi!

    Just a quick question here! is there an indicated specific address of the Kookmin Bank Branch? ..can’t view the printscreen here..:( My bank cannot process the telegraphic transfer without the bank’s address 🙁 Help!

  8. Hi dears, I just tried to do a TT via POSB (Singapore). They need the contact details of the recipient. I just gave them Tree J company address. Do you think it’ll work?
    Tree J Company
    6th Floor, Tree J Building
    40 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu,
    Seoul 135-951
    South Korea

  9. Hi all,

    For all questions relating to recipient address and bank address, I think we need to ask Tree-J. I’m not sure how long Tree-J will take to reply……


    We cannot be sure yet the recipient (Han Ji Min) has Tree-J’s address as the account’s registered address.

    For those who haven’t bank transferred, can you please hold off on the bank transfer?

  10. I’m so frustrated now…I able to found out the bank address according to the swift code they have given…but is just the beneficiary address….I thinked the most mportant is the bank address and the swift code…will try to transfer and see…coz if we wait till they reply us it gonna be late as the registration only open for a month…

  11. I successfully registered yesterday, but didn’t receive confirmation email. What should I do now? Contact Tree-J or register again?

      • I checked also, didn’t find that at Spam Folder. And I try to apply again, and using the same ID to register. I’m sure that the system got my application as said that my ID has been used.
        So, what should I do now?

  12. Apparently The Bank Details has been updated on the Cri-J free board. But I have no luck finding it..since cant read Korean.

  13. Ok registration on web site successfuly processes and completed…. Now can someone please let me know what is next?
    Are we holding on the bank transfer?
    Thanks for any update….

  14. Found it on Cri-J.com free board
    Bank Address—

    TreeJ Address— 

      • I read other’s comment saying we may not need to fill in all information such as Recipient:’s address. But just in case, I recommend you to make the memo.

      • Hi girls,is it possible if we ask someone to do the payment for us for example or the registration this time is limited and exclusively done by ourselves only?

      • The sender of money and the applicant should be the same person… so we can’t ask others to do it for mine.

      • @amySD: depends on your bank’s requirements..in my case, i need both the kookmin bank’s address and han ji min’s (treej’s) address..my bank’s so strict..they want me to indicate them, otherwise, they can’t go with the transfer. 🙁

  15. should we send the money now? or wait?
    I think I’ll go to the bank Saturday morning
    please infor me is there anything else I need before going to the bank
    or the info they sent me was enough??

  16. May I know that if I make money transfer directly from the branch of
    KOOKMIN BANK in Hong Kong.
    What should I input in the bank information???
    (no bank account no. can be provided.

  17. I need help. Ocbc needs the contact no. of the beneficiary (mandatory). Anyone got any idea what is TreeJ company no. Or any contact no. that I should fill in?

  18. Oops, sorry all, just saw that the number is provided on top. Just another question, can I tt usd instead of krw? Cos my bank don’t do krw and anyone successfully remitted the fees over know what’s the bank charge over Korea side?

  19. Done with the registration,next step will be Bank Transfer..I hope I can get through it easily before May 18..

  20. please can someone tells me how much is The Remittance will charge me??
    will 180 U.S Dollars will be enough??
    or can at least my bank tells me how much it will cost?
    am really confused and tired and so freaking afraid that they’ll reject me T_T

    • Hi
      I check w my bank today and understand that the charges on Singapore side (ocbc) is about s$30-40. As for the Korea side, if we bear the remittance charges, will only know after about 3 days how much the amount is and they will deduct from your acct. as for 60000 krw, it’s about usd60. Btw, can we remit usd? Cos ocbc don’t do krw, so they advise to remit usd.

  21. Hi, I’m trying to register on the official JKS too, but I think for fans from abroad such as South America, it is very difficult or impossible!

    Also, usually to pay internacional fees, I use paypal or credit card, but in this case, I can’t transfer direct to bank account!!! Somebody here is from out Asia too?

    • congrats sis please keep us inform
      wish me luck am going to transfer the money today too
      I hope it works and bank dont give me hard time during the process >.<

    I went to the bank today I did everything I can to transfer the money
    but the stupid bank only transfer money out side my country with U.S Dollars
    and for a shame all BANKS here do T_T
    I Emailed TreeJ I hope they’ll reply

    heres my Qs:
    1/ can I transfer the money with U.S Dollars?
    2/ How much the Korean bank will charge me for the remittance so I can make the right deposit? cause in my bank they said we wont take money out of your account later even if the korean bank asked for,you have to deposit extra money so the korean bank will take their commission later
    am really sad I spent around 2 hours in the bank and nothing happend T_T

    • Hi Moonz, I’m not too sure whether there will be a problem to remit over in USD, but I heard that some fans did so, though none of us have heard back from Tree J yet (since they said they will take weeks to process it).

      Just to share, I think you might want to transfer extra money cos the Korean side charges agent’s fees as well. I’m not sure whether the fee varies depending on the bank, but my bank charged me SGD 18, which is about USD 15. My bank allowed me to select an option where the sender bears all charges (rather than the recipient), so I checked my account thereafter and found out that there was an extra SGD 18 charged, in addition to my own bank’s charges and commission.

      My own experience was ₩60,000 (SGD 67) + SGD 30 (my bank’s charges) + SGD 18 (Korean agent’s fees) = SGD 115 = approx USD 93

      Perhaps instead of waiting for email, you could call them instead? The money spent on the international call may be more worth it.. Good luck!

      • hi wellesleyQ
        thank you so much for your reply
        am gonna try tomorrow again gonna send it on US Dollars
        am gonna add extra money so TreeJ will get 60.000 KW
        I hope it works
        really thank you for your reply <3

    • Yes, the yearly membership fee is KRW 20,000 (though for foreign members this year, there is another additional KRW 40,000 for shipping of membership goodies). Pls also consider the bank charges you have to pay on your side and Korea’s side.

      Due to a new JKS Korean official fanclub website this year, registration has opened late (i.e. May 2012) and membership expires in Dec 2012. Otherwise, for the same yearly fee, membership usually should start from Feb to Dec.

  23. Hi~ I wonder if anyone else also didn’t receive the “Confirmation email authentication” (first email) ?

    I filled up my details 2-3 hours ago and no email came to my mailbox. I really hope to do transfer from POSB tomorrow…

      • Nothing inside spam folder. I’ll register again using different ID (cannot use the previous one). Thank you for the information 🙂

  24. I love JKS movies and he makes my heart thump whenever I see him smile, but I really can’t see going through so much trouble or paying to be a part of his fanclub…ridiculous.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so it’s ok if it sounds ridiculous to you.

      Fans express their support in various ways and in whichever way they like, so to the people joining the official fanclub, it is another way they want to express their support.

  25. I read the latest information about the status of his Korean Official FC. Many international eels send an inquiry again and again. They are too many e-mails for Tree-J staff to open and reply them. So we shouldn’t send e-mail many times. So all we can do is just be patient. They also said if you received the first e-mail already, and didn’t get the result of your inquiry, you don’t have to rush. Tree-J will accept such eels if you finished (received) the first e-mail by the end of May. I think their FAQ will be updated 🙂

    • Hi tenshi & Ivy,I hope u can help me with my confusion..With regards to the amount to be deposited,can you please correct my understanding please..

      when u said EXACTLY KRW 60,000 meaning we can’t deposit more than that amount?what if the amount that I’m about to deposit was more than 60,000 due to currency excahnge rate,will Tree J accept that? Sorry but these confuses me,really.

      Please help me,co’z you know I’m not in my mother land and things are difficult when ur in a foreign land..Thank you!

  26. I haven’t received the confirmation e-mail. It’s been like 1day. I don’t know what I did wrong. Please help me….

      • there’s nothing in my spam folder either. Maybe I’ll just wait for couple of days, then if I still haven’t received it, I’ll email tree-j. hopefully, I’ll receive it soon. Thanks by the way :]

  27. I’ve registered last Wed, 09/05 and only received the confirmation email from them 2 days later on 11/05. You may want to wait for a few days.

  28. Hi, just for sharing and some enquiry.

    I did the online registration on 12 May, Sunday afternoon and only received the first confirmation email from TreeJ yesterday night 16 May, Wednesday. Dear friends, please register online as soon and be patience because it might take a few days for TreeJ to reply.

    I will be proceeding for the payment at DBS Bank soon, hope everything will go smoothly. However as mention many times in the Visual Instruction Guide, [*Virtual account number isn’t uniform. Please check your account number from e-mail you received.] was highlighted.

    When I received the second email from TreeJ, the Virtual Account Deposit Account appeared exactly the SAME as the SAMPLE which is 044202-04-189037. Would like to ask if anyone received the SAME Virtual Account Number or is it different?

    Shall I proceed to the bank for payment? Please help and advise… Thanks.

      • Hi, Jacqueline,

        Thanks for the replied. I’ve made the payment this morning at DBS Bank. Everything seems to be perfect. Look forward to Tree-J confirmation email in due course.

        Just some information eels might want to know. The charges of DBS Bank Singapore is S$30 (Handling Commission S$10 and Telex S$20).

  29. In step3 when fill in the email address, example: @yahoo.com… Do i still need to select direct input choice? I couldnt find any in the direct input choice that is yahoo.com? Also, do i also need to tick on the “opt-in mailing” ? Bit confused on this part. Can anyone advise me on this?

    • hi jill,

      For direct input choice, yes you still have to select. Although yahoo.com is not there, there is one option that says “direct input”? I cannot remember the options exactly.

      And yes, click on opt-in mailing.

  30. Sist…
    Just ask who eels international already payment to Tree J bank and received email confirm can open website ?
    I already payment but not yet received email from Treej , maybe must wait for 2 week again hiks hiks
    Please Info ,who now can open OFC princejks

      • They can take up to 1 or 2 months. Please be patient. After 1 month, you can try logging in every week. When your membership status has been updated on their side, you will be able to log in and see all sections of the website.

    • Hi Moonz! I read previous comments and I understand you remitted your membership payment using US dollars and was successfully accepted. So we can do the same? Our banks don’t remit Won as well. I am planning to join next year when membership opens so I just want to know the procedure ahead of time.

    • Registration for 2012 has ended. The membership fee is paid once every year if you want to join as member for that year, not every month.

    • You have to wait for the next registration either in December or early January. Please look out for registration news which we will post here.

  31. Hi, thx for guidelines …but I am from iran..and can I join to fan club?!
    But when I do click on membership join, don’t operation … Reveal login in this page?!please help me!
    Sorry about my english! Do you know my meaning?!

    • Hi zo-zo,

      The joining deadline for official Korean website is over. You will have to wait until end of this year for 2013 membership application.

  32. Ooo..why?! I want to join at this page…! So. Sad because I love jks …over crazy about him! > _ <
    You say: to waite so that next year!

    • Hi daniela,

      Please note that membership application for 2012 has closed.
      If you are interested, you can monitor a few fansites (including this one) in December / January for notice of the 2013 membership application / renewal. Usually the application period is quite short (2 weeks to 1 month), so you really have to look out for it.

      Based on past years, the yearly membership fee is KRW 20,000 which includes a free membership gift to Korean members. 2012 is the first year that overseas non-Korean members also got the free membership gift, and hence overseas members have to pay an additional KRW 40,000 for shipping charges. The total of KRW 60,000 payable in 2012 does not include both-side bank transfer fees that the applicant needs to bear.

      I would think that the free membership gift is different every year, and we can only hope that they continue to offer the free gift to overseas members in future years.

      If you’d like to take a look at what 2012 free gift was, please see the last few pics in this post:


    • Hi, this year 2013 they accepted Korean residents only. It was said HS Media would organize Chinese and other international fan club, but not yet realized it.

  33. Hi,

    Can please anyone explain me. I am freaking out right now:
    http://www.princejks.com is his official website with information about him, right? and even if we forget the weird fact that you have to pay money for it, why, WHY they open the registration only for several weeks once a year? to be honest i feel offended right now. what is wrong with these people? doesnt Geun Suk want more fans all over the world? then why ignore them?
    – Another thing, in 2013 registration was open only for korean residents? are you kidding me? are we back to the racism era? I really love Geun Suk, but how can I respect someone who is discriminating between fans?
    I dont know what to think right now, sm1 please help me out. am I not understanding smth?

    • Hi Gera, please calm down.
      As you said, the application for CRI-J 5 in 2014, official membership of Princejks.com is not open now. But it doesn’t mean Sukkie doesn’t want overseas fans. Actually CRI-J 5 is mainly run by his Korean fans. So it must be hard to accept a lot of applications every day. So it must be necessary to set the specific period for acceptance. So please try to be his official FC member next year.
      And about 2012 application, they didn’t have a reasonable method to accept the membership payment from overseas. Only bank transfer was accepted. So it was really hard for overseas fans because the remittance charge became very big. Actually I had to pay about two or three times more as additional commission fees. Many overseas fans faced troubles when sending money and tons of inquiries were sent to CRI-J. I understand it was hard for them to check who paid with the limited registered info. Plus, at that time, CRI-J tried to send the membership items to CRI-J 3 members, but I can imagine it was really really hard because each shipping fee varies. Anyway, they were preparing to accept overseas fans properly in 2013, so they couldn’t accept in that year. In 2014, many things were improved. First, they accepted the membership fee payment via PayPal. So it was much easier for people living outside Korea. And they decided not to send their membership goods to overseas, instead they discounted the fee for overseas fans, etc.

      Anyway, it’s true that there are still room for improvements, but please don’t think that they make light of us. They are doing well. About his latest info that are OK to be shared in public, we will keep sharing them here. So please keep updating through our blog. Thanks.

    • Hi Gera! I can see that you love JKS, and that you er disappointed becouse you can´t join CriJ right now. It was actually to periodes when overseas eels could join the Cri J for 2014. I´m sorry that you missed that. As far as I know there is usual to pay membership fee when you join a fan clubb.

      I totally agree with Tenshi, and just want to say to you that it´s not about discriminating between fans. Tree J is not one of those big entertaining companies with many artist and employers. They expend gradually, and learn how to be better. I am so called overseas fan too, and I think that JKS deserves our respect, love and loyalty.

      I hope that you will keep supporting him. 🙂

  34. Ummm…oversea fans’ frustration and their feeling of being shut out & excluded are understandable. It is also understandable that K & JP fans already have their hands full with their own membership. I would be nice if JKS’s own company Tree-J would reach out to oversea fans by posting information about JKS in English on their website, opening a line of communication so fans can get information, broadening their marketing, making JKS products such as FM DVDs available to all fans…especially those who are not eligible to attend the FM, etc.

    Just my wishful thinking 🙂

    • I understand you. But don’t you think they are improving? On Princejks.com they are trying to translate their notice to English too. This year Sukkie will be more active in Chinese market. He’ll learn Chinese more intensely. Everything needs time for preparation. Step by step, he’s going forward to be World Prince. Sooner or later, we’ll see him in the international entertainment world 🙂 Let’s keep ZIKZIN with him until the day comes 😉

      • Thanks, Tenshi 🙂 Sukkie is the one K actor that I think is multi talented, works hard, & excels at whatever he does. He is a born entertainer. I wish him success in China & any projects he undertakes. It is a smart move to secure the Chinese market.

        I cannot enter Princejks.com so I don’t know what is available overthere 🙂 I have been following JKS for the past 2 months only and the website is not accepting new members 🙂 which to us foreigners is puzzling in this high tech age , but it’s ok by me….I have your website to come to 🙂 And as you & JKS say…let’s zikzin 🙂

    • CRI-J 5 doesn’t accept a new member now. They will recruit the new member for 2015 at the end of this year, I suppose. Please wait until the application opens.

    • Hi shadi!
      Are you Iranian girl?if its true please send me one message to my gmail.
      Because I’ve any problem to membership…I don’t know any things about fee&paid please explain to me with Persian language.

    • I’m sorry to say but CRI-J 6th members in 2015 recruited only once a year during a specific period. This post was for the application in 2012. So you need to wait for the next application at the end of this year. We will share when on this blog.

    • Hi Smily,

      Membership for the Korean Official Fan Club (www.princejks.com) is valid for one year – from 1 Jan to 31 Dec.

      Application normally starts about October/November period – so keep a look out for the posting here in ECI or announcement by TreeJ (twitter.com/treeJ_company).

      Payment of membership is by Paypal for overseas (non-korean) fans – so do get your paypal account ready.


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