[aritcle] 04-28-2012 PD Yoon: Love Rain DVD – Director Cut (70’s part)

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English Translation: Sarah Ye

Interview with PD Yoon Suk Ho, Love Rain DVD –director cut (the 70s part)
PD Yoon, the director of Love Rain revealed that there will be a director cut DVD coming out.

April 27th, at Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu Seoul, KBS2 drama Love Rain did on site open filming. PD Yoon Suk Ho expressed that he had special feeling (nostalgia) towards 70’s part of the drama. He also said even the shooting of that part was slow, but he had put lots of emotions in it. So he would like to edit this part again and make DVD out of it.

“Love Rain” is a drama that combines 70’s analog era pure love and 2012 digital era modern fashion love (passion and romantic). The story goes over generations and crossed the time lines to narrative the nature of love.

PD Yoon said the 70’s love is more concentrate on “slow aesthetics”. He also said that he planned to make 10 episodes of 70’s part and would run through the young generation love story and middle age love story together. At the beginning, he planned to make 70’s part for 10 episodes, but at the end, they only edited 4 episodes of it. They shot lots of very beautiful scenes (means the parts that didn’t show in the 70’s part as drama aired), so he will make a DVD out of it.

Since September to December last year, he used 4 months to shoot 70’s love part in Keimyung University, Daegu. He said he has put lots of energy to shoot 70’s love story part that really showed 70’s romance – “the fond of memories is hard to let it go”. He also said: “The pace was slow, but that was how it was and I didn’t want to change it but keep it as it was. Compare to just follow the modern steps I would rather to put all my efforts to make something that I want.” He said: “In Japan, for some important friends I gave out “Winter Sonata” DVD as gift. That means to treasure all the feelings, music and scenes in the work. This time I will do the same thing to Love Rain. This drama will not be just an electrical wave pass through, but more like a prepared gift for someone you like. Then he/she will remember this works for a very long time.”

8 thoughts on “[aritcle] 04-28-2012 PD Yoon: Love Rain DVD – Director Cut (70’s part)”

  1. ooh.. that’s why i feel the emotions in 70’s! PD Yoon loves the 70″s so am I!
    Don’t know why i feel more romantic feeling toward the 70’s era than 2012’s era.
    The 2012 is too ordinary for me like any others korean drama though i love JKS’s look as Joon than Inha but 70’s left depth impression on me than 2012. too bad cause of rating they must cut off only 4 episode. If the story make longer, i bet the twisted for 2012 era will be more interesting 🙂

  2. Just compare this fact, that 70s part they used 4 months to shoot, they aired 4 ep, for 2012 part, except Hokkaido part, all the Korean part they shot like a week for 2 ep, I’m really looking forward to the director cut DVD. Hopefully English sub version is available. I think PD Yoon had quite thoughts about 70s, so he will use DVD to express his full feelings for the 70s and imagine we can see more Sukkie’s acting as In Ha. I miss sweet In Ha.

    Yes, if you love Love Rain as whole, then you got to have this DVD to keep it.

  3. Oh my dear lord!! This past week until now, I was literally crying, crying, crying with sympathy, heartache and love for JKS. This article makes me cry again… this time with happiness. I promise I will support LOVE RAIN. I will support the 70’s Director DVD Cut. I love the 70’s filming so much…despite its slow pace.

    Thank you PD Yoon for producing this beautiful masterpiece drama as a gift to friends and fans. As a fan, I will gladly accept your drama as a gift.

  4. Gosh!!! The selfish part of me want 20episode of 70’s Love Rain & another 20episode for 2012 😀 Kekekekeke .. Can’t get enuf of Sukkie 🙂 Love to See JKS as both In Ha & Seo Jun 😛

  5. hay thank you so much for de Love rain youre obsessed of 70`s love anothe espisode thaks is good Love rain

  6. Can’t wait for the dvd! I really liked the 70’s portion and was disappointed when the story fast forwarded to the present so abruptly. Wonder when the dvd will be available?


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