[News] The track lists of “Love Rain” OST were unveiled

Credits: music korea.jp / suk nation Hong Kong

Release date: 2012-04-24
Publisher: Universal Music
Track listing- 12 tracks

English translations of 12 tracks are below.
1. Shiny Love
2. Love Rain / Jang Keun Suk
3. Because It’s You / Tiffany (SNSD)
4. Love Is Like Rain / Na Yoon Kwon
5. Constantly / Yozoh
6. The Girl And I / S. Jin
7. Love Rain -Piano Ver.-
8. Constantly -Guitar Ver.-
9. Song Of Rain
10. The Girl And I -String Ver.-
11. Song For Telling You How I Feel 2
12. You That Resemble Rain

31 thoughts on “[News] The track lists of “Love Rain” OST were unveiled”

  1. Sarah, thanks for sharing this info.. I would definitely get Love Rain OST CD as the songs & music are so beautiful & nice..

  2. Right now, I get 5 of them and playing them when I work, love it. Yes, another worth to collect OST. They are so good.

  3. Me too I ve got quite a number of the songs and I’m listening everyday I love it too maybe I should get the ‘Love Rain’ OST CD

  4. Hi guys, excuse me i’ve been interested in this one song sang by Chang-mo’s nephew in episode 12. Do any of you know what the title of the song is? Please, i wanna listen to the full version of the song. I like it :/. Thank you!

  5. hi, iwanted to ask about a song in this drama during the first kissing scene i dont remember the episode but the lyrics was like that:you dont have to be beautiful to turn me on and so on
    help me find it thx

    • This song “KISS” is sung by Klazz Brothers & Edson Cordeiro. You can get this song in the album “Klazz meets the Voice”. It’s MUST BUY!!! Regardless of Love Rain, the singer Edson Cordeiro is just amazing!!!! The original song is sung by Prince.
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