Who’s your ideal type among KBS “Love Rain” characters?


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9 thoughts on “Who’s your ideal type among KBS “Love Rain” characters?”

    • I love In Ha that much too hehehe…but I also love a bad boy who will be transformed into a good boy because its so amusing to watch them struggle of going against how their ego shattered into pieces hehehe…

      • hehehhe….. I will wait to see how the story develops….. as of now, my heart still belongs to In Ha…. 😛

    • hehehe…I’m so amused tracing the inherited traits of Joon Suh from In Ha despite their differences… Its so cute watching Joon Suh of his indirect confession of his feelings and made excuses of what he was eaten and the jet lag hahhahaha…and that writings of the misty window. Both father and son bought something for their girls…they both have the sensitive sides hehehehe…

      It was heart wrenching watching In Ha cried and I’m so excited when Joon cried over his love heeheheh…I’m just a bit cruel hahahaha…

  1. I think if i am looking for husband, In Ha, but as a character, Seo Joon is my type. Although i only seen 2 eps, i think he will be an interesting character.

    For now, Hwang Tae Kyung is still my fav character. I wonder if Seo Joon will be able to dethrone his position.

    • I agree with you In Ha is an ideal character for a husband, but Seo Joon is the devilish boy I wanted to see how he will cry hahahhaha…same here Hwang Tae Kyung is the character that made me love Jang Keun Suk.

  2. yess! i got seo jun!!!

    i prefer seo jun than inha….
    but i also want to see how will he cry… *hahaha
    seo in ha.. it’s hurt to see him cry…….. T_T


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