How many faces does Sukkie have as In Ha and Joon?

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English translation: sa_sha26


First one : No translation
앞머리찾아요 : find the fringe
뿌듯 :) : Proud of myself 🙂
곤란 : Having some difficulties.
없거든요: It’s not like that you know.
아싸: yes!!
좀 짜증 남: An annoyed man.
이게아닌데: It’s not this.
맞춰봐요: Guess it!
여기여기: Here! Here!
이게설마: Maybe it’s..
멍: Myeong-
여긴 어떻게: Why/How are you here?
까꿍: Peekaboo >_< 후: Huuu~~ 오물오물: (Not sure what's this too) 춥...다...: Cold.. 음: Hmm~^^ 그리좋나: Like it very much 여기가어디: Where is this? 저긴가: That way! 미안하지않기: No need to say sorry. 거짓말: Lie! 진심있어요: I am sincere. 끝이아님을: it's not over yet. LR_4

‎1,2 & 5. No translation
3. 누구지? – who’s it?
4. 나 멋있지 – i am handsome right.
6. 야 – yaaaaaaaaaaa!
7. 그 봐 – look at that.
… 8. 응 – Hmmm???
9. 멍 – Myeong!!!
10. 뭐야 – What ~~~
11. 잠간만 – A moment please!!!
12. 아싸 – Yay!!!!

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  1. OMG…You have described In Ha’s face to T.T…. Awesome!!! Miss In Ha.

    Arhhh…1, 2, 5 no translation: These posts are my favorites. I guess I have to use my imagination here….kekeke * naughty for words*


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