11 thoughts on “[Video] Love Rain MV with Jang Keun Suk’s Crazy Crazy Crazy music”

  1. Thanks Sarah.. I will definitely get his new album and also to get 2 edition (normal & limited) to put one in my car and one at home.. It is nice that this is full album with more than 10 songs in Japanese & Korean. I always find Sukkie singing Japanese songs very naturally like his last mini album “Let Me Cry”

      • Staying Up Late, I will be placing order for both normal & limited edition.. do you want me to order for you as well?

      • Ivy, I plan to order via YesAsia this time as previously I ordered “Let Me Cry” from Amazon JP but I find YesAsia more convenient..

      • QQ, have you checked the pricing comparisions in SGD? YesAsia offers free shipping @ USD 55 but HMV Japan’s Y3200 for the limited ed is cheaper. Don’t know what the shipping costs will be at HMV. I previously ordered Let Me Cry from HMV and it was very reliable and fast. The courier came right to my door almost a day or two after the official release date of the cd.

      • Thanks I actually got to the various sale sites very quickly based on the links you have provided!

        QQ & Ivy, I have done the checks for the Limited Edition of Crazy: HMV Japan album plus delivery Y3900 (SGD61), YesAsia USD 55 (SGD 68). HMV Japan seems to be the better choice and very quick too based on prior experience.:)

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