“News” Summary

Today is a day where making sense of all the news and thinking of what to write is giving me a headache ….. there are so many things happening, some good and some bad ….. so here are the “news”:

1. Backlash from Lounge H performance
2. Female lead for “You’re My Pet”
3. JKS 2011 Asia Tour Announcement by 18 Feb

(1) Backlash from Lounge H performance

All is not at peace today in Sukkie-land (that’s a word I coined to refer to the world of JKS and eels). We know that JKS took off his shirt during the last two Lounge H (LH) events for the encore, and you may already have heard from other sources that during the 14 Feb Lounge H event, JKS even revealed a bit of his butt line (I don’t know how to translate this!).

Some of Sukbar eels who had been following an online live broadcast of LH could not accept this ‘wild’ behaviour from JKS and posted negative comments about JKS:

– being unprofessional in drinking on stage during a performance,
– being prejudiced and treating his Japanese fans better,
– being a ‘pervert’ who liked to show off his body.

I don’t know how widespread the criticism is (I suspect it involves some Korean eels too), but it was enough to result in JKS posting 3 messages on his official website today, the 3rd being the longest one in which he expressed his feelings about the criticism. I can’t say much about his messages, except that he defended his professionalism by saying that the amount of alcohol he had on stage was nowhere near enough to make him drunk – it was more of a mood inducer – and that at most, he would refrain from revealing his body. He also mentioned other things/privileges he had fought for for his fans.

This, of course, led to another round of eels jumping out in defence of JKS and so on and so forth. As for the current status? Well, we’ll have to wait and see if there are any further developments.

I’m quite a conservative lady myself, so when I read about the butt-line revealing part, it made me raise my eyebrows. Now, I may not like that personally, but if it is JKS doing it, I’m conditioning myself to accept it, because I like JKS, I like the way he dares to express himself, I like him for his unique character and refreshing honesty. So if he does it, I can accept it and I will still support him. Though I think that our dear JKS also has to learn that not everyone, or every fan, has the same ‘acceptance level’ as him.

(2) Female Lead for “You’re My Pet”

According to a news article today, the female lead is Kim Ha-neul, and that the movie will start filming in Ibaraki, Japan in May 2011.
We should just wait for the press conference on 3 March.

Click here for source article in Korean.

(3) 2011 Asia Tour Announcement by Fri 18 Feb

HS Media announced today that, in conjunction with Tree-J, they will release the confirmed dates of JKS 2011 Asia Tour by this Friday, 18 Feb.

Of course, that will also confirm whether today’s news about 22 Apr and 23 Apr dates of his Tour in Singapore is true or not. So let’s wait till end of this week.

Credits: HS Media @ Sina

49 thoughts on ““News” Summary”

  1. Taking off his shirt or revealing parts of his body and most of the time he only revealed his tummy or back is I think part of the show….I agree to him that the amount of alcohol he drink during the event is not enough to make him drunk…

    JKS express only what he feels and at that time he is the happiest man in the world
    celebrating a day to his millions of fans and i wish i was there too… No matter what the
    criticism I will always like and support him on what ever he do……fighting jks lovers!!!

  2. yeah me too when i heard about the butt thing, i’m a little bit shocked and feel sad about it.. just like you i’m a conservative type although some of his wild side are acceptable to me and entertains me.. but this thing for me is a bit too much and shouldn’t be done even for fun sake.. being drunk a little, half naked is okay.. at first i thought it just an accident that his butt show off and it happened sometimes without our knowledge but it seems not.. well its just shows that he still a human who is not perfect.. anyways, no matter what, i’ll always be a loyal fan because i really like this boy.. i’ll let it pass and hope that he’ll learn something from this..

    JKS please tame yourself a little 🙂

  3. fans shd distinguish between fan meetings and lounge h events.

    fan meetings are just to talk to his fans, perform some songs and smile sweetly and pour on the charm! lounge h events are parties! – where jks is the dj and gets into the spirit, sometimes literally!! and dances the night away! the people who attend shd be party-goers, not just jks worshippers. 😀 then they wd thoroughly enjoy all the gotta get cha and the pa papa papapa ….. !

    having said that, jks can learn from these recent events not to over-do things such as drinking alcohol onstage. however, i thot the butt line thing was an accident caused by a split in the pants at the strategic place! i can imagine how his pants can split with the amount of jumping and dancing on stage.

    yes, jks shd tame himself a little, but just a little. i like him precisely because he’s a livewire and full of fun. i wonder how the next lounge h event will be like?

    • so that’s really an accident.. poor JKS because of that so much critism.. actually that was i’m really sad of to hear critism about him cuz it hurts me as his fan.. but you’re right partying is partying and FM is FM.. and yeah just tame a little, only a little because i love JKS being lively person and as he is now.. full of energy and so much enthusiasm in entertaining people.. 🙂

  4. One of the things i love most of jgs is that he is true to himself, and act as he will no matter what… or not exactly cause other thing i love about him is his love, respect and honest care for his eels. so if he decide to be wild, it’s alright with me, if he decide to go conservative, then fine. but not because of what people are saying but because he decides to be so. wathever he decides i’ll support and like him any way.
    as Pax said, lounge h is private party, so private that there’s few pics or vids about it. so if any one don’t like to party, well don’t go to lounge h!!!!!
    (btw i don’t like to party, but if i could i would love to see him wild on lounge h ;))

  5. Ivy- I read all this stuff too, no comment.:P However, I am curious. Does JKS actually make money off these Lounge H events or is it something he does because he loves performing and he loves his fans? Just curious. I’m sure his fans love having this opportunity to see him up close and personal (perhaps too up close and personal this time? hehehe), I was just wondering to myself, do these performances enhance/propel his career in any way? He’s not a rock star, though sometimes I think he secretly wishes he were. I’m all for having a good time too, but is it really worth working his butt off and not getting much appreciation (from his fans) or recognition (as in advancing his career) for doing this? What do you think?

    • Well, I don’t have access to his bank account or company accounts 🙂

      But I have read in his blogs before, that some of the LH events were organised at a big loss (not sure whether it’s all LH events), but he wanted to do it because he had promised fans to, and also because he wanted to spend more time in closer proximity with fans. That’s good news for us.

      Personally, I think Lounge H does not really boost his career in any way at all.
      Because it’s a personal party between JKS and fans, JKS can really let loose and perhaps show a wilder side of him. But nothing is private in showbiz – news, pics and videos spread faster across the whole world and one day later, everyone knows what JKS did on the previous day.

      All these news “leak” only serves to tarnish his image, because there are many conservative people in the world who cannot accept certain kinds of behaviour, and they will talk/criticise, and in the end, the person who gets hurt by all these is JKS himself.

      I’d rather he doesn’t hold LH, but have more fan-meetings and concerts, more dramas/movies/albums, and do more commercials.

      And that’s why he seems to be affected by all these talk now, it’s because he’s worked his butt off and some fans not only don’t appreciate it, they have become hostile….

      • You pretty much summarized all of my thoughts. I kind of figured the LH parties would be non-profitable. The tickets don’t cost that much and there’s so much planning that goes into it. Plus he doesn’t invite any media or sponsors, so money there. I guess a regular old fan meeting is too boring for him? 😛 I do feel sorry for him about all the backlash. He should stay home with his pretty gf (heehee) instead or go back to school or just get some rest and fatten up!

  6. This is the first time I write the comment. Sorry, my english not very good. I think that is a good thing when somebody critics him like that, because I want JKS to be wise and mature. He must learn so much things if he wants become a legend. I write this because I love him, and it’s weird although I don’t like a few of his habbit, I can’t stop loving him.

    • hi,
      i am sorry for your comments.
      what do you think mature is?
      what do you thik wise is?
      Pretending to be gentle and to act just as nomal people want to do is not wise, and mature .
      In korea , especially many of star behavior just as the public wants to keep their popularity and their image.
      But JKS said he don’t want live like that.
      he want to enjoy his life just as he is .
      So sometimes he has a mistake, But He is never unwise, immature.
      He is a very smart, wise and mature boy at 25years old.
      He is a professional at his job.
      yes, All of us make a mistake, JKS does too.

    • Partying is not a sign of immaturity it is a way of unwinding for some people who wants to de-stress from their busy lives. Many of us have different ways of relieving our stress some choose to travel, watch movies/hadramas, engaging in sports, etc. In the case of JKS, I think Lounge H is own way of easing some of his stress from being in a celebrity. We should note that being always in the public eye is not an easy task it’s like living in a glass house where everyone knows & interested in your life. So for us ordinary folks we cannot judge celebrities how they should behave unless we really are one. I don’t want to be preachy because I know if I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes as I am a peaceful person who wants to live a quiet & peaceful life (if that can be achieved). As a fan of him I think we should give him a little leeway because it’s not easy to be him. Another thing is we are not in the actual scene to know what really happened aside from the tweets are not that clear because of English grammar. I try to understand it via contextual clues but they are still vague for me. And I myself believe that he would not intentionally let his pants down for him to show-off his butt (if that is really what happened). Maybe because of his dancing & jumping he did not notice that his pants was torn or it goes down. And one thing I don’t think sipping champagne/wine is gonna make him drunk (anyway he did not drink all the 7 bottles by himself). Unless he does not have high alcohol tolerance and I don’t think does not the thing in his case.

      Lastly, I agree to what Pax said Lounge H is for those people who loves to party & Fan Meets is for simply his fans be it young or adult, liberal or conservative one. 🙂

  7. Ok, this is solely MY opinion. I hope no one gets offended but I think those fans who commented on his ‘inappropriate’ behaviour should lighten up. Maybe it’s because we’re an Asian society, that’s why our tolerance to ‘slight’ butt crack showing is so low. Think about those hollywood pop stars, aren’t they worse? But people accept them anyway.

    I mean, to be fair to sukkie, he’s done quite a lot for fans and he’s not one of those snobbish pop idols. he’s so down to earth and organising fan meetings so often does take up a lot of time that he can spend on making commercials/shooting films.

    I guess eels who are affected should ask themselves, in the first place, why do they like JKS? Is it because of his playful, honest, frank nature? Or is it because of the character he played on his shows? There’s a difference.

    Just my thoughts 🙂

    By the way, Aphrael, do you mind telling me which official site he posted his comments? I tried both cri-j.com and jks.co.kr but can’t find his posts regarding the matter above. Thanks!

    • hi,
      at cri-j.com , you can see the picture of castle written “프린스성” in korean.
      Click the picture of castle, you can see the his comments.
      But this site is admitted only for full member ship fan, so you have to need log in.

      • Thanks cutecute. i’m a full member so I should be able to see the articles. Is it the 3 articles posted on 15 Feb? I’m new to Korean so I haven’t really tried to read it except that the photo of him with back plasters (heartpain!) didn’t seem like the correct article 🙂 Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks again!

      • Yes, it is the article with the photo of all the plasters over his back.

        If you can read Chinese, Sukbar has posted a Chinese translation at the cri-j website. On top of the webpage, click on the building icon on the extreme right, then below that, click on the tab next to the Q&A. Look out for Sukbar’s translations on 15 Feb.

    • Perhaps we should all be more “open-mindeded”, so to speak. And I will support him no matter what. However, he’s an Asian star working in an Asian country, and his fans are mostly Asian. Korea (and Japan, and China etc.) is a relatively conservative country. If you want to make it there, you have to play by the rules to some degree. I don’t know where everyone is from, but if you read the Asian entertainment news, you will see that they’re a lot less forgiving of their stars there than in America or Europe. If you get busted for drinking and driving or drugs etc. here, you’ll be given 2nd, 3rd+ chances. You do that in Korea and you wind up in jail and/or lose your job for who knows how long. Obviously I’m not saying what he’s doing is a crime, I just mean that their expectations for “proper” behavior are higher and their tolerance level is lower. In his desire to be free-spirited, fun-loving, and “true to himself”, I see that he frequently ends up hurting himself, and thus his fans as well. In an ideal world, you should be free to do as you please as long as it’s not illegal. But, this isn’t an ideal world. There are many boundaries and rules, unspoken as well as clearly denoted. I wish him the best and hope that someday (soon) he’ll find a way to balance what he wants to do and what he should do. Based on his message comments, I believe he realizes this as well.

  8. JKS is just another human being like us. He should not be put high up on a pedestal and expected to be perfect all the time. I guess he was just feeling high and having fun. Some people got offended but lots must have been really pleased too. Cant expect a person to please everybody all the time, right?

  9. I’m sorry that my English is not good.
    This is what I was worrying about since the first time I’ve seen JKS lounge H pictures.I am too a conservative lady and I don’t like party that much but I love JKS and will always love him no matter what he has done and will do. JKS works really hard so he can play hard, when it comes to work, he is a very serious and professional person, his work entertains me a lot, he makes my life much more joyful so what more can I ask for? Who am I to judge the way he chooses to entertain himself? He should live his life the way he sees it and feels it. The only issue I have is I hope he takes more care of himself. I don’t know if it’s good for his health if he continues to drink like that. I hope he takes more rest because I love him so much, I want him to always be healthy and safe, because of him, my life is much much more colorful.

    • Hi Tam I understand your concern but in Korean culture drinking & smoking is normal there. I think it has to do with the weather…. Their summer is not like in tropical countries like mine…. But I think in time he’ll mellow. 🙂

    • * He should live his life the way he sees it and feels it *

      Yes, agree. That’s the JKS most of us love.
      He has shown himself to be responsible, dedicated and professional in his career. He has achieved so many things that many ordinary people dream of. Who are we to judge?

      And LH is a party!!

    • i feel just the way u do – i too love jks as he entertains me so much, but hope that he takes care of himself and be healthy and safe. he’s working non-stop and this can’t be gd.
      he’s flying back and forth and running from fm to lounge h event to cm filming in different countries. i feel he’s burning the candle at both ends. young tho’ he is, he’s already admitting that he feels the aches and pains and have just given us a photo of his back all covered with plasters. (our jks has learned not to show bare skin!? lol!)

      just as lizzyd above, i wonder why he does so many lounge h events? it cd be to earn money as well as to perform. actually i feel that he’s moved on to lounge h parties becos he’s exhausted the fan meetings – how many times can u meet your fans?

      but i fear over-exposure (no, not of his body :D) and loss of wonder on the part of his fans. but i fear more is exhaustion on the part of jks. he needs time to rest, and reflect on what has been done to improve further.
      but i still love jks and will support him (but not his act of promoting drinking on stage)!

      • I must be getting old or something because I really don’t understand the desire to party with your fans? Based on the fan accounts, there isn’t all that much going on at these LH events, right? It’s not really a concert, though he does sing. It really does seem like a big old party! hahah Maybe he’s making up for the clubbing days he missed out on in high school and college? Or perhaps he thinks this is what his fans really love? I have no idea. It just seems strange to work your *ss off (nearly literally) for no profit and sometimes no appreciation.

      • I don’t understand the desire too, because JKS is exposing himself to more risks of being misunderstood at such parties….

        but I appreciate him for thinking of including fans in his party 🙂

      • No kidding! I swear every few months something blows up and I have stand up and defend him again. I have friends who refuse to support him because of his image. It sucks. It makes me mad. Right now I’m also mad at his fans for upsetting him. And fans shouldn’t be mad at each other!!

  10. yes, pax, you’re right.

    Fans should distinguish between FM and LH, and LH is basically a wild and high party. If they can’t accept partying, then fans should probably not attend.

    But this line of thinking is not very tenable either.
    Is JKS taking the position of expecting fans to accept him 100% as he is, OR expecting fans only to see those parts of his performance that they can accept and to ignore or turn a blind eye to those parts they cannot accept?

    Speaking of that, as a fan, I’m not sure whether I can do that – knowing that an artiste is not completely “good” (as per personal definition of “good”) and then choose to “ignore” his negative traits. I think I cannot. I see a person as a whole, and cannot divide a person in parts – loving some parts and hating the other parts… does it make sense?

    I recognise that JKS is a human and not perfect, but his little “imperfections” are still acceptable to me – most times it falls under cute, fun or wacky. Just my personal opinion that he really wants to be free to do the things he wants, and so what if it exceeds my modesty limits? I don’t expect JKS to be bound by my limits; he has to account to himself what he’s doing. Same as Aisyah, I don’t like some of his habits but overall I can’t stop loving him!

    But to further complicate things, no one is truly a free spirit independent of all the other people in the world. As an actor / singer / performing artiste, I think JKS is also accountable to other people i.e. his company, his fans etc… so he should consider factors like whether the audience can accept certain things, how much they can accept etc … and some of JKS’ fans are still quite young in their early teens… they may not attend LH but some videos/pics still get circulated online ….

    Having said that, I also agree with Antonia that after taking in other factors into consideration, in the end I would still want JKS to make his own decision.
    Whatever decision JKS makes, it will have repercussions and consequences. If he can live with it, so can I as a fan.

    There will always be criticisms and gossip in showbiz from the media and from the audience. Frankly, JKS should know that people will always talk about some of his actions, and should be mentally prepared for it.

    In the end, I don’t wish JKS to be so naïve and become hurt by all these criticisms.
    Like what he has said before, I hope that he can become stronger, as a person and as an artiste, from his experiences.

    As to whether his butt-line revealing thing is an accident or not, I think that’s not the main point of debate.
    What, if it’s an accident, then fans can “forgive” JKS for it?
    If it’s not an accident, then affected fans can continue to blast JKS?

    The general feelings among eels after reading JKS’ post, is that he seems to be affected by the criticism precisely because it came from fans whom he has done so much for. (I’m not being definite on this – just our personal opinions). What is saddening is not because of the feedback, but because of the way the feedback is delivered in such a harsh and judgmental way.

    There are so many half-formed thoughts swimming around in my head that I’m trying to make sense of, so apologies if my rambling has only served to confuse you 🙂

    • Hi Aphrael77! I understand you POV, in the end it will boils down to: as a fan of him how far can we accept him, bad or good (in our own view)? Maybe because we have different culture our tolerance/acceptance to such behavior differs also. For me I wouldn’t turn a hair over it because I have seen far more untoward behavior from other celebrity that make me either cringe, shake my head or just laugh. That’s why in such events security is very strict that they confiscate cameras before they were allowed to enter & when they see someone taking pics or videos they will ask them to erase it to avoid anyone posting it on their blogs or social networking sites, etc. But sad to say others get away with it.

      You’re right, what must concern us most is he is hurt by those fans that are blasting him when he puts so much time & effort to make this events possible despite his busy schedule. This thing will pass and I hope all of us will learn from it and also hoping that his people (management) will find a way to prevent this from happening again. Btw, thank you for putting up this blog, we non-Korean speaking can understand & be updated any news about our boy.

    • I love him because he ‘s JKS, a 25-year-old naughty boy in real life.
      But in career, he always trys, learns & works with his 200%.
      I think he’s too smart, he’s thinks carefully about whatever he will do.
      Maybe some of us can’t accept, but everything has his reasons.
      In movies, dramas, FMs, he’s a great actor
      However, in LH, he becomes a DJ, a dancer… what’s a club/party without a wild DJ like that ?
      With time & ages , he will more mature someday .
      I love JKS more than his characters , just the way he is !!!

    • (replied earlier, but it did not appear.)

      agree with u, aphrael77 – one shd be aware of jks’ positive and negative points. i really dislike it when i see or hear abt him drinking – both for his health and for indirectly encouraging drinking among his lounge h audience/fans in general.

      but like an indulgent mother, i love jks as a whole and dislike his negative actions. i forgive jks, but i don’t forgive the act of promoting drinking in his events. bad of me, i know. and like a fond mother, i hope he matures and progresses well in his life and career and realises the social responsibility and impact he has on his fans.

      take a break, jks! you need to pause and think in between events instead of rushing headlong into activity after activity!!

    • thanks, all, for responding.

      and M3lover captures what I’ve been trying to say, that “as a fan of him how far can we accept him, bad or good (in our own view)? ”

      and yes, as time passes, he will mature more (not that he isn’t mature now).
      so hope that he gets over this and stay happy and healthy!

    • Ok, you know I love the boy to bits and will defend him forever if it’s required. However, I sometimes feel he wants to have his cake and eat it too. It’s like the girl who dresses really sleazily and acts cheap and then gets all offended when people think she’s sleazy. Yes, there are some ppl (fans) who will stop and try to see if maybe there’s more to this person. But I think a majority of people are going to go by what you PRESENT to people. Therein lies the problem. If he wants people to recognize him for his sincerity and hard work (both of which I love him for) then stop throwing wild parties with alcohol splashed everywhere. But if he wants to be all rocker-like and throw wild parties, then he needs to accept that there will be repercussions. Some people will be offended and jump ship. Pick and choose. You can’t always have everything.

  11. Sad……..
    I love JKS very much and I’m very sad when things like that happen to him.
    I hope he will be more careful in things he’ll do in the future. I hope this won’t affect his career because he has been working very hard all these years and he deserves a lot better than this.

    • Don’t worry LizzyD it’s just a healthy arguments/banter, whatever you want to call it. I can see from your previous post how much you love this young man. And of course you have your own sentiments re this matter (doesn’t anyone?). Criticism can be hurtful but it is one way of reminding everyone that nobody is perfect in this world. For a fan he/she should accept flaws of their idols and for the part of celebrities they should realize their responsibilities to their audience and their fans. In the case of JKS’s which we both love, I hope it will be a learning experience for him to make him strong and realize that in life what we do will surely have an effect on those people around us, after all what we do is intertwined with those of others.

  12. Thanks Aphrael and Cutecute so much for your tips on how to access the posts! Finally managed to view the chinese translation from cri-j.com.

    At the end of the day, I feel that it’s only reasonable that fans must accept their idols for who they are because they are afterall, humans just like any of us. And I agree with those who say that he just needs to bear the consequences of his own acts and I’m SURE he’s old and matured enough to do that (showbiz people are forced to grow up real quick anyway). So as fans, we just have to stand steadfast to our idol and give him the support that he needs in order to grow 🙂

  13. lizzyd, not to worry. we all love jks, but can see his flaws and all. our greedy (having the cake and eat it too) man-boy has to grow up gracefully through falling down disgracefully! i always feel he’s still a work-in-progress and find him tremendously interesting.

    just saw his topless photo at lounge h at lovesears’ blog! i burst out laughing at the immaturity of it all! as one fan tweeted, not much abs. but with jks, even if u don’t have it, flaunt it! 😀 enjoy the moment!

    • I love that “grow up gracefully through falling down disgracefully” comment. Brilliant. The boy needs a good spanking!! Any volunteers? I don’t trust myself to do it… hahahah

  14. First off I completely LMAO on your “buttcrack”/”rised eyebrow” lol

    Secondly, for the lounge H performance, seriously, they should let the guy enjoy himself and those who don’t like it… WELL DONT GO !!

    I can understand that the drinking part is not well seen by some of the fans in the sense that it might show the ‘wrong’ message; that alcohol is a good thing an that without it you can’t have fun ok I can agree with this, and if you’re the kind of person that think he’s supposed to be a role model (*rolls eyes*) well ok then… BUT JGS isn’t the one who’s supposed to rise your teen/preteen daughter (or wife lol): these criticisms are ridiculous, I wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up naked (well I’d regret not buying my ticket and not flying all over there*ahem*) but the guy’s an artist, he’s expressing himself, would , it be different if he was all naked rolling on paint? Would it be considered artistic so people would encourage it? I don’t know.

    I get that since he’s a public figure people wanna put some kind of pressure and responsability on his shoulders but Lounge H is a PRIVATE party, it ends up on the net because of fans, he’s a grown up so really fans stop being annoying, grow up and lighten up! Or go see Justin Bieber.

    As for the other news yay yay lol

  15. hmm.. about the butt revealing.. well we all know that JKS seemed to be childish and we enjoyed it for a time.. but sometimes maturity should be handy and be able to carry some of it with him.. but i hope that this incident wouldnt make us eels love him less.. but all the more we should still support him not because of just one incident but because he has given us “fan” pleasure for more than years.. chill.. its just one incident and lets just hope that it wont happen.. since some eels gave their thoughts about it so im sure that he (jks) would think through about it…

    • But it’s just a a body part! I know asian are much more respectful than other continents but why such a fuss! Especially when most of the lounge H attendees are well over their 20s (from what I read).

      • really??! maybe that’s why they are reacting like that.. i mean.. im on the same age as jks.. and im sure i can handle those kind of stuff.. hmm..

  16. HI!May I say something too?
    I have a friend, she’s a teacher of Japonese, and last year spent 3months in Korea in some university. So , after she came back she said she must keep a dezintoxication cure of alcohol as in Korea everybody drink so much.Hahaha! What I want to say is :I’M SURE THE PANTS PROBLEM IT WAS AN ACCIDENT ( TOOOOOO MUCH NOISE!).It just amuses me, but the drinking issue must be in his attention not to affect his health. It would be a loss for everybody who love him. HE MUST BE MORE SELFISH!!! LOVE YOURSELF FIRST SUK!

  17. All human make a mistake.. Not excluded suk too. I don’t know how far and how wrong suk did on his Lounge H in japan recently. But i am sure, this is a part of how human being express their self in terms of what their feel in their life and what their want. Suk is just a guy with 25yrs old. And i am pretty sure that all man outside will do the same thing with what suk do. The different is suk challenge his self to broke the line, show to his fans and people who he are. And even show his butt is not acceptable by some individual, but acceptable with some individual too.. This is just a show that suk give to his fans. And his true fans will advise suk if suk is wrong, not blamed him if his wrong. I really hope that he will do the right thing all the time. But doesn’t it really hurt when he do a mistake once a while and all people blamed him without any explanation with proper thinking about him. Im sorry about my poor english but i hope we’re all can be united eels to support him, advise him when he do wrong. ~Peace


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