0 thoughts on “Lounge H song “Gotta Get Cha””

      • OOoOoOOoh you’re one lucky fan! Good luck! Hope you can at least get a picture… But I’d faint if I could hear that sexy voice of him live! *dreams*

      • Yes, believe me, this is the only time I feel I’m a lucky fan…. or at least until this Friday. Not so sure about the pic though, the organisers in Singapore can be horribly strict about no photography / videography allowed in certain venues….

  1. Hi!
    You ‘ve really had much to “work” in making the subs !Hahaha! I think he wanted or to make fun, which is the first point, or to rebel against ( he knows better!). It’s revelatory how stars are releasing pressure in art. Sometimes it’s dangerous, but they are ADORABLE ! I recognize this type from my family(told you I have two sons OF HIS AGE !!!).So I’m used to. May be I should play a role of adviser of him!!!???I LOVE HIM.


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