[Video] KBS Love Rain, Night Club Scene Shooting

Credits: 1004 KBS

Sukkie said he hasn’t been to night club for a quite a while, he felt a bit of unfamiliar with night club. They are shooting the scene at night club in Hongdae, when Seo Jun and friends was doing a celebration there. Some girls were trying hard on Seo Jun. Would Seo Jun fall for them? Let’s wait and see Ep 7.

3 thoughts on “[Video] KBS Love Rain, Night Club Scene Shooting”

  1. Kyaa..weee.. our baby boy has fully grown up, become more mature man now. He looks so bored and annoyed in this BTS……..I wonder why? LOL…he should be dancing and acting wild….

  2. Kailey, I think he was being Seo Jun at the scene, I think this part, Seo Jun was not enjoyable to be in the club, that’s why he looked serious and also he wpas so concentrate on working his script, for him it was work not like he was in a club to have fun with friends. He said everyday was shooting Love Rain, I bet he was tired too, but that is how the shooting drama in Korea does. Sukkie, fighting.


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