Try Hana’s quizzes from “Love Rain” episode 5!^^


1. If a duck is frozen?
2. What is the hottest fruit in the world?
3. What is the unavoidable thing, even though you know the fact that if you ate you would die?
4. How many people can get on a lifeboat?
5. What is the best thing that a rabbit can do?

[Answers and Explanations]
Hana’s quiz kind of a play on words.
Let me break the meanings so that you can enjoy this tricky Korean quizzes~~^^;;

* I can’t type Hangul letters. So please check the original answers and detail explanations from the link below.
1. Hill
2. a heavenly peach
3. age
4. 9 people
5. escaping

4~5= You are such a Love Rain addict! >.< 2~3= You are a Love Rain fan! ^^ 0~1= You are a Love Rain novice! T.T

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  1. woah…. these are difficult quiz… i can’t even understand the question n answer… is there any better logic explanation? >.<


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