[09.04.2012] Tree-J twitter

English translation: sa_sha26

Dear eels, today is the Love Rain day where you will meet Seo Jun. Together with Seo Jun every Monday and Tuesday night. Please give lots of love to Actor Jang’s Seo Jun ^^
장어분들, 오늘은 서준을 만나는 사랑비요일이네요. 월, 화요일밤은 사랑비의 서준과 함께해요. 배우 장근석의 서준도 많이 사랑해주세요^^

5 thoughts on “[09.04.2012] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Awesome of Tree J to remind us (not that we could possibly forget.. right?) that today is Rainy Monday. Sukkie is simply irresistable. But I wonder why he looks so sad in this picture?!

  2. Awww, my poor baby, what’s wrong? You want a hug? Don’t worry, eels will always support you no matter what. Chin up!

  3. is he mimicking suni expression? ^^
    so cute my prince!
    i definitely watch streaming today…but, could it help improve the rating?

  4. I heard that he went to LMFAO live last night. So he must be refreshed now! 🙂
    I hope his a little tired face was brought by yesterday’s excitement.


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