[Poem] Come Into My Umbrella (inspired by Love Rain)

Credits: Nancy McDonell /ECI

Come Into My Umbrella

One…two… three.

My heart comes skidding to a stop.
You smile, and the sun shines,
and my heart takes flight.
It soars upon your breath,
rising, catching, falling.

I reach out to touch you,
hand trembling with desire.
So much emotion rushes through me…
Lost for words, I can’t even speak,
though my heart longs to sing.

Is this my life’s purpose,
to devote myself to you?
I match my breath to yours.
Lost in your beautiful eyes,
I never even feel the rain start to fall.

Bravely you endure the rain,
whatever life dishes out to you.
Hot tears slip down your cheeks,
and mix with the cold rain.
But my heart aches for you…

Let us dance with joy in the rain.
Say the words I long to hear…
โ€œI love the rain, I love you.โ€
Look only into my eyes…
Let me always be… your umbrella.

Inspired by โ€œLove Rainโ€, OST starring Jang Keun Suk
-Nancy M. McDonnell
April 03, 2012

10 thoughts on “[Poem] Come Into My Umbrella (inspired by Love Rain)”

  1. Nancy, I realise now many of our eel sisters have very artistic talent.. besides drawing, vids making, PS but also with words that touch the hearts… Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful poem…

  2. thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.. Love Rain indeed gives us different kind of feeling that brings out the best on us.. you’re awesome Nancy McDonnell.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Have you any more poems to share with us ? Please do give us more poems in the future. We are all so romantic like in the Love Rain….. kekeke! Thanks Nancy.

  4. What a beautiful poem. I can’t help but reminisce parts of the “Love Rain” drama while reading your poem Nancy. I can’t stop my heartbeat falling in-love again, again again with this drama. Thank you very much.


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