[News] pre-order of 2012 CRISHOW in Japan

The detail for the tour in Japan was out today. JKS Japan fan club members can pre-order the ticket from April 24 to May 2. The winner will be selected by lot as usual… 🙁 But the details in other Asian countries haven’t been out yet.


7 thoughts on “[News] pre-order of 2012 CRISHOW in Japan”

  1. Kaori chan, wishing you good luck in getting the tickets.. I know I have zero chance to see the Japan concert but I hope lucky stars be with you always ^_^ I love to see his concert in Japan.. so the only way is to get his DVD…

  2. Tenshi, do hope you can get the tickets for yourself …. Then we can get to read your fabulous fan account thereafter ^^

  3. i heard jks is coming spore on 22nd april..meeting his fans at mariott..is it true..hw can i get a ticket to see him..


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