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  1. Sarah, I LOVE they way you write!

    LR is a beautiful story, not only in its sceneries, but especially the way each character has been portrayed. Sukkie’s facial expressions is just right; he’s supposed to be a guy who’s very introverted, shy, low self-esteem and knowing him as we do(the exact opposite of In Ha) I think he managed to capture In Ha’s character perfectly.

    As for Yoona, I’ve never seen her works and she is still a newbie compared to Sukkie & PD Yoon’s years of experience. Even though she’s lacking in the acting department, she didn’t do too badly either…

    After watching Ep 2, unsubbed, I find I was still able to immerse myself in the drama and enjoy the era of the 70s and even wish I had experienced such pure & beautiful love that’s free from today’s rush….

  2. Thanks Farina for your lovely comment. I’m enjoying every bit of Love Rain, this a drama definitely I don’t want to miss every part of it. Fighting, Love Rain.

  3. Sis Sarah, I love love your recap thoughts of LOVE RAIN. I just now finished watching Ep #1. I wanted to say so much how I feel about this drama, but can’t express my feeling in words. You described that feeling beautifully for me. THANK YOU!!! While reading your secret love rain dairy, my tears were unknowingly falling down my face…. I can’t explain why…some people probably think I’m crazy….. but I love this sweet drama so much. It had been a long long time since I last watched romantic dramas or movies. My last romantic movie was “the Note Book”.

    As for LR 1st ep, my favorite scene is the yellow umbrella scene. When In Ha hold up the yellow umbrella the first time, not knowing it was broken…lol…I smile, laugh and awwww…for my cute clumsy and awkward In Ha attempting to impress the girl of his affection for the first time. (Of course also learning why Yoona and Sukkie hold up the umbrella that way in the previous still LR posters. lol…it never occurred to me because it was broken..kekeke). Seo In Ha makes my heart flutter nonstop.

    Yeah…..the first epesode is slow…(many people said it’s boring) but to me, the relaxing musical, the breathtaking cinematography and its beautiful love story of young people falling in love the first and make up for the slow phase….in my opinion.
    This drama is not boring at all. I don’t care about the rating anymore. THIS DRAMA IS GOING TO BE ONE OF THE GREAT ROMANTIC DRAMAS OF ALL TIME.
    PS. Sis Sarah, please continue to share your thoughts and critics through out the rest of LOVE RAIN series; may it be short or long, you are very much appreciated. Of course, you can you write them on your convenience and free time. Thank you so much for your post.

  4. Sarah, I see you had the same reaction to Dong Wook that I did.. I wanted to haul off and hit the guy. And you know, it’s not the actor it’s the role… because he was my favorite actor on BOF. LOL
    Sukkie did a great job playing In Ha. There were parts about the character of In Ha I had difficulty with… but I think Sukkie did well.
    And since this is the first drama I’ve ever seen done by PD Yoon, I have to say I really like his visual style. It definitely appeals to me.
    I bet now every eel wants a yellow umbrella!

  5. hi sis sarah,

    applause to you!! thanks to you and ivy for this section..for sharing your thoughts in the first episode of Love Rain. I agree with Kailey, you said the words that our minds been coming up..after watching this episode, after reading articles about the ratings, and then watching again episode 2..just thought, as a viewer, I can’t let such a beautiful story, pass. Not that because I’m a fan of Keun Suk, but you can’t deny the hard work of the whole team (the cinematography, the connection and portrayal of the characters, everything).

    PD Yoon, personally, has successfully made his idea of a love story that happened during the 70s era, a reality. Through this episode, I realized that “Oh, so that’s how people are during the 70s”, or “Oh, so that’s how potential lovers communicate with each other at that time.”. It’s not a boring one..but a slow and yet detailed illustration of a pure love..which makes the viewers wondering this kind of love is rare to find but once found, will last for long.

    As usual, Keun Suk also has successfully portrayed the reserved and resisting type of character Seo In Ha. You can see on his expressions and movements how well he has studied such character. And of course, the eyes. The eyes that say a thousand words. One look, and you’ll feel different emotions that Seo In Ha may have really felt at that time – frustration, melancholy, passion, restrain. A good job also to Yoona who was able to portrait the shy, reserved, and yet tender girl. Her expressions are also natural, given the situations of Yoon Hee.

    I admit that at first, I’m sensitive on the ratings that this drama will garner..but after a while, thought that this drama, whether or not it obtained good ratings, is not an average drama but a masterpiece created by PD Yoon that honed Keun Suk’s talent more. Realizing this is enough that Keun Suk has already been rewarded by the experience and challenges brought by this series. ^^

  6. I used to write diary too. And I have like a few books. They have words about my first love story too. lol. I have them sealed and kept at my parent’s place. Hope they will never throw them away. I was born in 70s, even I didn’t get old enough to fell in love in the 70s but I love 70s part. Btw, I laughed so hard about they checked the hair and clothes to the students. I remember when I was in primary school we had that too. Some of my friends their parents went to overseas and bought jeans for them, but then the teachers requested them turned them in and they changed the pants (the wide ends) to the one we used to wear, now you just laugh so hard about these kind of thing, because it changed so much, and also boys won’t allow to have long hair, really I did find old days coming back. Gosh, I’m that old. 🙁

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  8. Just a few lines to share with you all ^^
    For Seo Inha’s feelings, I felt that different adjectives are amazingly described…He is like an autumn song, then love and friendship inside his heart makes the implicit melancholy in the first two episodes pure and warm, complimenting Love Rain on nice moments in the past as well as honesty between the loved and beloved…
    The song ‘sarangbi’ at the end of Ep2 is very nice when he sang deeply and naturally…Every second from the begining seems both familar and strange in a positive way. Also from a different point of view, Love Rain will shine through c’est la vie…

  9. AHHH! love this sis! Especially your thoughts on Yoon he..(aka yoona’s acting) Agreed.. You can sense her character.. idk maybe i’m being TOO nice, but maybe there are people out there who are lonely that doesn’t know how to bring good facial expressions in any situation. LOL.

    Good news! My mommy watch maybe 35 minutes of Love Rain with subs.. afterwards she was like “i loveee it.. Its soo cute.. Kakakilig” (pinay eels will know what that means).. She kept commenting wen she watched too. Like how the other guy would keep trying, she kept saying “she doesnts like you!!” lololol Also my dad kept seeing the old songs that was playing in the background. And he said that he remembered during his school days, he had to stand still no matter where you are when they did the flag pledge. Keke… 🙂

    The episode was superrrr sweet. It was already sweet without but when i finally understood it, though the lines can be sooo cheesy, but how In Ha’s tone of voice says it, you just fall in love. Some people arent ready for these type of dramas since they’re so used to the trendy dramas these days, but i have hope most of them will learn to accept that a love story during the 70s era is different from now, that today’s type of love cant match with how lovers did in the past. It will take time cuz classic dramas (aka winter sonata) will never grow too old. ♥

  10. Bravo Sarah, well done! I haven’t watched the drama yet only seen the trailers, enough to see that Sukkie is doing a good job acting in LR. These days, there are many period dramas, long sagas about hatred & vengeance, dramas showing gory stuff, comedies starring flower boys, or ridiculously unrealistic imaginery stuff. When some people take a risk in producing a plain love story like Love Rain, they should be applauded. It gives viewers a choice. My hat goes to the producers and the director of Love Rain.

  11. Beautiful story and nice soothing musics. I think Sukkie potrayed his character very well indeed. His facial expressions are simply wonderful. Can’t wait for the next episode next week.

  12. Thank you so much for your thoughts on the first episode. I have been avoiding reading a lot about the episode to keep an unbiased opinion and to make sure my feelings about the episode were genuine and without influence. I found it to be so beautiful. I’ve already described Love Rain to be like fine Belgium chocolate to be savored and boy did I savor every moment of it. I’ve seen it twice now.. first Raw after it aired and again this morning with subtitles. Some of the impressions I got from the Raw viewing were confirmed when I was able to watch with understanding. Sukkie, as always, is brilliant. He is such an emotive artist and without saying a word he conveys an array of feelings just with his eyes and expressions. I love In Ha and I was crying towards the end of the episode because he’s acting the “Noble Idiot” for the sake of his friend. Yoona I still don’t know her well as an actress and this is the first time I’ve encountered her performance. Based on the first episode (I haven’t had a chance to see Ep 2 yet) I would say she is doing a fine job. But I still think she was cast more for the 2nd role in the drama rather than Yoon Hee.

  13. Thank you… I really like your thoughts. As for me, Love Rain is a good drama and very special, I can feel it when I watch it. It’s different from other dramas. I’m a bit disappointed with the rating because I feel sad for sukkie, but I don’t care anymore… because watch drama with concern about rating or others comment really tiring. Now I want to watch it freely and fairly. The result is I love this drama because this drama really sincere conveying the emotions to the audience. Thank you PD Yoon, thank you Jang Keun Suk, thank you other casts and all the crew… Please continue make this drama more awesome so we can keep this as everlasting drama.

  14. I maybe the last one from ECI who watched the first episode of Love Rain. I waited for the subs, you see. I know PD Yoon likes to take it slow (judging from Winter Sonata) and I wanted to understand the story line from the get go. I must admit I am not a fan of Yoona so, it was quite a surprise for me that her and JKS tandem works. I don’t understand how Korean minds work that the first episode got an unexpected low rating. Nevertheless, I’d like to send my two cents in. I enjoyed the first episode. For me, it was worth the wait. I’d like to see more of the story. Judging from my reaction to it, I must say the actors gave a good performance. Yes, even Yoona was effective as far as I am concerned (sorry to say that it may not b enough to declare myself a fan, but I am willing to acknowledge her improvement). And PD Yoon never fails to deliver the “mushy”. I felt it the first minutes of watching it. Aside from the obvious reason that it is Sukkie’s drama which is a given that I would watch it, I am truly looking forward to see more. 🙂

  15. This is an extract from http://www.soompi.com, an article titled ‘South Korean TV Ratings TNmS vs AGB Nielsen’ posted on Jun 21 2011: “Currently AGB Nielson has a total of 2050 households that are being researched for TV ratings. The breakdown is the following: Seoul 550, Busan 250, ……” S. Korea has about 50million people and Seoul itself has almost 10million. 2,050 households represents only a very small number of people in S.Korea so ignore the ratings and enjoy the drama!

    • Wen, really appreciate the research on the rating.. Thanks.. actually.. it seems many eels are soaked in LOVE RAIN already after ep 1 & 2.. can’t both of the rating anymore as we are enjoying the show with LOVE more than anything… Let’s enjoy & looking forward to next week for ep 3 & 4 ^_^ For those staying in S’pore.. did you notice it has been raining since ep 1 & ep 2 broadcasted on KBS? The mood is set right…LOL!

      • I think not. Look at Mary Stayed Out All Night. The ratings were very poor. Nationwide average (TNS) was 6%, Seoul average was not even worth mentioning. However, Sukkie got a netizen award plus best couple with Moon Geun Young at the KBS Drama Awards. The drama itself got the Best Hallyu Drama Top Excellence at the 11th Seoul Drama Awards and Moon Geun Young was Best Hallyu Drama actress. She also got a popularity award at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards. I just watched LR Episode 2 and totally enjoyed it. Sukkie was great and there were lots of nice songs. And there were parts which made me laugh. I hope at least Sukkie will get an actor’s award for LR.

      • Wen, thanks for the details. I was concerned that low ratings will deprive Sukkie the chance of being nominated for an actor’s award. We all know how hard he worked to make his character believable in the 70’s storyline. He even had to brave the harsh winter in Hokkaido for the present-day plot. It’s really injustice and disrespect to any experienced actor if ratings alone are used as the main criterion for nomination in the end-of-year drama awards.

  16. Sarah sis, Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts which resonates very well to many of us here and in ECI… I have so much to say but really… reading from your thoughts & many here.. more or less sum up my thoughts.. I just want to say that LOVE RAIN is very different from past dramas I have seen as it has brought many good memories from the 70s which I can remember in my childhood.. and Sukkie’s role & acting as Seo In Ha really reflects so well and I will never forget this role he plays as his eyes do a lot of talking even while I watched the unsubbed version of ep1 & 2 earlier… I’m looking forward to the rest of the drama as always with Sukkie’s good performance & a beautiful storyline…

  17. I am quite new to the melodrama genre but am happy to say I like the way the drama proceeded…the slow and sure way of falling in lobe…In Ha and Yoon Hee are not in a haste to love each other and also the way they portray the love is awesome. And then comes the three musketeers. I know why sukkie does what he does…giving up for a noble cause and all but i am not much happy about it…The scene which made me cry was when the guy took In Ha`s pencil and made it seem lik his own. He was picking sukkie`s line about love coming from heart and then also using his knowledge of Yoon Hee like wat she likes etc. I felt sad cos i think guy did not fall in love with Yoon Hee..but jus with the notion of Yoon Hee resembling his mom.. But In Ha is destined to be with Yoon Hee…Lets wait and see…. Hoping for more heartbreak in future episodes.. T_T
    Sis Sarah good work Jiao!!!

  18. I like the scenes that In Ha was happy enough to get flustered such as he stumbled in his haste to look for an umbrella or to leave soon to conceal his happiness after setting up a date with Yoon Hee. I love love his way of leaving!!!! I love love hearing his footsteps!!!! Such a sudden happiness made his adorable clumsiness. So sweet, In Ha… *sigh*

    • Kaori chan, Love Rain is really a classic drama and me too, I like Sukkie as Seo In Ha, the introvert & nerdy look is so different from his real self but he portrays this role so well ^_^

  19. Frankly, I have already “fallen in love” with Love Rain just from the 8 min teaser which I have lost count of how many times I have seen it prior to the debut of the drama.

    I too am not a big fan of melodrama, but I must applaud Sukkie for choosing this drama which is so different from his recent works. Having seen Ep 1 and 2 twice now, I am highly impressed with how he has portrayed In Ha’s character so flawlessly, so realistically, so expressively (a character that is so different from his true self). I don’t think I am being bias here cos’ I am such a big fan of Sukkie .. hahaha … ok, maybe just a little : )

    To me, there are some scenes in Ep 1 and 2 that is so memorable that it more than makes up for whatever is lacking (if any),

    Ep 1 :

    1. The cross path scene in the beginning (1, 2, 3 … I have fallen in love … love the voice over !),
    2. Painting of Yoon Hee by the window still (awwww, that was such a beautiful scene and In Ha’s expression was awww… so sweet),
    3. The national anthem scene,
    4. Umbrella scene (from In Ha scrambling to search for an umbrella to the silly way he held the umbrella and of course the shielding of the rain bit …. such sweet gestures are never too old fashioned, at least to me : ),
    5. Library scene (the shocked expression, the clumsiness ..)

    Ep 2,
    1. Art studio scene where paintings of Yoon Hee was discovered,
    2. The train scene (though, I thought the teaser was better cos’ there was some background music to heighten the mood),
    3. Beach singing scene (I especially love the way In Ha sang in this scene which was sooooo full of emotions),

    I am also rather disappointed with the ratings so far, more so for Sukkie’s sake. Nonetheless, I feel that this drama has improved/ harnessed his craft even further. Hopefully, we can see a turnaround of ratings soon so that Sukkie’s great acting ability can be witnessed by the masses. Keeping my fingers crossed : )

  20. The song that was played in EP 1 of LR when JGS was painting and then he saw her out of the window. Right after the scene where his friends were talking about him in the cafe. Anybody knows what is the famous music?


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