How to appreciate “Love Rain” fully even after broadcasting

UPDATE: May 27

We posted about “How to watch “Love Rain” live in the internet” before, but because of some reasons, it’s rather hard to watch “Love Rain” in real-time. We’ve tried hard to find the best way to appreciate “Love Rain” fully. Below are some useful website.


The site provides LR videos with English Subtitles
Most of the Below are the LR episode 1 link. Please check the latest one on the site!
Natantvip Online

The site provides LR recapitulation
Below is the LR episode 1 link. Please check the latest one on the site!

Korean Drama Choa
K-POP! rage
Couch Kimuchi
Drama: On Demand
open & shut
Hallyu Guru

If you find something better, please let us know. We’ll add it on the list!! Thanks!

17 thoughts on “How to appreciate “Love Rain” fully even after broadcasting”

  1. Thanks co much Tenshi and especially for the recap sites! There’s just one tiny thing – streaming site written as Natantvip Online should be Natnatvip Online


  2. Aaaargh!!! What can i do? I tried to watch Love Rain in Ghenskdramas facebook page, but then our computer stopped working, and i cant watch them with my phone. I tried viki, but it’s not allowed to show in my country… I tried also dramafever, but there’s the same problem with viki…

  3. I just started watching this on DramaFever….and on episode 10….I didn’t think I could love anything more than Mary Stayed Out all Night and He’s beautiful – but wow – I am really liking this Love Rain – but I also really really enjoy Pretty Man too….mainly because IU is also so adorable!!

    His co-stars also make the movie even more enjoyable…I really so enjoy IU and Park Shin Hye!!!


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