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UPDATE Tree J twitter 26-03-2012 9:33pm

“장어들아! 사랑비 본방사수! 내가 이렇게 지켜보고 있다!! 다들 티비 앞으로~!!” 라고, 장배우가 장어들에게 전달해달라고 하네요^^ 조금있으면 <사랑비> 첫방송 시작합니다. 장어분들 재미있게 시청하세요^^
“Eels! hold Love Rain to death! I am going to keep watching you like this!! Everyone infront of the TV now~!!” said Actor Jang. That’s the message he wants to convey to eels^^ The first episode of Love Rain is going to start soon. Eels have fun^^

Love Rain:
The 3 musketeers in the 1970s

Love Rain:
Dashing actor Jang at Love Rain press conference

Eels, a greeting to everyone on the day of Love Rain. The debut broadcast of Love Rain that actor Jang has prepared for a long time, all eels must watch it!!!

11 thoughts on “[26.03.2012] Twitter collection”

  1. The most eagerly-awaited day has finally arrived! so wonderful I can get to see Prince again on television for ten glorious weeks ~~ ^^

    Sukkie, Yoona & Love Rain FIGHTING!!

  2. I love the picture at the bottom. His picture with puffy eyes on the 1st top one is so funny. Yeah, I wish I was not in office and watch LR at home now. sigh……….

  3. I was glued to the laptop half an hour before, all eager to watch Love Rain. It was worth the wait, just to be able to watch Geun Suk again. Love his character, the storyline and the songs! I can’t wait for the next episode!

  4. ROFLLL… this is probably my first time I comment on this blog while still at work(hehehe..sshh… shh… my boss is away right now). I laugh out so hard at the first tweet…hahahahah….can’t stop laughing until one of my co-workers looks at me weird. Sukkie, after work, I will watch you alright, watch you until my heart fills of you.

  5. You can count on it, my Prince. We eels will keep out eyes glued on the screen to support you on this most awaited drama series. Sponsors are already pouring in, that is a very good sign. I miss you, though I can’t be online always but I always carry you in my heart. Saranghae!

  6. LOL Warning is OUT !!!

    Sukkie, dun worry ….. Most of us will definitely watch LR online with Korea time
    Coz we dun want to be a “kabayaki” ^^


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