[Pics] Jang Keun Suk checked rice wreaths, look where he spotted.

Credit: Weibo/JKS_神威芹, daum blog

After Love Rain Press Conference, Jang Keun Suk was going through the hall way to see all the rice donations from his fans all over the world. Look at where he spotted at. OUR JANGKEUNSUK FOREVER rice wreath. yay!

Clear pictures that with ECI and JangKeunSuk Foever joint rice wreath

I think here we spot Papa Jang Mama Jang 🙂 “Please turn around… you will see….. wow…..” lol.

There is blog post with more and clear picture of all the rice wreaths. Click http://blog.daum.net/_blog/BlogTypeView.do?blogid=0JKfy&articleno=8523716&categoryId=0&regdt=20120323232759#ajax_history_home

List of eels all over the world for the rice donations, isn’t this amazing. I’m proud to be part of it.

16 thoughts on “[Pics] Jang Keun Suk checked rice wreaths, look where he spotted.”

  1. Wow!!! What an innovative idea of having rice wreath instead of flowers. I’m sure this kind of thing caught a great impression of the media regarding the kind of supporters Sukkie have. And since this is so unique… later on this will become a trend to be followed by other fans clubs. Its amazing of you guys to come up with this idea…and hopefully those who always write negative things about Sukkie will see that the supporters he got all over the world are not what they think about… I salute you guys… you also deserve CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chii!!How r u?What r u doing?Are u tired?Chornuen chongmun kurivonhada nan mobchie.I’d like to tell u that I’m very hengbokhada that u have a new album,but why don’t your album isn’t sell in tae-kuk nara? For easy to me for support your album,umm!!!quenchannayo I’ll tro to buy your new album,and nan yak-sak hada to cri show at impact muangthong thani like the last year that u show cri catchie.I’d like to see your concert,otherwise I’d like to give nan chonmun that I pay-attention for create and make for u.Unjinjanghada,Unpriguenhada,Chongmun manni hengbok hada mobchie,fighting fighting fighting taemun nan is my idol,my beautiful,and my inspiration.If my planning is suceessfully that I’d like to work in hang-kuk nara next month I’ll see and inspire your performance all the time.Anyonghisumusaeyo,Hansangcongkanghasaeyo,Tachipepki nan parimnida,Chaika,Chongmunsaranghaeyo my idol,love u jub jub.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)

  3. I must say the ECI & JKS4ever banner design is the only one which is different and it looks great! I feel closer to Sukkie even if it’s just a rice wreath representing us. Thanks for the organisers of the donation!

  4. Sarah.. Thanks for sharing this memorable sight for both JangKeunSukForever & ECI…we are all so proud to be part of it ^_^

  5. Sukkie never fails to surprise fans of his thoughtfulness by looking at the rice wreathes contributed by eels all over the world. This action shows that JKS cares and appreciates all his fans who contributed under his name to the charity. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. This is one of thousand reasons why EELs love JKS so much. Awww…Sukkie, please continue being a good and sincere heart person.

    Thanks sis sarah for posting this wonderful news.

    • Kailey, agree with you.. btw…one of the messages on the banner chosen by ECI is from Sukkie’s words which have a great impact to eels..
      on the rice donation list above (the following message on the banner is recorded.. I think the longest message on the right side of the list ^_^)

      “Sincere heart is inter-connecting. There is no person more superior than others…”

  6. Just want to say… I’M JUST PROUD TO BE A PART OF THE ECI AND JKS FOREVER FAMILY. Komawo to everyone! It’s just sad that I wasn’t able to donate even a small amount since this is the time my daughter was hospitalized because of pneumonia but I just want to say being a part of this family is simply amazing! I hope Sukkie knows the effect he leaves in all of us his Eels…

  7. this is really touching… so nice that i been a follower of this blog and became part of ECI family.. God bless everyone and keep up the good works girls!!! 🙂

  8. WELL DONE you all.
    No need to waste your money on gifts and flowers – cos he got everything except a loving partner!,
    just donate to poor and needed people..
    He can b ambassador though to help the poor.. no kidding!


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