[Pictures] Love Rain KBS 2012 Hot Spring Scene

Credits: KBS Love Rain Official Set

The Hot Spring Scene

Sitting side by side Ha Na and Seo Joon in the hot spring reading script. Seo Joon is the man of PD Yoon team seems quite serious.

Eye contacts practicing

awww, what a hug, this one was in the teaser, and look at the smile of Mr. Mean’s face

This eye contact make you wondering the atmosphere of taking an open air hot spring.

Even it is in hot spring, but still with snow fall and short sleeves, that’s the passion of acting from Keun Suk

awww, Yoona is so pretty and she enjoyed the shooting.

Handshake with Yoona?

The whole team were moving on the snowy mountain, tough!

Seo Joon: What I’m doing to wearing this cape? Super Sukkie?

Look at that smile

It was so cold on site, but the bright smile showed that they had fun filming

11 thoughts on “[Pictures] Love Rain KBS 2012 Hot Spring Scene”

  1. thanks admin for not only sharing these pics but also add in some captions…

    this is so good… more imagination can be created by us while reading & looking at the pics ^^

    thanks for sharing it ^^

  2. Thanks for sharing! I want to go to one of those hot springs some day. I’ve only seen them a few times in dramas and all the time in Anime. Must be tough though because he’s susceptible to getting colds. But regardless its beautiful scenery as well as scene. Really looking forward to this drama!

  3. God!!! I’m so excited with this drama… thanks for sharing this pictures.. so happy to see Sukkie act again in small screen.. miss him so much… 🙂

  4. Thanks sis Sarah. Awww…so beautiful setting. Just seeing Sukkie’s smiling face would make my day. I glad to see that he has such good chemistry with Yoona. They seem to have a lot of fun despite undergo extreme cold weather. LOVE RAIN fighting!!!


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