[Characters & Pictures] Love Rain KBS 2012

Credits: KBS Love Rain official website
Chinese translation: 櫻之荼蘼, S9 Site
English translation: Sarah Ye

Love Rain – Seo Joon, Ha Na, In Ha (2012) and Yoon Hee (2012)

Seo Joon

2012 Seo Joon (29 years old/photographer) – played by Jang Keun Suk

Seo Joon: I’m just myself. No one can impinge me. I’m In Ha’s son.

He is a photographer who can shoot unique photos; who has outstanding handsome face; who also has successful career overseas.

He has “Prince Symptoms”
Like he is always right; he is the best; he doesn’t care how other people look at him.

He speaks of his mind frankly wherever he is. He has bitter tongue which he won’t care who you are.

But ironically, he is the photographer who can perfectly shows people’s charisma in his photos.

Seo Jun is casual for his love life. He has the fame of being Casanova in the business.

People say about him:” 3 seconds for girls to fell for him”.

He always says this to his girls:” I don’t believe in love. My father is miserable because he can never forget his first love. And that was the tragedy to my mother. I don’t want a love like that.”

For shooting a photobook, he came to Japan and there, he met a girl that he could never predicate, Ha Na.

In his dictionary of fashion there is no way you can find Ha Na, the saucebox. He wouldn’t give in on her by any chance.

When he was looking for sceneries with his lens, he caught a moment of Ha Na. Her innocent face suddenly made him feel that he has a heart attack, his heart was beating like crazy.

Even he couldn’t believe it; and he kept denying it, but from the moment he met Ha Na, his life and his feeling are all become a mess.

Jung Ha Na

Jung Hana, 24 years old studying for Masters degree in gardening.

If you give trees love, they will grow very well. Never thought that the tree in my heart will grow so large/tall that you can’t hide that tree anymore

Yoonhee went to America to study and married an international student studying there and had Hana. Hana studied in Japan at college of Agriculture in gardening major.

Hana believes that there’s a similarity/link between the hearts of humans and that of trees. She would talk/sing to sick plants, surprising many people around her. But if you get to know Hana’s character more, you will be mesmerized by her bright positive persona. She’s a bit too talkative and has a straightforward personality, having the ability to energize others. Something about her smiling all the time

As a city girl, she came to snowy mountain and love the people there. The white garden is a fresh air.

Because Yoonhee was never able to give up her first love, Hana is determined to help her find romance. For her mom she even went to Hokkaido, but she ended up meeting the bad mouth Seo Joon. Seo Joon picks at Hana’s weird clothes and everything she does. Almost like he was born to say mean things. Ever since meeting Seo Joon, Hana’s peaceful life is about to change.

24 years old, Hana’s love story begins. ”

In Ha’s Story (2012)

2012 Seo In Ha (55 years old/Professor of Art Institute) – play by Jung Jin Young

First love, the more you are trying to grab it, the more it get slipped through your fingers.

He is Seo Joon’s father, a professor of Korean Art Institute.

32 years ago, he let Yoon Hee leave him. When he was desperate, it was Hye Jung besides him and staying with him.

He and Hye Jun got married. The mirage lasted for 10 years. When Seo Jun 10 years old, Hye Jung asked for a divorce.

He never forget Yoon Hee for a single moment. He can not lie and hide his feeling, even just for a little bit, it will show on his face.

In Ha felt guilty for hurting others because that he can’t get out of his past feeling. So he just wants to have a quiet life.

But, after past his 50s, he and Yoon Hee met again. She is still as the Yoon Hee many years ago, delicate and beautiful just appeared by his side.
This time, even for being selfish, he won’t want to miss her again.

Kim Yoon Hee (2012)

Brief: Played by Lee Mi Sook, Yoon Hee had Ha Na with a Korean student in US, she still loves In Ha and living a life with memory of their love.

Lee Sun Ho

Brief: Played by Kim Shi Hoo. Second male lead in 2012. Son of Lee Doon Wook (In Ha’s friend) and friend of Seo Joon, a doctor, has a warm heart and nice guy compare to mean sharp tongue Seo Joon. He has a younger sister, who is a popular model, has “Princess Symptoms”…

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  1. kekekekeke, that’s seo jun character, somehow sounds like suk’s character, omo… i love badboy more.. esp seo jun,,, kekekeke

    • when i look at the newest teaser, i also look Suk at Seo Jun character (when he hug Ha Na). Seo in ha is new character, but in seo jun, i see suk. i hope i’m wrong…please don’t let this happen. i know that suk will make a note, so his real character won’t appear in every movie/series (except Momo)….arghhh can’t wait to see it! the teasers were so beautiful.

      • yup sist, i have the same opinion as yours, every character in his drama, has little piece of his personality i think, but we all know that suk is professional, lets put our faith in him 🙂 semangatt!!!

      • ya cajuputte,

        i’m worried that i’ll see Suk in Seo Jun too … no problem for In Ha in 1970s, cos In Ha’s’ personality is quite different from Suk and i think Suk has managed to carry off that gentle, artistic and sentimental In Ha very well.

        On the other hand, I seem to see Hwang Tae-kyung in Seo Jun (at least in the few seconds trailer) – talented, direct and sarcastic.

        Is it because we look at Suk every day, so we see Suk in the character he plays?

        But I think Suk carried out the Mu-gyul character in M3 very well – that was completely Mu-gyul!!

  2. thanks sis sarah, after reading the description of Soe Joon character…..Yappp..that is surely described Prince JKS to T.T….except an acclaimed photographer and a cool-hearted man. Whaaa…I like the older version of Kim Yoon Hee, she’s so beautiful and such a great actress. So far so good, LOVE RAIN seems to gather great casts!

    PS..Han Tae Sun looks HOT!!!! Forgive me Sukkie for being Kabayaki for a moments…kekekekke

  3. Sarah, Thanks for postimg! OMG Seo Joon character = Hwang Taekyung + Mu-gyul+ Sukkie behavior hahaahahha… I could not imagine , how many girls have died emotionally and cried bucket of tears hahahaha…Can’t wait for LR!

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  5. omo! I can’t wait! It’s been a long time seeing jks again in a drama.. i so miss him! I hope this won’t make my heart break as in the winter sonata type, why do i have the feeling that there may be a part comedy here. can’t wait!!:)

  6. Seo Joon has the reputation of being a casanova and a heartbreaker, I suppose. Wow, it’s gonna be so exciting to see Sukkie in his new character role.

    Tomorrow is the press conference … can’t wait to see him with his new look ~~ ^^

  7. Oh dear.. from the storyline.. it seems Seo Joon will have a hard time as when he starts love the girl.. he is going to face a tougher path than his dad Seo in Ha… at least in the earlier generation, they love one another.. in the 2nd generation.. it may be a one sided love for a long… time… very different role from Sukkie’s role in other drama… I think eels are going to have many heartbreaking moments with Seo Joon….

  8. thanks admin for the characters introduction.. this really gave me a clearer concept of how the story will goes too…

    hope to read more characters introduction soon ^^

    thanks again…

  9. hmm, seems like history repeats itself in 2012 though the children’s characters are the exact opposite of their parents. but i hope this time they end up together. seriously, they should end up together ‘coz it’s gonna be quite depressing if they will have the same fate as their parents. totally excited for this drama! from the looks of it, i think it is a beautiful story and well worth watching.

  10. Soe in ha (2012) : this time, even being selfish he won’t miss Kim yoon hee again…. This is bad! ..this is bad for Soe jun aissshhhh. BUT this is actually interesting point of this drama then … 🙂


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