[Video] KBS “Love Rain” poster shooting BTS

UPDATE: adding another video
Credits: KBS 한국방송 ‏ @MyloveKBS twitter

< #LoveRain >遂に!皆さんにグンちゃんのポスター撮影現場お大公開します!
Finally, everybody’s poster shooting revealed!

JKS appears from 1:40.

7 thoughts on “[Video] KBS “Love Rain” poster shooting BTS”

  1. Ahhhhh….help help!!! Crazy me!! I’m falling falling for Seo Jun before even meet him. Sukkie, I love every angles of your posts. You are so good with you crafts. You can post being mean, happy, playful, sweet cutie or dead drop gorgeous handsome…what’s more??

    Thanks sis Sarah for posting this video. Love it.

  2. Waahhh. The hair is growing on me. I think this is the most commercial he has looked. Very very cute in every sense and in all angles. Love Rain will be a big hit!

  3. WOW!!!!! I’m absolutely amazed by his talent on how he can change his look in front of camera!!!! Just incredible!!!! He’s a real professional!!!!! *twothumbsup*

  4. WOW! totally breathtaking! i only realized i was holding my breath after several seconds of watching the vid. LOL! 😀

  5. I just watched the second one, Seo Jun was a bit shy in front MIL, lol. Cute good looking family. Thanks Kaori Chan.


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