How to watch “Love Rain” live in the internet

Our eagerly-awaited drama “Love Rain” will be broadcast at 21:55 (local time in Korea) on March 26. And every Monday and Tuesday it will broadcast from 21:55 to 23:05. There are many options to watch it online. I introduce some here. I’m not sure all works well, so please try if it works before the broadcast.

(1) highly recommend, specialized for KBS
I introduced this before. I think the visual quality is the best. I got the guidance pics, so I will share the instructions below.

*ATTENTION: You have to install an application released from KBS on your PC.

0: Access this website using “Internet Explorer”.

1: Click the left blue button.

2: The pop-up window asks you whether “to save to disk” or “to download and install”, so chose “to download and install”. Click the left “R(Run)” button.

3: Then pop-up window asks you whether “to implement the software”, so chose “to implement the software”. Click the left “R(Run)” button.

4: Afterward, I’m afraid that you can’t read the message indicated during software execution because the characters are garbled… but just keep doing.
5: Click the left “N(Next?)” button.

6: Click the middle “I(Install?)” button.

7: Click the “F(Finish?)” button.

8: Access the site again. It might take 20 or 30 seconds to be shown TV.

9: Scroll down to see the link of “KBS2″ on the left.

10. Click the link of “KBS2″.

(2) easiest
If you own a smartphone, just access the site! It’s very easy!

(3) easiest
Just access the site from PC! It’s very easy! Even Firefox browser works.

(4) with subtitles?
I’m not sure this site well, but it looks they provides some English subtitles. You just resister e-mail or the likes.

14 thoughts on “How to watch “Love Rain” live in the internet”

  1. help eels! what if i can’t watch it live? does KBS replay the episode again during the week? i’m in NY so i’ll be at work. i don’t think i can hide in the bathroom for an hour. what should i do?

      • many thanks kaori-chan! you are a life saver!

        i just created an account on ionair. i’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope that they’ll have LR episodes. i’ll let you know next week. 😉

  2. Hi, I am new to this wonderful blog. Thank you for furnishing so many information on JKS. I have successfully log on to KBS2 site by following the above instructions. do we have to go thru all the steps above everytime we want to watch Love Rain?:D

  3. yes! i could view it KBS2 now! thanks kaori chan!
    it’s better than 2 years ago viewing the live streaming Mary Me Marry!


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