8 thoughts on “Love Rain Official Website released new pictures”

  1. Waaaah, sis sarah thank you, gorgeous seo jun!! Those hokkaido pics are killing me…I want this namja, kekekekeke, anyway Which one is ha na first love? Or boy friend? I forget the story line.. 🙁

  2. adnot, I have no idea, heheh, I was just guess, there was saying that there is a doctor, I was guessing, who he the first one in the last picture? I’m wondering too. Honestly, no one can compete with Seo Jun if I may say. He is just incomparable.

      • Thanks sukkieno1 for the explanation! Ahh, yes, now i remember they did say that Seo Jun has a assistant. I bet he is tough boss. lol. Ha Na’s first love still can’t compete with Seo Jun.

      • same thought with you, Seo Jun is the most perfect man in this drama:X

        p/s: I’m Quynhchau Truong in fb^^

  3. oh my!!! so handsome oppa jks. so this is his present face in love rain drama? I only seen the past image thats why i think he’s just like that until end. He’s always lovable. more pics please….!!!


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