[Music] English translation of the lyrics “守護星 (Guardian Star)”

UPDATE: I edited my previous English translation and added the Romanization

In response to request from many eels here, I translated the song “守護星(syugo-sei), meaning same as guardian angel (星 means star).” Honestly it was quite difficult for me to understand the real meaning of the lyrics. I think it’s because there were no Japanese song writers though it was written in Japanese. For me, some parts sound unnatural. But I managed to translate them, anyway. I hope you’ll understand the lyrics contained Sukkie’s certain messages to us.

Lyrics: Choi Chul Ho/Seo Hyun il/Lim Kyun Taeck
English translation (interpretation): tenshi_akuma

When I was a kid,
There was my own and only guardian star that I could reach even with my fingertip

Without noticing it, time passed
It may be me that released the hand across the ages

Do you still remember the star that only twinkled for you?

Dear my guardian star…

When I looked up at the sky by chance,
I found twinkle of a star that I had named by myself
It was too bright to stop crying
even if I closed my eyes

Day by day
Only time passes
I haven’t seen it for ages
I thought it was just an empty dream to see it again

Everyone, young and old,
they are raising their hands to look for the sign of the light
in the sky that whispers with a smile forever and ever

It’s been ages
since I secretly started to speak to somewhere in the starlit sky
to feel your warmth

Day by day
For whom the star starts twinkling?

Everyone, young and old,
they are raising their hands to look for the sign of the light
in the sky that whispers with a smile forever and ever

Say, everyone
Let’s raise your hands to the sky

Everyone, young and old,
Let’s start to walk hand in hand that we released once
toward the star that whispers with a smile forever and ever

osanai koro
chiisai bokuno yubisaki demo todoita
jibun dakeno syugosei

itsunomanika jikanga nagarete
teo hanashite shimatta nowa
jibun kamo shirenai

anata wa
anata dakeno tameni
kagayaiteita sono hoshino koto
mada oboete imasuka?

Dear my guardian star…

futto miageta sorani
hitoride nazuketa hoshiga hikaru
mabushikute hitomi tojitemo
namidaga tomaranai

Day by day
surechigatteru jikan dakeno hakanai Dream

minna minna teo agete
hikari no ato sagashiteru
itsumademo donna tokimo
egaode sasayaku sorani

zutto maekara orewa
omaeno nukumori kanji takute
hoshizorano dokokae
shizukani koedake kaketemiru

Day by day
dareno tameni kagayaki dasunodarou

minna minna teo agete
hikari no ato sagashiteru
itsumademo donna tokimo
egaode sasayaku sorani

minna minna teo agete
minna minna aruki dasou
hanashita teo tunagiatte
itsumademo donna tokimo
egao de sasayaku omaeno hoshi ni

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15 thoughts on “[Music] English translation of the lyrics “守護星 (Guardian Star)””

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR from Japan!

    As all other eels here have said what I want to share already, I can’t say anything about it. Actually I didn’t know Sukkie this time last year. I accidentally watched his drama, but I considered it as not chance but as necessity. After I knew him, my life has totally changed.

    2012 will be much more important year for him and us. I’d be happy if we smile each other forever! 🙂

    • happy new year too
      same with me Kaori-chan… Jks inspired me alot after knowing the truth side of him…love him just the way he is…

    • Kaori-chan, before I forget, wish you & your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
      Thanks for translating.. I somehow feel that the lyrics is to inspire everyone to hope for a better tomorrow and move on with hope in their lives… (especially the intended the surviving victims of the unfortunate Japan disaster and some may also be his eels…)

    • Happy New Year,Tenshi..I hope everything’s fine in Japan..
      I love the song and just like you,knowing Prince is not by chance but a destiny..He was a great man and for me he’s a blessing to eels..

  2. Let me wish all eel sisters here again HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!! We may not have met before but the special bond is sometime we will treasure… like the lyrics of this song.. hoping all have a better tomorrow to look forward to…

  3. Tenshi-chan. Thank you, thank you so much for translate this song. I love this song so much. I watch this video clip so many times now; I lost count. Now I know the meaning of the lyrics which it makes sweeter and more special song. Tenshi-chan, you always will be our beloved Angel, who seemed to know and grant our heart desires about certain things related to JKS. Your contribution to this blog means so much to us. So thank you again my dear friend.

    Special thank you to Aphrael for creating this wonderful blog. Words cannot be described how wonderful this blog is; it’s just simply a special place for eels to share feelings, thoughts, worries and loves for our beloved Prince Jang Keun Suk. Somehow a long a way, all of us who had been active here have become true friends and bonded by JKS.

    Happy New Year to all my other eel friends here and around the world. I wish all of us will find joy and happiness in 2012. Let’s moving forward to the new “beginning” and build stronger “bond” as loyal and beloved eels and true friends in year 2012. Hoooray!! Hoaray!!! Bye Bye 2011 and Welcome 2012.

  4. thanks tenshi for translating this song for us.. you’re really an angel just like aphrael.. we will always be grateful to both of you for giving us updates of our dear prince and makes us more understand him.. We love you and God bless always Tenshi and Aphrael.. Have a fruitful year this 2012!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL GREAT EELS IN THE WORLD!!!!

    More success for our dear Sukkie this 2012!!!

  5. First I want to say thank you for Tenshi for this posting. I really appreciate it. Next thank you Aphrael for this blog which has brought me so much closer to knowing our Prince.

    And finally I want to say Happy New Year to all the wonderful people that I have met here and the ECI. In what is in reality only a few short months I feel as though my family has grown significantly. I hope the upcoming year will bring us even closer together with each other and with Sukkie.

  6. Hello again my loving friends on a brand new year….

    Kaori-chan, I pray for your safety together with your daily and the people of Japan. I just received news of the earthquake and my first thought was of you. It has been a difficult 2011 and to be hit on the 1st day of 2012 is simply devastating. I hope there won’t be any casualties and that damages are minimal.

    • … i only managed to crawl out of bed at 4 pm (!) due to headache, dizziness and generally a sense of unwellness ….. There’s been another earthquake in Japan? … i haven’t seen the news on Yahoo yet…. hope that Tenshi and family are fine…..

    • Farina and aphrael, thanks for your concern. I’m OK and I haven’t heard there were any big damages this time though the earthquake was rather big. In fact, I still feel some shaking almost everyday, but we Japanese are going to step forward day by day.

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