[31.12.2011] Promo trailer on KBS Awards

Pic credits: lucine_Reiko
Video credits: jkskyoko

JKS and Yoona’s promotional trailer was aired on KBS Awards, though they did not attend the event.
With his signature flying kiss to warm our hearts on the last day of the year~!

Happy New Year, everyone!
May the new year bring all of us health and good fortune, and definitely happiness in continuing to look at our Prince!

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18 thoughts on “[31.12.2011] Promo trailer on KBS Awards”

  1. was so stunned and excited when i saw this on kbs award!! indeed his signature flying kiss brought us much JOY the last day of 2011, and may 2012 be more spectacular for our world prince. Happy 2012 to all my dear ECI friends!! 🙂

    • Aphrael, I’ve been on my phone for hrs and my wrist is aching! Lol!! The Internet connection tonight is rather haphazard….maybe everybody’s hogging it… Do you guys get slow conx too?

    • Kaori-chan, Thanks a lot for the sharing!!! Is this the trailer appearing on 2011 KBS awards just now as I didn’t watch KBS awards this year as I thought no KBS drama this year for Sukkie but in 2012 ^_^

  2. Happy new year dear aphreal and dear tenshi! Thanks a lot for all the hard work! Happy new year dear QQeyes! I always look forward to read your posts <3
    Happy new year to all eels everywhere! May it be a year filled with best of blessings to all ! Stay healthy , stay strong and dream till it comes true! With my deepest love to all!

    • Cri-J, wishing you Happy New Year too!
      I didn’t see you for a while in this blog, nice to see you again on New Year Day! ^_^

      • I admit I am guilty! But I will make sure to give all the love back to this blog this year <3 It's nice to hear from you dear QQeyes <3

  3. It’s 2012!!! (Spore time) Wishing everyone here a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2012 bring us all happiness, good health, good luck and of cos nothing forgetting MORE of JKS!!! 😀
    Also would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Aphrael for all the hardwork you have put in all these years in creating & updating this wonderful blog of yours! It is this blog that i got to know and befriend so many wonderful eels from all over the world!
    And also thanks to Koari-chan for always updating us with the latest Japan news on JKS as well as translating all the Japanese videos for us!

    Love you all & every eels out there! Happy 2012 to everyone & let’s have more of Sukkie next year!! 😀

    (p.s. Aphrael, LOVE your new header!!! The fresh new pink & of cos that IRRESISTIBLE pink lips of Sukkie! Hahaha! :D)

  4. Aphrael,
    I want to specially thank you for putting up this blog for all of us eels especially from the other side of the world.. i would have been a lost eel..a lost lonely eel lol if not for you.. here i was able to find Sukkie’s every move, and made new friends beyond my expectation.. this have been my daily vitamin, morning and night.. this year have been a tough one for me, but because i see Sukkie through your blog, it makes me smile and realize that it’s a good day.

    Again, thank you and more power.. i wish you great health, prosperity and love for 2012..


  5. Wishing Everyone Here a Happy New Year !!!!! It’s great having you all share a common favourite – Jang Keun Suk!

  6. the wait for this drama is killing me!!! so excited!

    aphrael, love the new header! thank you so much for all your hard work in always updating us about sukkie and for painstakingly translating videos. i wouldn’t have met all these wonderful people whom i now consider as family and share my craze over sukkie had it not been for your blog. my heartfelt thanks also goes to koari-chan for translating sukkie’s videos and keeping us updated on what’s new about sukkie in japan. we will forever be grateful to you both.

    Happy New Year! may 2012 be great for all of us and greater still for our Prince Sukkie!


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