[News] JKS in ELT MV “STAR” and “MOON”

February 1, 2011 in Promotional News, Video by Aphrael

UPDATE: I added Eng-subbed video (April 29th, 2013)

In Japanese duo Every Little Thing’s (ELT) new album release on 23 Feb 2011, Jang Keun Suk, who has gained much popularity from the Korean drama “You Are Beautiful” (YAB), will appear in the MV of their new song “Star and Moon”.

This is JKS’ first time acting in a MV and the first time displaying his acting skill in a Japanese production. And this wonderful collaboration stems from lead singer Kaori Mochida’s (aged 32) fascination with JKS. Having watched YAB and other JKS dramas, Kaori Mochida was very touched by his acting skills and performance. Hence, at the end of last year, Kaori Mochida travelled personally to Korea to engage in discussions with JKS. Touched by Kaori Mochida’s sincerity and ELT’s music, JKS agreed without hesitation.

Filmed in late January in Tokyo, the MV comprises two separate video clips of a romantic love story, with “Star” depicting a woman’s perspective and “Moon” from the perspective of a man. If one does not watch both videos, one will not be able to gain complete understanding.



Before last year’s meeting with JKS, Kaori Mochida was worried about the possibility of the MV offer being rejected by JKS. She did not expect JKS to agree so quickly, so she was very happy.

With his new album slated for release on 23 March, JKS also expressed his happiness at having the opportunity for this collaboration, which is also a meaningful gift to his fans.

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My comments

Hmmm, I thought JKS has acted in a Japanese film “One Missed Call”, so this MV is not really his first time acting in a Japanese production. Nevertheless, it is definitely something very exciting to look forward to, because the story concept of the MV is interesting, and because anything with JKS in it is exciting! Haha!

And all thanks to Kaori Mochida that we have this MV to look forward to! So JKS has fans or admirers among artistes too 🙂


音乐 张根硕出演ELT即将在2月23日同时发行的新曲STAR MOON的音乐录影带








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