Wallpapers Freebie 3: From “Marry me Mary” (M3)

All credits: Yoyo @ Sukbar

I really need to declare a state of emergency – recently Sukbar and KeunSukChina are inundated by a flood of JKS pics and wallpapers, so much so that I haven’t found time to save all of them!

And also in accordance with the festive spring-cleaning, I need to throw out, er, I mean, off-load as many wallpapers as I can. M3 may be history in Korea, but it will still be airing in some Asian countries this year, so don’t think these have come too late.

The dilemma will be in deciding which one to put on your desktop! My favourite is the one above. His eyes, smile and facial expression simply makes my heart melt *sigh* Enjoy them!

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4 thoughts on “Wallpapers Freebie 3: From “Marry me Mary” (M3)”

  1. these are all awesome photos! 😀 being a jks fan is the best.. especially when being surrounded by awesome fellow eels.. just like you! 😀

  2. I always feel amazing how can I am so lost in his eyes at my age, his expression is just so lovely, and I just can’t help to love his smile.


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