Lotte DFS wallpapers


For another,

You can select the wallpaper size at Lotte website.

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11 thoughts on “Lotte DFS wallpapers”

  1. Prince charming…btw the jacket looks like the one he wore when attending Winter Sonata Musical, right? it seems similar…

  2. wow..thanx a lot QQeyes, it sure makes me miss Hwang Tae Kyung,gonna watch YAB a minute before going to bed hehe..many pics are familiar, but some never seen before,so clear,perfect angles,all are awsome!

  3. lovely pics ! i don’t know how he always manage to appear in the same time inocent and sexy . the more i look at him , the addicted i became to him , and i love it
    btw what’s the meaning of the”11 november” , i’ve seen it behind all the walpapers?.

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