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  1. Ah.. this is how I like to see him. He looks so happy and relaxed in these pictures! I love the ones on the chair.. the chair is so big makes him look like a little boy but other pictures he’s so manly.

      • Charlotte, don’t start….. The poor girl has been having trouble sleeping lately! All those pix of moles and naughty tongues…. Even I am not immune…!! Another thing, I remember that he always says he admires elegant necks, well what do u know, the boy is a neck-fetish!

      • LOL.. Farina I suffer from insomnia real bad cause of family issues but the fun on Twitter probably doesn’t help. Charlotte.. no I haven’t seen nude but I don’t want to see pictures like that. Farina is teasing me because I went crazy over some pictures on Facebook and Twitter of Sukkies mouth that was extracted from Budapest diaries DVD. I just think he has beautiful lips amongst other attributes. Although I was worried earlier today because I was looking at some pictures of him when he was younger and didn’t have any feelings towards him except “Aw, how cute”. But then I looked again at pictures of him last couple of years and my heart stopped again so I at least know I’m not a child perv LOL not that I ever thought that but definately see him only as a sexy MAN.

      • I hope everything goes well with your family Andrea… I hope being here with nutty & naughty us helps relieve some of your tension 🙂

      • andrea i wish you well and your family..you and farina is right,this place is a friendly sanctuary of good vibes..*_*

    • all his photos is fun to see but #7 pic is my favorite,he behave like a little boy hahaha..his boy -next -door appeal always fascinates me he can carry whatever cloth he wears with various hairstyles added..*_*

      • hahahaha,,,I wish I could behave @daisy,,but sukkies voice most likely is recorded to my ear..Even seating here at my desk I can hear him singing MY BUS,,and BYE BYE BYE,,am I crazy?Everytime I see a picture of him I have butteflies in my stomach..@farina,should I feel frustrated coz I dont have elegant neck,but I can offer him my wondeful voice,(joke),I could sing one of his song on guitar,hehehe..^_^

      • hahahaah…don’t worry…yes..we are all crazy…crazy over him… and i can related why his voice is likely recorded to our ears….cause hey… ME TOO!!

      • we really are crazy over sukkie. his voice is also recorded i my head and it seems that my day won‘t be complete if i don‘t listen to his songs. funny, i‘ve come to memorize some of his songs without knowing what the words literally mean. i do know the meaning and essence of the songs because of the translations.

        ah! really going gaga over this guy… i am surprised at myself coz i‘ve never really gone crazy over a celebrity before. XD

  2. He has arrived in Korea according to some reports, and he drove himself (home) from the Airport. I’m so happy for him that he is home and he can drive himself now. That must means a lot to him because he loves to drive his car and he always couldn’t because he has to run to places for works. Yeah, the above pictures you can still see a bit of puffy eyes from the tiredness from the arena shows but he was much relaxed. Good for him! I know he will be busy very soon again. He said he will direct a mini movie. And from HS Media CEO Jason’s weibo, they have project for him to do shows for Great China area.

    • SukkiefanNC, I think Sukkie must have miss home.. Suni waiting for him at home ^_^ you’re right, I saw many anticipation by Chinese eels for Sukkie to appear in China.. many are voting for which cities for Sukkie to have shows, which China TV programs for Sukkie to appear.. if we look at Sukkie’s Weibo site, it is now >900,000 fans following.. approaching 1 million soon. But many Chinese eels has great expectation of Sukkie’s LoveRain & hope he can also take enough rest & complete his drama.. I think any shows in China should be next year.. this year will be tough for him..

      • QQeyes007! I missed you! I agree with you , I think a china tour needs to wait for next year because it will be very hard on sukkie to do all that. He still have the Tokyo dome + his new Japanese album + his new drama. I heard he has a project in England too but I’m not sure if this is true.

        Tenshi-san and aphreal! missed you gals so much! thanks for updating us with all the news and hope tenshi-san has a great time in Canada. Waiting for your story about the arena tour!

  3. Hahaha… you’re right Farina, that how exactly my son and students face when I give them punishment, so innocent ^_^ Yeah..glad to see his relaxed smile like that, but what is he doing wearing that funny mask? Is it a king of game in the event?
    Btw sukkiefanNC, where did you hear about a mini movie he will direct? is it true? Wow.. another dream of our prince will become true soon, The Man Behind The Scene, The Director Jang!!

    • i think he talked about it too in his BIFF open talk with Logan..Sukkie can do a lot of things,my only fear is that his body could not sustain his working habbit.But I will pray for his health so he can achieve his dreams ^_^

    • I think the mask is a character from a cartoon. This cartoon is about a loaf of bread who fights the evil bacteria or something like that. This mask is the bacteria that always try to infect the loaf of bread. He looks like he is quite a fan of this cartoon , since he has models in his room of the characters and one even tweeted a picture of this bacteria cartoon saying that they are *TV* airing early in the morning.
      used to watch this as a kid ^0^

      Missed you guys!Specially Farina! sorry for being out for that long but I have engagement plans! wait till my soon to be fiance hears about sukkie LOL!

      • Corrections:

        and once even tweeted a picture of this bacteria cartoon saying that they are *TV* airing him *JKS* early in the morning.LOL!
        used to watch this as a kid ^0^

        JKS is the bacteria that is infecting all of us ^0^!

      • Whaaattt??? You’re gonna get engaged? That’s ‘super-duper-duper’ news !!!(cr. Kaori-chan for tt phrase) CONGRATS darling! I really really miss you! (am still waiting for updates) Muahhhhh!!!! and Hugzzzzzz!!!

      • Farina! Glad you were on line! sooooooooooooooooo many updates for you dear! I’m just catching my breath!
        Thanks for the Gongrats! specially coming from you and in Kaori-chans way too! I’m so lucky! ^0^ I still can’t believe it myself!

      • I was thinking of asking Aphrael create a page just to find you! Infact I just made an ‘announcement’ under another page….then you suddenly appeared! Be sure to continue your ‘essay’ ok! Now I suppose it’s much longer! So excited for you 😀

        PS: I will personally coach you how to hunt for moles just before your wedding ok! Lol!!! You can search for bacteria too if that’s what gives you a kick!

      • I just saw the ‘announcement’ , so sorry for worrying you! And yes the essay has just gotten bigger! ….. hunting moles! LOL! you made me laugh so hard! You know, I do have a fetish for moles and I always look for sukkie’s moles when I see a new pic of him!
        please teach me the way of hunting! kekekekekeke
        and LOL! I just fell from my chair reading about me having a kick out of hunting bacteria ….. hahahahaha! Farina you just made my even more delightful! ^0^

      • If mole-hunting resulted in 4 kids, I wonder abt the result of bacteria-hunting….u better warn yr fiancé to be strong and healthy! Oh…and financially secure! Btw, the rest of the girls here are just waiting to give you their own tips too I bet 🙂

      • Oh dear… we are still with “mole” discussion huh! ^_^ even Cri-J join in the discussion! Welcome back Cri-J!!!

      • oooooooohhhhh I think he’s in for it! I already feel sorry for him! kukukukukuku! 4 kids you say? I love kids so much I’m not sure I will be satisfied with that number! I’m already thinking of it’s double LOL!

      • QQeyes007! thanks for the welcome …. and the mole discussion happened before?! Oh I so need to go back and read everything!
        It seems things has been hot here lately! Or should I say hotter!

      • His butt being ravaged!!!! Must go back and read! How can I miss something like that! Thanks a lot Andrea ^0^

      • Hi dear CRI-J and congratulations on your upcoming engagement. Wish you the best!!!! Miss you too. Lol… this blog becomes soooo alive with laughter and joy. I LOVE IT!!! Every time, I open this blog, I’m laughing soo hard with all the comments here. My dear eels friends, you are one of the kind ….. keep spreading Sukkie’s love.

      • mind if I join your “mole hunting and bacteria cartoon”craze..hahaha..anyhow@Cri-j ..are you the same cri-j on twitter and facebook,just curious though..Congratualtion on your engagement dear,seek advice @farina,,co’z I think she master the art of mole hunting,hahaha..I guess I should also seek her advice ,for me to unfold the “hidden gems” of Prince Sukkie,,lol..And as to aphrael advice,,better not think of Suk on your Big day..^_^

      • Wait, there’s Daisy’s latest addition: the armpits!!! Wahahaha!!! I wonder what she does with that area….!! Is it an erogenous zone??

      • really,,now I’m curious!!,,But If given a chance I would gladly consider Sukkie’s “armpit hair” a treasure gem,,lol..

      • :-p……*ROTFL* haahhahaha..@ charlotte….it was about the tweet-attack between kurt-jang…hahahah…read it there…
        @ farina…
        i’ll leave it to you..you’re the master..*wink*

      • I almost lost it @farina..national treasure nailed it..gotta hold my laugh co’z my boss is staring at me,,ahihihihi…

      • @KaileyCA: Thanks so much dear! missed you two! and yes , this blog is my second home. I love all my dear friends!

        @aphrael77: My dear aphreal …. you have been in my prayers fro a long time now because you started this wonderful place. I will forever hold you, and all the wonderful people here , dearly in my heart. And I think sukkie will cross my mind for sure. He crosses my mind every 10 minutes , but it will be OK because my love for sukkie is surprisingly a mother’s love. Even though he is only three years younger , He still mange to attract the mother in me.( I’m a mother hen type of girl , I love all children unconditionally even ones that I just met)
        but the funny thing is … I think I’m going to remember all of you in my big day LOL! with all the mole talk and armpit … I am sure it will cross my mind and I will start laughing ^0^

        @charlotte: Dear everyone is free to share us here ^_^ and no , I am not the same cri-J in twitter and facebook. I barely go there. I only recently opened both to follow sukkie but I still don’t have the time to check them ^0^.

    • thanks @cri-j..we’ll be seeing each other most often here..I thought you’re the same Cri-j,nevetheless I am glad meeting you here ^_^

  4. he looks much, much better in these pics. though he still has bags undet his eyes, he looks less haggard compared to his pics during the arena tour. really love his smile!

    arie-tristan, if i remember right, i think he also mentioned something about the mini movie at the BIFF Open Meet with Logan Lerman.

  5. Congratulation cri-J…!! So,your fiance haven’t heard bout your affair with Prince Jang? Hope he will be a big-hearted man who’s willing to share love with sukkie hihi^_^
    Once again congrat….!

      • congratulation for your your angagement , i wish you all the best for your future marital life . bdw if you need any help to make it hotter ,you can follow blindelly farina’s advices . in view of comments she posts here ,she seems to be a mistress in this field and i think seriously she must open an online office to help the couples bored with their lifes , i’m sure her jokes will help them better than the professional advices.
        as for our lovely prince , i’m glad to see his smiling face , he’s more relaxed than in the arena show and i think the encouragement and the support of the eels helps him a lot .
        some one said hehas some project in englan i wish it’s rtue so that all his international eels interact with hiim

      • Maya, following me blindly will not do….how’s she gonna find those moles? But since she’s anticipating at least 8 offsprings, I think she’ll be more successful hunting for bacteria…

      • congratulations, cri-j! i know you‘ll be able to tell your fiance about our prince in no time. stay happy!

      • Hi Cri-J! Owaha! Congrats to you for your engagement! Sahar’s vids is great and for sure we want you to get married faster! But don’t forget to tell us how you gonna tell or persuade your fiance to accept our prince and live among both of you.. haha is it very cruel? don’t fail ah!

      • I strongly recommend farina to be your “love guru” @Cri-j…and @maya,,I agree with you girl..@farina you amazed me,,,you made my day today ^_^

      • @maya2500 : thank you so much ^0^ Oh Farina , it looks like you made a name for yourself here kekekekeke

        @Farina: unless my future husband has a lot of moles LOL!

        @Sahar: My dear dear friend! thanks so much ^_^ I will snatch your E-mail from Farina!
        @browneyes88: thank you so much dear , this place is ruly like a home for me. it’s really nice to feel connected to all of you even when I didn’t even meet you in person but we all meet with our hearts here <3

        @ren121: Oh , I will share for sure! kekeke , going to need a lot of planing though ^0^ since I don't want him to be jealous!

        @charlotte: hahahaha it really looks like Farina made a name for herself here! Farina is one of my best friends her advice is always special but in this case I'll make double special kekeke.

      • Cri-J, who says you’re just a normal looking girl? You’re SOOOOOO PRETTY!! girls, trust me, she REALLY is! I hope you can email me some of the engagement pix ok? Oh and I’ll fwd u Sahar’s email soon 🙂

      • @cri-J, off topic..this blog is so fast and sometimes i missed the great news but i must reply you again and give u email ren.arena121@gmail.com and post me your big event day pics soon, wearing hijab and close your face too? you must be beautiful! Me only head cover and no skirts, hehe, yeah different countries have different charm but unfortunately we met here as his eels and and become families, <3<3 luv! luv! Definitely thanks to aphrael77 for this blog!

  6. Cri-J, what a wonderful news in this blog! Congratulations!!!
    I can imagine you as the beautiful bride in the very cute manga greetings from Sahar already ^_^

    • Thank you! I wish I could share the pictures with all of you here , but I wear Hijab on my hear, and in this privet party I’m going to be without Hijab since it’s only for girls so I can’t share it …. though I’m just a normal looking girl ^_^
      I am going on a diet! Need to lose some weight!

  7. i must agree with all..he look relaxed here… and relieved ..probably stressed out during his tour..and now he can enjoy some R&R…i’m really happy when he’s happy..we all do, don’t we??hhhhhehe

  8. as usuel you’re right faina , how can she see anything and particulary the moles if she close her eyes ? so i recommend this , you will guide her with your advices and if it’s not enough i”ll recommend some medicine to make her husband stronger .
    if with our help they can’t have as much as you (childs) we will be obliged to change our profession .what do you think of this “cri-j” ?

    • If this goes on I’ll have to conduct a seminar on ‘ Let’s Hunt for Those Moles-A Guide to a Successful Baby-Making’….terms & conditions apply:
      1. Only for eels
      2. Only for the pervy
      3. Partners must attend for hands-on practice
      4. Must not be ticklish, especially during armpit exploration
      5. Partners must agree to supply some armpit hair to be collected as National Treasure, under the expert supervision of Dr Daisy
      6. After this seminar, there will be a follow-up consultation to attendees for Psychiatric assessment.

    • I already feel sorry for my future husband! But I am truly grateful to have your help ^0^ I’m not the pervy type but it looks like your turning me in to one LOL!

    • but since ‘Dr Daisy’ is still young and innocent at heart…all the attendees might as well go directly to Prof Charlotte for the armpit exam. the results will be saved by her at National Treasure…

      * poor vegetable basket…what did he do to suffer this ????
      @ farina, i almost fell of my chair…and i got teary eyes and have awaken my then asleep sister due to laughing uncontrollably.You just nailed it!!!!hahahaha

      *please eels…you’ll just have to excuse us..hhahaha

      @ cri J.. Congrats…

  9. Oh! This page has turned into “Farina + other pervy eels’ Guidance on How to success on one’s Engagement “night”!
    I’d better not read them and keep silence! Otherwise i’m gonna lose my innocence! Lol!

  10. @cri-j , so you wear a hidjab , me too . i guess with sahar (i presume she’s arabe) we represent the arabe eels of JKS.
    btw , i just remembered what he said about his ideal woman and the mini skit she must wear . i’m really sorry to annouce you this , but it seems that we definitelly are out of race (with or without beautifull and skinny legs).
    another time congratulation and wish you all the best

    • Maya, you’re a Muslim??? Me too!! And yes, I wear the hijab too 🙂 All this while I had the impression that you were French! Lol!!!

      Ok guys, may I repeat my suggestion some months back….(if you are ok with it) perhaps if we put our nationality on our Username, it will not only give us an idea of our background (which can also give encouragement to get to know each other better about our cultures and values), it will show us how far and wide across the globe Sukkie’s love has reached! It’s gonna be real awesome if he does come across this blog and discover exactly how famous he is and how close he is in making his dream to be the King of the World come true….

      • I can do that. Sometimes I feel a little alone in my adoration of Sukkie cause I try to talk about him to people around me and no one understands. I have one coworker who understands because she happens to like Rain (Bi) but other than that she pretty much teases me about it. I’m sure there are fans of Sukkie somewhere around Washington DC but I don’t know where to find them and SukkiefanNC already mentioned that she used to live in this area and her friends don’t understand LOL. Anyway, doesn’t matter to me as long as I have places to go online and this blog has been my heaven for the addiction (kinda made it one of my homepages).

      • Great idea Farina! I’m living in North Carolina, US. So Andrea I’m too far away from you. About 4-5 hours drive. Lol. I know there are more eels in West Coast than in East Coast. True, it doesn’t matter where we are, we all love Sukkie. I wish I could be closer to him, but you know. Now we are in information era. We get news feed like same time. Fighting eels.

      • here I go..@farina,,I wrote a couple of letter to Sukkie’s OFC and I stated and even post a link of this blog on it,,I bet we all did that *_*….Let’s hope and pray that he’ll read it..

      • Thanks guys for supporting my idea… Now I have a better ‘feel’ of you 🙂

        I can just imagine Sukkie’s eyes becoming round and later blushing red at how his moles trigger such naughty thoughts. He’ll get to know that bcos of him we became pervies. I wonder abt his reaction abt his national treasure though….his jaw will just drop! Lollll!!!!

      • FARINA i know why you suposed that i’m frensh , it’s cos i sometimes use this language in my reply . i can’t help but my coutry was occupited by frensh more than a century , so even my parents who are illeterate can speak frensh fluently and the most important thing is that i’ve done all my studies in this language .
        to be honest, a dictionnary “english/frensh” helps me to write my texts .
        anyway i’m greatly honoured and happy to know all of you and i wish this blog will erase the distinctions (race, language, religion,color of skin…)between us and “la cerise sur le gateau” will be the love we share for our prince JKS

      • Wow! Algeria! I’m so so happy to make so many friends around the world! I can’t believe how far Sukkie’s love has reached! True, this shows just how our love don’t make distinction between race, religion, cultural, colour, language….we’re really united here 🙂 I’m really feeling extremely happy knowing all of you! EELS UNITE!!

  11. Ok Farina, here you go… actually I’ve done this at the first time I joined this blog, but then erased it coz I thought it unuseful anymore. Well, maybe you’re right, it will help us imagining our friends look.

  12. sorry girls, i only read about putting the nationality/location in the name just now. it‘s really so nice to meet all of you here. this blog is also like a second home to me, where i get to share my love & admiration for sukkie with very nice and warm eels.


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