[Notice] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 10th in 2019

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For international eels (who are not living in Korea), you have a chance to be the official member of Jang Keun Suk Korean fanclub ‘CRI-J’ next year, too. We provide the guidance how to join CRI-J here, copying the official info. You can apply this period only. Please don’t miss this chance 😉 If you’re CriJ 9th member, it’s easier for the renewal. Please check the procedures below.

Joining period for Overseas:
(based on Korean time) 24th December (MON) 21:00 ~ 30th December (SUN) 24:00

Please read though this previous post again before you try to apply. We can’t answer your question. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail for the inquiry to prince-jks@princejks.com officially.

*For CRIJ 9th members, How to renew your membership
0. Please access Princejks.com and choose your preferred language.

1. Log in
① Click ‘Log in’ on the top.
② Enter your existing ID
③ Enter your existing password
④ Click ‘LOGIN’ button

2. My page
Click ‘My page’ on the top.

① Please check your country.
* You can’t change your ID.

② Please check your date of birth YYYYMMDD / gender.
* You can’t change your nickname.

③ According to the country you choose, the country code is automatically selected. Please enter your (mobile) phone number omitting the leading 0.

④ E-mail address
*Please tick ‘mailing service’ to receive e-mails from CriJ.

⑤ Please check your address in English.
[zip code]
[address 1]
[address 2]

⑥ If there are any changes, please click ‘modify’ button.

⑦ Click ‘next member’ button.

3. STEP 02. details of the member info
After you confirm all info is correct,
① Please enter your password
② Please enter your password again (the same one as ①)
③ Click ‘Join’ button.

4. STEP 03. membership payment
① Select your membership type.
1) Members who receive GIFT
2) Online members

② According to the membership type, the total amount of payment is calculated automatically.

③ You can check the shipping fee depending on regions by downloading the shipping-fee table.

④ As soon as you click ‘Payment’ button, you will be immediately connected to PayPal payment window.

5. PayPal payment
After your payment is done successfully, you’ll see STEP 03. Signed up page. And you’ll receive ‘Member authentication mail’, and click on the URL below to complete the verification. You’ll see the confirmation message on the screen. If you don’t see ‘Next member’ or ‘Join’ in your My page, that means your 10th registration was successful. If you’re not the 9th member, please wait to log in until January 1st, 2019.

*For new members, How to join CriJ 10th
0. Please access Princejks.com and choose your preferred language.

1. Join
① Click ‘Join’ on the top.
② Choose ‘foreigner’.
③ Enter your given name and family name. It’s better to be typed exactly the way it appears on your passport.
④ Click ‘Join’ button.

2. Check the boxes to indicate that you accept the terms of the membership agreements.
Click ‘Join’ button.

3. Fill out the application form.
Follow the guidance on the each form.

4. membership payment
After this procedure, please check the post above.

Please note your ID, PWD and nickname!!

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  1. Thank you so much Tenshi. This site really helped me a lot…even in the past activities. I hope I can join your group. God bless and happy holidays!


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