[Schedule] Lucky drawings on J & K prize winners selected by Keun-chan Santa

As we reported the details of special present plans from JKS (Keun-chan Santa) before, the webcast time has been confirmed. On December 19th (Mon) 19:00 ~ 19:55, Jang Keun Suk’s LINE LIVE will be scheduled, and in this program, you can see the process how the winners (of J-prize and K-prize only) selected by JKS.

[Present list from Keun-chan Santa]
J-prize: direct phone call from Keun-chan Santa –> 3 winners
K-prize: Keun-chan’s personal belongings –> 3 winners

[How to watch]
1. You can use iPhone or Android mobile app ‘LINE LIVE’. You can send comments and ‘LIKES’ to JKS.
2. You can use PC and access https://live.line.me/r/channels/21/upcoming/156256 directly. You can’t see others’ comments and leave comments, and click ‘LIKES’.
3. Even if you can’t watch live, don’t worry. It seems there are archived video.

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4 thoughts on “[Schedule] Lucky drawings on J & K prize winners selected by Keun-chan Santa

  1. Wow,sis thanks for confirming that we can watch it afterwards..
    Can’t watch live bcoz of work..
    Waaaahh so happy for everything ahead in December.. Miss u Keun Chan Santa.. We spent the entire year with Sukkie.. He has done lots of works.. Take lot of rest dear Prince..
    He always come up with great ideas for having special moments with eels.. Let it b producing Zikzin Radio or hosting DJ naver cast.. or planning his own FM..
    Which star other than our Prince is so close to his fans, who can talk everything so honestly in front of the world?? No one.. Very happy to b an eel..

  2. Lucky draw~! How exciting it’ll be, especially for the 3 lucky J-prize winners~!

    December is fast approaching, and it looks like Suk’s going to be super busy once again.

    December 1st – ‘Sweet & Melty Night’ FM in Tokyo.. Wonder if he’ll depart Seoul on November 30th or earlier? Can’t wait to see pics of his airport fashion.. perhaps leather jacket and jeans??
    December 13th – IFFAM award ceremony in Macau
    December 15th – Team H Yoyogi Party D-1
    December 16th – Team H Yoyogi Party D-2
    December 19th – Lucky Draw.. JKS’ LINE LIVE webcast
    What else does he have in store for us next?

  3. Waah I watched it live.. Although couln’t understand the language but Sukkie’s cute and natural behaviour made me immersed throughout.. Waaah the gifts were beautifulllllll…. How happy must b the eels who got those beutiful gifts n who could talk to PRINCE.. omo.. Congratulations to all..
    Very happy there were 3 million comments within this..

    He has not changed a bit and he should never ever change.. <3 <3

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