[News] The details of special present plans from JKS (Keun-chan Santa)

We reported the flash news about JKS’ new single CD, ‘抱きしめたい Dakishimetai [I want to hug you] / ボクノネガイゴト Boku-no-negaigoto [My wish]’, and finally the first limited production bonus (enclosed): a coupon postcard to apply for a gift from Keun-chan Santa was announced. But we feel sorry for you overseas fans… 🙁 Because the application should be by mail, and the deadline is very soon after the release date, so it’s almost impossible to apply unless your friend living in Japan applies instead of you. But we announce here what the presents are. One good news for you. Some winners will be selected by JKS himself and it seems how he chooses to be webcast. So you may be able to see the happy moments 🙂

Original source: Koari.net
All of the 4 editions of JKS new single ‘Dakishimetai [I want to hug you] / Boku-no-negaigoto [My wish]’ (the first limited production A, the first limited production B, regular edition, FC edition) are going to enclose a coupon postcard to apply for a gift from Keun-chan Santa. The lucky winners are to be selected by lottery. It must be an early happy Xmas gift from JKS to eels.

The application deadline for the lottery is December 19th morning. On the same day, the process how the winners (of J-prize and K-prize only) selected by JKS will be webcast. The webcast time will be announced later. One of the luckiest presents is a direct phone call from Keun-chan Santa. It’ll be literally a dream present for his fans.

[Present list from Keun-chan Santa]
J-prize: direct phone call from Keun-chan Santa –> 3 winners
K-prize: Keun-chan’s personal belongings –> 3 winners
S-prize: original greeting cards with JKS message –> 300 winners
T-prize: original poster –> 100 winners
H-prize: original file folder –> 300 winners
*The scheduled presents will be changeable, so please check the final list on the official website before your application.

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5 thoughts on “[News] The details of special present plans from JKS (Keun-chan Santa)

  1. Oh wowww sis.. I love this name our “KEUN CHAN SANTA”..??
    I wish I can b lucky someday too..?? but still very very happy for other eels and these special moments will b webcast too..??
    Advance wishes to the luckiest ones who will get a chance to talk to their PRINCE..?? We will also enjoy everything watching Prince n his eels together.. It’s more than a Christmas gift..
    Very excited for the new MV and all these activities ahead..?????

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