[ENG-SUB] Endless Summer Concert Osaka_20160719

Video credit: JKSLand/ TBS
Translation : Hazy (ECI)
Timing : Pei (ECI)

Endless Summer Concert Osaka 19-07-16 [English sub]

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56 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Endless Summer Concert Osaka_20160719”

  1. Is this real? Ooohhh can’t thank enough Tenshi and Team!!! Thank you for sharing to us the copy of the concert of JKS – Endless Summer and with bonus – Engsub :”( can’t wait to watch this!!!

    • I’ve been searching for a copy of this concert for a long time to the point that I already tried to just abandon/ give up. Then suddenly you shared this with all of us… Plus with engsub. Can’t contain and explain rhe feeling I have right now. Thank you thank you so much!! Tenshi, Pei and Hazy.. Thank you so much!!

      • If I may add, as you all know, this is the only site that I use for JKS’ all abouts (aside from Twitter and Youtube)

        ~Website Structure – simple yet very professional and friendly-user
        ~Information – concise, reliable and organize
        ~Management Team – very selfless, efficient, thoughtful to international eels
        ~Visitors of this website/ commentators – very positive (no chaos/ bashing) friendly and nice, helpful, witty and sophisticated/ educated (been able to notice it the way they comment in the posts)

        Uuugh I think I need all the positive adjective in this world to describe all the variables I just stated above.

        But, From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!!

  2. Million thanks to Peipei, Hazy for your hard work!! You girls are just fantastic! Thanks Kaori-san for sharing!

    This concert is one of his best solo performances to date! The strings was a brilliant idea!

  3. Thanks so much to all of you for your hard work on translating and subbing this concert…now I can really understand what he was saying that night to those of us who were there but don’t understand Japanese…this makes it an even more of a special night!

  4. Oh sis thanku a lot.. A Thai sis shared the link of this concert.. Really needed the subs to understand what he was saying to his eels.. Never expected to get it with subs.. A million thanks to forever team.. Never seen such a dedicated fan club..

  5. I have never heard Road race and getting over song before.. Can anyone tell me to which album these two songs belong?? Have become mad for getting over n dry kiss song..

      • Hi Priya, yes very introspective 🙂 that’s why I like it the most!! But I think Road Race and Fragile
        Like Snow has an upbeat tempo 🙂 but, most of the songs has this sentimental feeling when you listen to it:)

      • Monochrome is my favorite album of him. Can’t get enough of it.. I really love Go Back Sweet Home and Hidamari ^^

      • Mayassi,
        Ughhh we’re the same :”) I found Let’s Go Back Sweet Home first the attractive one. Followed by The Sky and You and then, When Spring Comes, Sunshine, To Where the Sunshines and The Alarm Clock that Doesn’t Ring :”) most of his songs in Monochrome Album catcher my heart :”)

  6. hi,everyfans OMG i just finished watching the whole Endless Summer concert Osaka with the Engsub icant believe it too thx so much for the JKS forever teams the hard work and so helpful to our non Japanese speaking fans i did go to the Tokyo show on the 5th of July from Hongkong and dont understand a word he said and i also buy some DVD of his concerts and have the same problem but this time i can understand every words he said really thx so much he sings so well and his voice is surperb so much better than the concerts in Shenzhen and Shanghai and the venue is so much bigger than the Tokyo one i’ve bought the two CD of his new songs and ordered his DVD of Endless Summer concerts of Tokyo and Osaka hope they have the Engsub too have to cross fingers really really appreciated for the hard works of all the lovely ladies 。Byebye goodnight love you all and ocx our dear Prince JKS support you always

  7. Thanks a million for the concert and the wonderful surprise of English subs! Our Prince never ceases to amaze me with his talent and charisma. I could feel the energy flowing in this concert and it gave me the goosebumps. Our Prince is one in a million!

  8. A million thanks for sharing this concert video with English sub! You guys are really great, God bless all of you. And to our AP, may you be blessed more and more as you continue to inspire others with your songs & music, performances, and other activities. My love and prayers are always with you.

  9. morning itotally agreed with Priya ,never seen such a dedicated fan club, help each other out and love our idol so much and dont let us missed a thing of him eventhough i am not a member of the ECI we all love him thats good enough。I also think this is the best show of all ,waiting for the DVD i ordered to see the rest of the Japan shows 。He really sings so well and so many songs other then the ones he sings in the other concerts, really love it。 Thx again JKS forever teams have a good daybye-bye

    • Yeah sis, Suk’s Japan concerts are the best.. ( all other concerts r also best love his China concerts also ABSOLUTE PERFECTION every where but Japan concerts r bestest)

  10. Heartful thanks for the team for the concert video and the eng sub. Never expected I can have this. Now I can understand what he said even though I don’t know Japanese. You are all so amazing!
    Sukkie has done so well in this concert. I love him.
    I love this site.
    DAEBAK !

  11. Really fantastic show in Osaka!
    The songs sung are different to that he sung in China (I view through the live broadcast).
    and he performs more energistic and his voice so good.
    Jealous of the eels who were present at the venue!
    Hope I were there too! 🙂

  12. woh we JKS fans just like he said in his show his fans understand him the most and said the honest feelings the Osaka concert is the best and his voice was so surperb and he performed so well and sentimental 。we fans love you forever like you sais even you are over 80 years old 。Please just remain what you are we love the real JKS young or old bad or good

  13. Hi,
    I cannot find enough words to thank Tenshi, Peipei and Hazy for making it possible for us to see and also understand Sukkie’s Osaka
    concert. so many of us want to see his concerts live but we cannot for various reasons.
    I believe this was one of, if not the best of Sukkie’s concerts. You could feel he gave his all for his eels. I guess he could feel their love so,he really showed his love in equal measure.
    I am curious to know what was the capacity of the concert venue ? It looked like a very big place and all seats seemed taken.
    Thank you so much again, Tenshi, Peipei and Hazy. Sukkie should realize how lucky he is to have you as his devoted eels.

  14. Just finished watching his concert one more time,my princejks is the most talented entertainer,love you and will support you forever,thank you very very very much for thus video.

  15. Sis, how many times have u watched endless summer till now ?? It’s really worthy watching.. Thanx to beautiful eels who subbed this concert. Words c express our gratitude.. Some of us are dying to just to see Prince’s concert live n to understand all those mischievous talks he does with eels.. Thanks for making a dream true..

  16. I loved it when he said ‘what kind of guy is JKS in eyes of others? ‘ a beautiful man.. wowww.. If he wants then he can keep that sweat towel for auction it will be sold in millions.. And Prince plz continue dating ur Eels always even u marry someday.. live long JKS and we r going to support u forever..

  17. Every time I hear Indian Summer I feel very proud of having my country’s name in one of JKS songs.. n this time it was the best.. I have read so many times about Suk crying on concert n this time also.. That conveys his sincere feelings.. While listening songs with strings I felt like watching Beethoven Virus..

  18. Thank you Pei and Hazy for your hard work so that we can enjoy our prince’s concert. His performing skill is very mature now. hope he can hold another concert at the Tokyo Dome before he enlist. Hope that eels all over the world will support this.

    I was kind of sad when he said his career decline after his first Tokyo Dome concert during one of his interview.

    • Really!! But when did he say that?? And what has happened to his career after Tokyo Dome concert?? Rather it has gone up and up till now.. After Tokyo Dome only he did Love Rain, Pretty Man and Jackpot.. and I don’t think I need words to describe the beauty of all these dramas.. Don’t see the ratings see the popularity n script of his dramas.. everything is unique.. Really don’t care about all those people who give 2 % rating to Pretty Man and 20 % to some others.. Korea can never produce a unique drama like Pretty Man.. Talking about Team H and his solos he gave many hits being always ranked No.1.. Talking any directing, he did CAMP and even got a very special award for his short film.. At which point did his career decline?? He is only 29 and normally people start thinking about their career at this stage and he has achieved what a 50 yr people even cannot do..

  19. When JKS seems to have some deep thoughts at around this time frame > 2:09:17 – 2:09:27… Oooh want to hug him so baaaad!!! ❤️

    Never seen him cry evidently in concerts though. I am at some point, suspicious if he cried because I am having a hard time to determine if that is a tear or a sweat hihi :”) but I know, there are times that he is just stopping himself to cry because he stated in one of his concerts that “he’s a man so he will not cry” aigooo hihi :”) kyeopta!

  20. I do not know why I find this act a very attractive one – whenever JKS is trying to remove his earpiece from his ear while singing during his concerts :”) or whenever these earpieces are already removed and can clearly be seen hanging on the clothes his wearing :”)

  21. Thank you so much for the translation!

    Congratulations to JKS and everyone involved in putting this concert together. I am grateful when a group puts time and effort into a production.

    I have to agree with Pinky Pie on the comment of JKS’ “deep thoughts at around this time frame > 2:09:17 – 2:09:27”. Moments pass too quickly at times, and I’d like to think he took a breath and soaked it all in.

    Thanks, JKS.

  22. As a baby eel, I’ve been doing my homework and catching up on years of JKS content when I have some free time from work and personal matters. I finally found a quiet afternoon to watch this concert.

    I felt a tear roll down my cheek while Suk quietly looked at the audience (encore portion), probably trying to capture that moment in his memory. This single tear turned into full-blown crying by the time he was waving, saying goodbye, with music soaring in the background. Something about this concert – and everything about Jang Keunsuk, touches a part of my soul. This is quite a weird statement to make considering he doesn’t even know I exist.

    Leaving this message to clap for all the older eels for supporting this unique and special man all these years… to clap for the helpful team translating and posting JKS content in English…and of course, to clap for JKS for his drive, courage and hard work.

    I’ve watched so many videos of JKS these last couple of weeks. Because I’m watching these videos in no specific order, it is easy to notice that his eyes looked happy and almost twinkling with possibilities in older videos. But in more recent videos, when I ~really~ look at his eyes, there is a lingering sadness/loneliness(?) that I can’t put my finger on. And this makes me really sad.:(

  23. Morning Vanilasky , so nice to read your comments, I have the same feelings as yours long time ago ,I am not an young eel I have known JKS since end of 2014 when I was recovering from my illness , I watched the drama “Hong Gil Dong “after this one I started to look for all his everything ,dramas ,movies, concerts DVD, all his CD I even went to Shanghai and Tokyo to watch his shows, I like him so much not only bcx he is a star but I like his personality and characters,and his hardworking on everything . I do feel he has sadness and loneliness in his eyes ,Let’s all pray for his health and happiness and wait for his return . Love and support him forever . Zikzin JKS ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hi Teresakwokys!

      I am currently in the “hoarding JKS merchandise” phase. I purchased his concert DVDs from YesAsia but I don’t know if my current DVD player supports Region 2. Haha! Excited for my order to arrive!

      They don’t have Camp and Nelson Diary though… I’m especially sad I missed out on Nelson Diary (with English subs, wow!). 🙁 I saw some clips on YouTube and it looks like a must-watch for JKS fans. Apparently, they won’t be producing it anymore so us new eels will have to wait for it to show up on eBay or something in the future…

      Wishing him all the love, happiness and success in the world. He really deserves it.♥️

  24. Thx very much sis Hazy for the Eng translations , I did fly to Tokyo for this Endless Summer show , I even buy the DVD of both Tokyo and Osaka show , but there are no Eng sub in the DVD, I don’t understand Japanese ,but I just enjoy the show seeing JKS listen to his beautiful voice and all the nice songs ,I have rewatched the show again with the Eng sub and enjoy more, thx again for all your works and appreciated so much my dear ladies, Byebye, ❤️👍❤️👍really hope that they can have Engsub for all JKS DVD, but btw we are lucky the one I buy last time Cri-Present in Seoul has Eng sub and also Chinese sub, ,,!! Good improvements ,bcx lots of JKS eels are non Japanese and Korean speaking fans , Love you all ❤️❤️

  25. Hi dear Vanillasky,most of my JKS collections I ordered them through our JKS Fan Club Hongkong ,but some DVD and magazine i have to ask my friends to buy it for me in Japan .lucky she find a way to buy the ‘Nelson Diary’ with the English sub it’s true it’s a very good one .Hope that you can buy it someday .nice talking to you all JKS eels can communicate in this blok ,thx to sis Tenshi setting up Jangkeunsukforever.com byebye Love you all and ocx our Prince ❤️❤️

  26. Hi. I tried to watch the endless summer tour through the link given but it’s not available anymore? I am a new fan of jks. I want to watch the concert so badly but the dvd sold out already 😢 i dont know where and how can i have the dvd 😞

  27. Now I understand what Sukkie said about the director of Jackpot attending his live show ENDLESS SUMMER.
    Wonderful how Sukkie bonds with people that r lucky enough to get to know him through work, his personality and how professional n talented he is, they become supporting friends n Sukkie as usual takes care of his friends very generously.
    Clearly this director just loves Sukkie, hugs him heartily in every pic, totally don’t look like just posing for the camera.


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