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August 2, 2016 in Fan Account, Photos, Video by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

I’m always happy to hear she had a great experience related to Suk. As you all know, she’s one of his loyal and humble eels. I’m sure God gives her good luck as a reward for being a dedicated eel 🙂
P.S. I can imagine how Hazy feels in front of him. I always feel the same. I forget to breathe and couldn’t stand up properly… feeling like a dying eel with happiness XD

Credit: Hazy from ECI
Decided to pen down whatever I can remember of the magical experience at the Shenzhen airport on Jul 31 whilst I can still remember – I think I probably already forgotten 25% of what happened.

Truly a blessing to be able to see our boy both at his arrival at and departure from Shenzhen. Our arrival flight touched down before his, so we could welcome him at the airport on 29th July. For the returned leg, the planning and coordination behind the scene for me was a nightmare, and at one point in time, I may not even have made it to this trip due to work commitments. My CFO was in the region and was scheduled to visit the other Asia Pac offices the first week of Aug. The plans were floating most of the time, and I had itineraries booked on various variations – Shenzhen to Shanghai, Shenzhen to Tokyo, and Shenzhen to Seoul. I had to professionally excuse myself the weekend of 29th Jul from traveling with the team to the regional office – well, I can’t possibly tell these bosses “I have a very important date with my ‘boyfriend’ as he is holding a concert in Shenzhen” – I am very sure if I had said that, my CFO may jolly well decide to hold the meeting in Shenzhen that weekend too! I had to secretly drop hints to his secretary that it will be awesome if the business meetings be held in Seoul, coz the flight time from Shenzhen to Seoul is the shortest (haha, I hoped she didn’t go check the flight time from Shenzhen to Shanghai!), and that it will be easier for her to make flight arrangements for the bosses back to US from Seoul (I think this was the winning cause 🙂

Whilst there is this little hope that I could be on the same flight with him back to Seoul, there were also many guesses that he may be flying to Japan for work after Shenzhen, so I didn’t want to think too much into it.
On 31st, I took the cab with QQ to the airport as her flight was one hour before mine, while the rest of the girls took a ferry to Hong Kong airport as they were flying home from there. Upon arrival at the Shenzhen airport, we noticed eels had already started lining up along the walkway towards the escalator to the International Departure immigration area. It was only at that moment we were pretty sure he was taking the same flight as me back to Seoul. We both did our check-ins, and went to have breakfast. After our breakfast, the crowds have multiplied and the walkway was now fully lined up with excited eels and curious onlookers. There were many security guards there too, but overall, eels were very well behaved. We bumped into Ahyee, who is also taking the same flight as QQ back to Singapore.
I went ahead to clear the immigration with QQ and Ahyee – we were all praying hard he arrives soon so QQ and Ahyee can see him before they leave on their flight. During the hand carry baggage check, I was requested to take out my power bank. It was one with our boy’s picture printed on the power bank, and the officer asked “so this is the guy who will be coming later?” Shortly after clearing the immigration, we saw the notification from Huajiao for a live broadcast! So he is already on his way to the airport!!! The wait seems to be forever, yet time passes by too quickly for QQ and Ahyee – their flight was boarding at 1140am and scheduled to depart at 1145am. I had to wave goodbye to them, while they gave me tips on where to stand……and I began the wait, alone. I decided to go into the airline lounge to get a drink. Actually I have the urge to go to the washroom too (somehow, every time without fail, before seeing Prince, I will have the urge to go toilet, several times! My “toilet kakis (pals)” will understand….), but I decided to hold, as the last thing I want is to miss seeing him just because I needed to go pee!

I went out of the lounge again, and saw Mama Jang and Aunty walking towards the lounge. Many eels have gathered at the area just after clearing the immigration. The picture above was taken at about 12noon, it was exactly at this spot when I saw 190 (the taller bodyguard) walked pass the glass panel 1 min later. And before I could even react or recall what happened next, he appeared!!!!! Don’t ask me what happened in the next 30 seconds – I had been reminded several times that day by eel friends to remember to “smell” our Prince, since many eels had complimented he always smell very good when he walked past them…. Guess I totally forgot to breathe again the moment he appeared! At the spot where I was standing, I would have been on his left. However, seeing the large crowd of eels running towards me, I decided to “jump across” to his right side….and I did this lovely (hopefully not too unglamorous) jump right before the whole entourage!…..and that’s probably how I ended up being captured in one of the videos taken by an eel.

He went into the first class lounge area to rest. As I was taking the business class, I could wait in the business class lounge area. For the next 40 mins, I struggled with the same question over and over again “shall I go to the washroom now?”, and I had the same answer each time “wait a bit, maybe he will be out soon?!” During that time, I watched the various airport videos and photos posted by eels, so glad he was able to walk through the airport (and not having to go via VIP route) despite the crowd. Many times in China, he was required by the officials to go via the VIP route due to security reasons; hence, being able to greet him at the airport both at his arrival and departure this time round, in itself, is already a very great gift for eels. I’m sure our Prince likewise is really happy too, despite him claiming he dislikes morning flights (both his flights to and from Shenzhen was early), being able to greet his eels and receive the many “morning kisses” (he mentioned in the live broadcast video on his way to the airport he hated morning flights, but love morning kisses, hee hee) from his eels must have energized him too! It was in fact quite a long walk from the entrance of the airport, to the International Departure area, he was able to walk unhurriedly, waving to the many eels who lined up to send him, and enjoying such treasured moments with his eels who repeatedly shouted his name “Zhang Gen Shuo” in Mandarin.

The 40-min wait passed by pretty uneventfully, other than the little internal struggle I had to deal with. When I finally decided “maybe I should just quickly go to the washroom now….” and started walking towards the washroom, the airport staff has to, at this very moment, announced that our flight is ready for boarding!! In that split second, I have to make a wise and sound decision quickly – “Should I turn back to the business class lounge?” “Should I just continue to go to the washroom?” “Should I go board the plane now?”……….. I think I wasn’t even given a chance to decide, as at that very moment, 190 again appeared from the first class lounge, followed by Pig, JKS, 180, and GSM!! I expected them to make a left turn to exit from the lounge to board the plane, but instead, they were all walking towards my direction!?!

I must have stood frozen for a second, and at that instance, realized I probably looked like I am guarding the male toilet! I quickly stepped aside as they walked past me, and yes, I totally forgot to breathe again….I am not even sure what I was doing then!!!

The next few seconds was really awkward too. GSM stood outside the toilet. I think I must have sheepishly crab-walked towards the direction of the exit, uncertain what to do next….. I could have sang “ottokhajyo, ottokhajyo” there and then (that’s really how I felt), feeling very silly in front of him. I almost wanted to go out of the lounge, but seeing a huge crowd outside, I had second thoughts. Just then, JKS came out of the toilet! This time I knew I stepped away from the exit pretty quickly as I do not want to be labeled as the “door-keeper”. There was a cleaning lady standing next to me then and she took a picture using her phone. Pig came up to her and warned her very sternly in Mandarin, I didn’t get to see if he made her delete the picture, as I already started making my way out to board the plane.

Arrival in Incheon
The flight departed from Shenzhen with a slight delay at 1330pm local time (scheduled to depart 1250pm, and I am not complaining since I get to enjoy more time with him on the plane, breathing the same air as him haha), and arrived in Incheon 1750hr local time (1650hr Shenzhen time). It took a while for the plane to taxi to the gate so by the time we got off the plane it was about 1800hr Seoul time. The gate was far from the immigration area, in fact, we even had to take a train to get to the main airport building, so for a good 15 minutes, I got to walk behind him on the travellator, in front of him when I cleared the health declaration checkpoint faster than him (basically to hand a newly implemented yellow form to the officer stationed there), took the train with him (although different cabin), and traveled up on the escalator with him 🙂

We had to walk at least 3 to 4 travellators before reaching the health declaration booth. All the while I chose to walk behind him, most of the time with 190 beside me, while many eels were trying to run ahead of JKS outside of the travellator. When we stepped off one travellator and one to another, I would actually wait to let 190 go first so I don’t get too close to JKS. Some eels tried to talk to him, but he kept looking straight ahead and continued walking (I couldn’t see his face expression). At one point, 180, GSM and JKS were laughing (l read in weibo one eel commented they were laughing at all the panting eels, who were trying to run ahead of JKS – haha guess it must be pretty tiring to try to outrun the entourage walking on the travellator, and trying to call out his name while panting). One eel successfully handed a gift directly to him, 190 didn’t manage to stop in time, and JKS took the gift graciously.

While traveling up on the escalator, I was initially standing on the same side (left) of the escalator as him. Pig was behind him, and then a female staff. About one quarter through the ride, JKS moved to the right, squeezing between 180 and GSM, when he noticed he was standing on the moving lane of the escalator. The female staff immediately moved to the right too when she saw JKS moved. Soon, JKS prompted pig to move too (at this time, pig was busy on his phone and seem oblivious to his surroundings)…..so ended up I am now the one “blocking” the moving lane, although I could see all behind me were eels! By then we were ¾ way through the escalator ride, so I decided I shall move upwards instead of trying to squeeze between the female staff and Young Duk (yes I was standing beside YD then).

I started to move. I didn’t dare to turn to my right to stare into his face, but focused on looking down (as if there were a lot of money on the floor). When I was approaching the step he was on, I could see a movement – he actually moved his left foot in…. well, not sure if he was afraid I would step on his foot, or worry I may trip over his foot… in any case, I just kept moving, not daring to even turn my head the slightest to peep at him, not to mention trying to talk to him! (sigh, where did my courage come from in Shanghai last year when I shouted his favorite phrases in Mandarin “冰淇淋有吗” (Do you have ice cream) and “给我电话号码好吗”? (Give me your phone number). I probably used them all up last year during that occasion (http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/40443)

After walking up the escalator, we had to walk another 50m or so to arrive at the immigration area. I stood at the juncture to wait for him as he proceed towards the immigration area, I hoped I wasn’t frozen and could at least do a little wave at him, but silly me just stood like a statue and stared only. At 1 point I saw GSM looking at me, but I reckon from Shenzhen airport lounge till now, he probably had concluded this silly eel remained frozen most, if not all times and hence not quite a threat, so he didn’t use his hand to block nor push me away. JKS continued to walk towards the Korean passport area to clear immigration, as I watched his back, I joined the queue for the foreign passports. At this very moment, Suk-drawal (the term we give for JKS withdrawal) starts!!!

On my bus journey to my hotel in Gangnam, I was watching videos of live broadcast. I was overwhelmed with emotions, thinking back of the wonderful times spent with our Prince during the show on Jul30. We laughed so hard together, interacted with him through the Q&A sessions, sang his songs along with him, received his love gladly, and presented our gift to him during the birthday surprise segment. I am sure it has been a very special and memorable show for all eels present (even for those who get to watch the broadcast live)!

I have, in my previous FA, said Live in Shanghai was one of the best shows I have attended (http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/40617), It’s Showtime Shenzhen has now overtaken that to be the top on my list! 🙂

His singing wasn’t the best I’ve heard, his stage attire wasn’t the most attractive I’ve seen so far, he himself feels he needed to go on a diet – yet to me (and all my traveling eels companions), we all agreed, in every sense, it was a PERFECT show amidst what others may deemed as imperfection! Eels do not love him just for his looks, for his slim body, for his voice or intense glance, his long or short hair ……Eels just love him for who he is – Jang Keun Suk!! Quoting what JKS said in the after show Huajiao broadcast, which summarizes the show in Shenzhen perfectly, “Everyone bonded as one”, Eels and our master Prince JKS!

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