7 thoughts on “[Fan Account] Hazy’s miraculous experience at Shenzhen and Incheon airport_20160731

  1. What a great experience. You’re sure have a strong heart. if i be the one who standing near to him and be able to see him closely, i don’t know if my heart can take it or not..seriously, maybe i will die,but with happiness hehe.. And LOL to the “guarding of the toilet” moment xD thanks for sharing this account with us, it’s really good!

  2. Frozen ? aigoo I will try to smell him I was curious how he smells hahhahah…Right than I will …I dunno how I will react if I see him so close …Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience .

  3. I once had the experience of the silent frozen moment with my Sugar. It was something very different even with your boyfriend. How silly can one be, kkkkkk.

  4. “I looked down as if there were lot of money on the floor” – i couldn’t stop laughing here sis.. Thanx for sharing such an experience.. I cant imagine what would i have done if i were in ur place.. Your FAs r always very enjoyable.. N yes eels love him coz he is Jang Keun Suk we dont need anything else.. <3 <3 for all daebak eels.

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