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November 7, 2015 in Fan Account, Photos, Team H by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

It’s literally Asia tour with JKS. Hazy and other eel friends did a great experience in a short period. Their tour started from Shanghai and continued to Osaka and Makuhari! You can feel her journey through her lively report. Enjoy!

Credits: Hazy Lee from ECI
5 shows in 1 week – that was the fantasy world I was living in from 23 Oct to 2 Nov 2015, and really wished I do not need to be awaken from the wonderland!

A few of us from Singapore had planned to attend the TeamH Halloween party right from the beginning when it was first announced. We made tentative bookings for hotels, and tried to get our tickets for the Halloween party. When Live in Shanghai came about, we decided we could do a mini “Asia tour” with JKS, and flew directly from Shanghai to Osaka (instead of via Singapore).

Live in Shanghai
Siew Hin has done a great FA in this post http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/40443, so I shall not need to elaborate how sexy, cheeky, cute, seductive etc he was throughout the show.

Personally for me, I would always try to attend his China shows if schedule permits as I would be able to understand what he said during the show through the Chinese translation. I have observed too he is usually most relaxed in China shows, as he doesn’t seem to be pressurized to be a “performer”, but he can truly be himself, and would spring surprises to his eels through his spontaneous actions and words. Live in Shanghai was the classic example – he didn’t have his earpiece on for a large part of the show, he would use Mandarin to speak to eels (haha the limited few words that we are all so familiar with now, but yet never get bored hearing them), although he did learn a new phrase “pai shou san ci” (clap 3 times), which sounded really comical when he first said it and we were all scratching our heads to understand LOL. There was one part where I laughed so hard…it was near the end of the show and he was teasing eels that encore pieces will depend on the level of “noise” we made…. The atmosphere was so high he had problem taming his eels down, he signaled for us to quieten but we refused, until he had to give in and said “Ok Ok” (in Mandarin).
I dare say, Live in Shanghai is one of the BEST show I have attended thus far, and definitely the MOST MEMORABLE, and I truly hope there would be DVD released so more eels (who can’t be physically present at the show) can experience the show too!

TeamH Osaka
I was seated in section B2 on Day 1. Not knowing what to expect for the Halloween party, I was really excited when the show started, especially, when JKS appeared on the stage extension right in front of me in Peter Pan costume. He actually appeared from this extension all 4 times throughout Day 1 show.
Given the stage layout and the “pillars” on the stage, and us audience being on flat ground, there were some parts of the stage which were literally blind spots to the audience. Unfortunately, the screen would at times show graphics instead of capturing the happenings on the stage for those whom may not be able to see from their seat.
When he came out in Cinderella costume, that caught many of us by surprise and we had such a good laugh! He was so pretty, and his sexy moves really put many of us to shame LOL. When he came out as Dracula singing “Raining on the dance floor”, he looked really handsome and I was thinking to myself “no one would mind having their blood sucked by such a good looking Dracula!”

Day 2 I was seated diagonally across from where I was seated the day before, and my first thought was “so today I am going to see BB in all 4 entrances”…but to my pleasant surprise, they made several changes to the program over the night, one of which was they alternated the stage extensions where JKS and BB would appear on the stage, so twice on each side. He appeared as Jang Meili “Pretty Jang” and Kitty Jang (the 2 different looks from Day 1) on our side.

His moves as Pretty Jang were so sexy and seductive (very entertaining indeed!), I was telling fellow eel friends I doubt I would ever be able to make those moves LOL. He was so pretty, it would make us girls jealous of his “beauty”. When he came out in the head gear as Hello Kitty, we laughed so hard! He was so relaxed and imitated the actions of cats so very well – he would lick his whole arm like an ice-cream, all the way from the elbow to his palm, and would clench both fists and placed it underneath his chin and grin like a cute kitty….
We were so delighted when JKS unexpectedly came down the stage today and started spraying mist and having fun with his water guns. When he stepped down the stage in the area where I was seated, he was so so close!! I was so glad (can’t believe I said that!) I got sprayed by the mist he was shooting…..he stayed the longest in this area, as he continued playing with the water gun after running out of the mist spray. I was on cloud 9, and totally cannot remember what I was doing then! When he went back up the stage and I went back to my seat, there was this sudden realization I must have looked like a “hungry ghost” with my mouth wide open and hands all stretched out towards JKS then, and I asked sis MuiMui (a.k.a. QQeyes007) who was next to me “was the camera filming in our direction then?”…and to my horror she nodded with a smile! I received the confirmation later when fellow eel friends told me they saw me on the screen earlier LOL!

The added segment with BB Dj-ing and JKS coming down the stage to interact with his eels definitely brought the atmosphere to a new high compared to Day 1 and I was so glad they made this change. Less focus were made on the costume itself on Day 2 (so both JKS and BB need not spend a long time backstage changing), but instead, with the shorter interval, each segments felt more “connected” and the mood would continue to build on from the segment before. Not only that, they removed the graphics on the screens (or would use them as background) but showed the scenes captured from the various cameras all around the stage, so eels were able to enjoy every moment of the show.

TeamH Tokyo
I was blessed to get a very good seat on Day 1 of Makuhari. I was near to the main stage (facing the console where BB’s equipment was), and had a good view on 2 of the stage extensions (one of which is where JKS or BB would enter the stage from). I read from another FA there was a total of 18 cameras altogether, capturing the show from all angles, since this was also the day where the show was broadcast live in over 50 cinemas across Japan!
Makuhari stage, in comparison to Osaka Intex, had a better layout. It looks like there were more projector screens compared to the 4 in Osaka (although I may have been mistaken), and no pillars within the audience zone, hence there are fewer “blind spots” compared to Osaka.
JKS wore more fanciful tshirts in comparison to the usual black or white in the previous 2 shows.
He came out in the usual Peter Pan costume, with leopard print tshirt underneath.
He next appeared on stage as “pretty Jang” wearing a blonde wig, fake lashes, and wrapped in a kimono bathrobe. This was the tshirt he wore underneath.
In the 3rd appearance, he came out as Dracula, with his hair neatly blown and let down. He wore a black and white print tshirt underneath, and in the 4th appearance, he came out in the TeamH Halloween tshirt.
During the show, he tried tying up his hair by himself on the stage, and mentioned it was really hot. When his wig fell during the pretty Jang session, he actually went to pick it up and hide behind the console to put it back and sprang up in surprise from behind facing my direction (I was oblivious of what he was doing, but eels seated in other direction could clearly see his action then haha). At one point he was so tired he laid flat on the floor and made the snoring sound. He was teasing eels to give him energy through our cheers, and when the cheering was loud, he would lift himself up from the floor, but when it dropped, he would drop flat again and snore LOL.

BB came down and gave a hug to the girl in birthday cake costume seated right in front of me. When JKS came down on our side of stage, he walked past a person who was seated 2 rows behind us, wearing a mask (dressed in phantom costume) and JKS cheekily tried to remove it. I was thrilled to be able to see JKS so close as he walked past, he was walking so near the railing there wasn’t space for his bodyguards to squeeze between him and us, even so, I could see JKS felt comfortable with that distance, and to a certain extent, even enjoy that closeness!
One special “Halloween” gift fans received today was a preview of a song from their new album! A nice song with moderate beat and some parts with English lyrics – managed to catch some of the lyrics as “”I want you know I want you feel, this is my life”…”feel my story”…..
Day 2, I was seated in the opposite direction of Day 1, and further behind. I have a better overview of the surrounding and light effect and could see the happenings on 3 of the stage extensions. Today I was able to appreciate the décor of the stage, and how the lighting effects corresponded to the introductory videos played, as well as the sea of Keunsagi watch lightsticks which were centrally controlled and corresponded to the overall lighting effect of the show. It was really beautiful!! 2 of the original TeamH members made a special appearance during the show. During the costume queen segment, there was one part when he wanted the 2 persons in horse masks to reveal their faces. He was stamping his foot in a coquettish manner, when they refused, and that scene was hilarious. He kept pulling and stretching the tshirts he wore tonight (probably they too tight n restricting his dance moves). Both days in Makuhari, there was another song added for encore – “Party Tonight”, which brings the whole show to end on a high note.
Having attended all 4 Halloween shows, I could see how TeamH and the production team aims to bring the best experience to the audience. They do not limit themselves by doing “what’s safe”, ie. keeping the format status quo as per what was planned, but are open to feedback provided through the survey, and dared to make changes to the flow of the show even over the night. Little details here and there also revealed their thoughtfulness – during Makuhari shows, staffs were handing out the TeamH Halloween ribbons to the audience seated at the back rows (who would not have been able to catch those popped from above), and the Day 2 show started at 4pm so it could end by 7pm, giving fans enough time to travel back to their hometown as the following day is a working day. After sending TeamH off on day 2, as I was walking back alone to the train station to meet other eel friends, I witnessed a fan tripped and fell and the person behind tripped over her. All the people around me immediately went forward to help them and showed their concern, even 2 staffs who were nearby quickly ran forward to render their help too. At that moment, even though it was cold with the breeze blowing, my heart felt warmth and I no longer felt alone 🙂

Side note:
Since we had a free day on 26Oct in Osaka, we decided the night before we shall have fun together in Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Never would we have imagined our prince turned up in USJ that very day too!! Although we did not bump into him, knowing he was so close, and have walked the same paths (in Spiderman and Harry Potter zones) made us scream like crazy fan girls when he tweeted! LOL

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