16 thoughts on “[Fan Account] After thought for LIVE in Shanghai and TeamH Halloween Party, Osaka and Tokyo”

  1. Thanks for sharing your awesome Fan Account sis Hazy! Sounds like an Eel Dream come true – to follow Sukkie “On Tour!”

  2. Oh, you had such a wonderful time! The dream tour!! I wish I could have experienced just a little bit of it.

    Thank you for sharing your happy memories with us, Hazy! I´ve enjoyed every word of your FA. Looking forward to TH Halloween Party DVD, and really hope he will release Live in Shanghai DVD too. 🙂

  3. thank you for the wonderful fan account! are you ladies going to the next osaka and makuhari concerts too?
    I feel like attending, but don’t know how ticketing works.
    (from Singapore)

    • I believe the public sale tickets are still available, although hotel and airtic will be the problem as they are very ex during that period….

  4. Thanks Hazy for filling in the blancs from Makuhari…I’m still in cloud eleven like in lala land LOL…and also sharing the Osaka kitty cat treat.
    Imagen yourself being sprayed by him…I saw on second day Makuhari a lot of eels ran to the vence when he came down the stage..I was not bold enough
    I’m looking forward to TH Halloween Party DVD too…and pray they will include Osaka day 2 images too (at the very least)..also pray for Live in Shanghai!!!

    • it was awesome to meet you and Melody again this trip… i am never good at remembering details after the show either, but i quickly penned them down soon after the show in hope i capture whatever little i could remember still

  5. Such fun to read – and such great memories for you! FAs make the concerts come alive for folks who can’t get to where he is – thanks!!!!

  6. thanks for the fanaccount! i am in wonderland after reading it ^^
    wanna see pretty jang, kitty jang and dracula jang!
    and go for the rest of the concerts.. if any of you are going, please PM me

  7. Thank you dear Hazy for your wonderful FA!! Since it was my first time to attend a show, I lost track of so many details, but reading your account brought them all back to me

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