[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk – it’s show time in Shenzhen (on his way to airport)_20160731

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[UPDATED] Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour Shenzhen and Shanghai show will be fully broadcast on Mobile App

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Original link: http://www.huajiao.com/l/24388339
English translation: Eileen Tan, Timing: Saad; both from ECI

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We are going back now
Is been a long time since I last came to Shenzhen, very happy
Happy to receive Lamborghini
See you in Shanghai a month later
Feel free to ask me any questions now
Jason: ask any questions now
What you wish to know
Hurry hurry hurry
Love you forever too
(Jason: He love all of you too)
Getting more and more pissed off, this thingy (I think referring to the birdie)
1:28 This microphone (sticker) hahahaha
Not fully woke up yet
Dislike morning flight
2:02 Muahahaha (talk among themselves and burst out laughing)
It is my birthday when there is cake
(this sentence sounds weird to me. Not sure Jason translated correctly or not)
2:38 If organize birthday party, will you all come?
If I’m the manager in China, will organize a birthday party in China
So I will need a good manager
(tsk tsk tsk, shake head)
Jason: This is his manager – (point the camera to Gunsama)
Gunsama: Hello, (Jason: what is your name) What is your name
(gunsama repeated instead of answering his own name. Jason then say his name in Mandarin)
(Gunsama & Jason chit chatting over the app?)
JKS: I love you, my xxxx, you are my everything
Gunsama: Hello everyone
Jason: Gunsama’s English is not good. He is Mexican.
Gunsama (repeating what Jason said): He is Mexican. Thank you so much
JKS: I still feel sleep, (is the/your only time?)
(Jason spoke in Korean, JKS answered in English: Forgot)
He wants to eat lots of cuisine in Shanghai
(JKS dislike that soldier sticker n point the camera to Jason!! LOL =X )
Want to eat hotpot, yunnan dishes
5:15 Want to go Shanghai, want to go Beijing, want to go Sichuan
Like all Sichuan spicy dishes
But have to diet, so can’t eat them
Don’t have to spend so much money, spend till here
Already very happy to be able to talk to all of you
Don’t need Lamborghini
Only need your love
Afraid you will get scolded by your mother
Is the translation good? (Jason replied by himself: translation superb)
6:35 So I will now ask all of you
If you go to Korea with me, what do you want to do, the most?
(Jason & JKS chatting, JKS saw a few messages and says…)
Busy no time
No time go shopping with you
Woman is not allowed in my home
7:50 (Jason & JKS chatting. No translation)
When you all arrived at the airport, safety first
Send us well
Will see you soon in Shanghai
I love you (sing)
Gunsama: Bye bye (soldiers sticker: he salute!) Happy to see you all yesterday, see you In Shanghai, I love you!
Jason: That’s all for today’s live broadcast. Safety first at the airport, see you in Shanghai. Bye bye

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3 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk – it’s show time in Shenzhen (on his way to airport)_20160731”

  1. Thanks for sharing and the translations..
    JKS: I love you, my xxxx = eels (he always pronounces the “ee” like an “e”, you are my everything..
    GSM is so cute…he spoke some english…sounds good 🙂
    at 7:50 Jason and JKS were chatting about club and lounging in Korea?!

  2. Yeah sis Mamacri GSM is too cute.. Good man.. And for my prince- in this video u can never say this man is a star of highest range.. He has this gut to be natural always.. Love this MAN <3 <3


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