[UPDATED] Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour Shenzhen and Shanghai show will be fully broadcast on Mobile App

(UPDATE: how to see after downloading the app + subscribe channel successfully)

Shared by Hazy and Eileen from ECI

If you haven’t checked the previous post, read it at first from here to install the app, 花椒直播. It seems you can watch on PC, too. Click this link, http://www.huajiao.com/user/56137059

Live broadcast: July 30th 19:30 (China local time)
ID of live broadcast: 56137059


1) After install the app, click this to search in the app.
2) Type 56137059 to search. Then, click 2 to add the channel.
3) To replay video / view live broadcast after downloading the app + subscribe channel successfully, click 1 to go to ‘my profile’.
4) Click 2 to go to ‘my follow list /subscribed channel’.
5) Click 3 to select JKS channel.
6) Click latest video during LIVE broadcast to watch screening or select any previous videos to replay.
7) Click this to disabled the comments if is blocking your view.

Additional news: The live broadcast is supposedly 360degree view if watched with virtual reality glasses.

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6 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour Shenzhen and Shanghai show will be fully broadcast on Mobile App”

  1. Thank’s a lot for sharing this info.
    Can’t wait to watch the concert. It will be 7:30AM here.. Good thing it’s Saturday.See you tom, JKS


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