[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk – it’s show time in Shenzhen (full show)_20160730

UPDATE: Now English hard-subbed one is available.

You can rewatch on the app, too. Here’s the app info.
[UPDATED] Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour Shenzhen and Shanghai show will be fully broadcast on Mobile App

Credit: uploader
Original link: http://www.huajiao.com/l/24287233
English translation: Hazy Lee Eve Yap, Evelyn Tan and Eileen Tan from ECI
Timing, Edit and hardsub: Pei from ECI

dailymotion link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k7ulGRbdyoLj96j1Um9

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20 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk – it’s show time in Shenzhen (full show)_20160730”

  1. Thank you so much for your hard work in sharing this to us 🙂 we are truly grateful for this wonderful act ❤️ We know this is too much to ask, but if there is someone who can translate in english the conversations even in the interview portions, we will extra appreciate 🙂 nevertheless, thank you so much for this video!!! We love Jang Keun Suk!!!!!

  2. Oh my God.. Thank you thank you very much for your hardwork to share it here and let us to watch this.. Really appreciate it, once again thank you so much. You’re the best!!

  3. Sis, thanku so much for sharing.. Our prince always shows his fun side but its just too hard to see him so emotional sometimes.. I think he cried also before saying saranghae.. I didn’t understand a bit still replayed it again.. He was touched after receiving the birthday present also.. Love this side of Suk but cant see those tears on ur cute face.. But is he talking about going to army??

      • No, he has not gone to the army yet.. He will enlist soon, in this or maybe next year. Sad but true…

    • Priya,
      He was very touched to receive the birthday gift but he didn’t cry – he was just pretending.

      And no, he didn’t mention a anything about army at all

      • Thanku for replying sis. In the “after the show video” pictures of millitary cap and soldiers were shown n he got emotional before saying saranghae.. So i thought he might be talking abt that. Thanx.

  4. Thank You so much for sharing this video to us..awesome Prince jang keunsuk concert. Thank You again.I wish I could understand what he said in that long talk..will be mnore happy if someone can put ENG SUB on it..

  5. By any chance, is there someone was able to capture the photos being flashed during his interview on this concert? 🙂 it seems interesting. I’ve read from one of the fan accounts here that the photos are in korean, japanese, english and chinese titles. Ughh JKS is the best and really one of a kind!❤️

  6. Hi all, this concert was streamed live on a an app (u can see the link in Tenshi’s next post) that’s why we r able to share it…n I think because it’s live streaming they have limitations to camera angle so we can’t see the images shown on stage too except for audience there…

    • Hi! Eve 🙂 Thank You so much for your response 🙂 it meant a lot 🙂 I thought of that also 🙂 but, many thanks to your kind response

  7. hi,everyone i saw the whole show twice ,why JKS didnt smile or laugh much during the show? May be he is too tired ! please take a good rest and take care of of yourself and dont let us worry about you ,you have so many shows following,fighting!Is it Shanghai the next one? Looking forward to that , We all support you till the end ,dont worry you have millions of fans and your shows will go on and on。 bye-byeJKS fans

  8. thx to all the ladies for doing the translations , without you all we fans cannot enjoy the show and understand so completely 。 as to Chinese fans we are lucky this time bcx there is a translator and also Eng sub thx again 。I hope the Shanghai show will be the same 。one more thing its really great that the Eng sub showing so quite ,you are really doing a good job and let us getting more closer to JKS

  9. Recently, I just Came to ponder these things…

    When I watched the it’s showtime concert in Shenzen through live streaming, I noticed that the voice of our JKS seemed to caught some colds or he was not feeling well as there were times that he barely hit the high notes and when he was talking, his nose seemed clogged.. I was worried that time and thinking if he is okay and what happened days before that

    Then, I just recently watched the My Ear’s Candy Episode 2. Then, I was able to know that day before his concert he was in Bugok Skyway that night to show candy his secret place. He then spent, few hours there talking about love and life. Then, the next morning he needs to wake up early to catch his early flight bound to China… (I know how he hated morning flight hehe :)) That is maybe the reason 🙂 maybe, he caught some colds due to the open environment (fog/ mist/ dew that night in Bugok skyway) hehe 🙂

    Just a cute observation 🙂


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