[2015-11-01] Ha Seok Jin attended TEAM H Halloween Party_20151101

Original source: haseokjin Instagram

Team-H reunited in Japan!
Kuen-chan in Tokyo was awesome!

일본에서 뭉친 Team-H!
도쿄의 근짱은 스바라시!
tenshi_akuma’s note: The final stage of TEAM H Halloween Party was very memorable for current TEAM H member, Jang Keun Suk and BIGBROTHER. He invited 2 of the 7 original TEAM H members, Ha Seok Jin (Korean actor) and Lim Seong Bin for the first time. As you know, TEAM H started in a project of Hanysng Universiry festival. Their friendship has continued for 7 years even they’re now working in different fields. Here’s the introduction of original TEAM H members.

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