[2015-10-13] @zosun_hi twitter

President Jang~~~ When shall we go to New Zealand??
My brother~~ Your loyalty and cordiality really impressed me!! Thank you for everything, coming and staying for a long time!! I would be your sister anytime~~
#Jang Keun Suk #Thank you #I love you

message from JKS:
Sun-hi, let’s go to New Zealand!! From President Jang

장회장님~~~ 우리 뉴질랜드 언제가요??
동생아~~ 너의 의리와 진심에 완전 감동!! 와준것도 오래 머물러 준것도 다 고맙다!!
나도 언제나 누나가 될게~~ #장근석 #고마워 #사랑해 https://instagram.com/p/8x9zDuPP1T/

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3 thoughts on “[2015-10-13] @zosun_hi twitter

  1. I would be happy for a new project of our Prince, with Zo Sun! So far, all their projects were successful! I look forward to find out what is behind these messages! 🙂

  2. I really love this photo. Love the way he looks into the camera. Her photos of Suk are always beautiful.

    Does anyone know what that about New Zeland means?

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