32 thoughts on “[Fan Account] A Singaporean eel Siew Hin’s exciting experience about LIVE IN SEOUL”

  1. At first I thought boy this FA is long. But when I start to read it, I was like that’s it? I feel like it needs to be longer than this…

    Thanks niamki and others who have shared their encountera with Mr. Jang

  2. finally, you shared your FA here in our blog. for sure, our sissies will enjoy reading it like me.

    i wish to read more of your FAs here in the future.

    it’s so detailed. thanks again Hin……….

  3. Wow!!! Its a perfect FA sis Hin thanks for sharing this and sis tenshi thanks for posting love it it just like I was also there lol you have a beautiful FA sis Hin (Y)

  4. Thank you sooooo much for sharing this!! Oh the descriptions of how it felt to be so near…. And to hear him sing so perfectly, even songs he has been too nervous to try for a long time! Really can’t wait to see him live someday

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this really perfect FA – I feel like I was sitting right next to you (ha – I wish)! After I finished reading it I realized that I had stopped breathing while reading 🙂
    I will save this and keep it with the DVD when I get it. Boy, you really can put into words what we all wish we could experience. – And I love all of the cheeky responses ;P

  6. I have read your FA so many times, and have laughed so hard too. Thank u so much for the description of your experience,it feels like I LIVED it!

    I’m a little nervous since I’m not a member of princejks yet. But I have requested to the universe my LIVE IN SEOUL DVD.I MUST REMIND MYSELF THAT I HAVE IT,I HAVE IT, I HAVE IT!!!


  7. You have explained every detail feelings of how it would feel to be in live with him, makes other eels want to come to his next performance! Very nice story!

  8. Thanks, Siew Hin for sharing . Yes, it is a perfect show(only my 2nd tho ) for me except my regret of not able to sit as close as you did. Your FA have blow up my memory flashes bringing his closeup to me, feeling the concert again. Like you most of time, I was drawn to look at him (most of time instead of on screens) despite he is small on stage from my location. I enjoyed your FA very much , can’t wait for the DVD

  9. Dear Siew,

    Please please explain your comment “not my most heart wrenching experience (Team H Seoul 2015)”…was there a dvd for this concert this past year for Team H in Seoul??!!!!!

    If so, is it available for purchase at all????!!!

    I loved your descriptions for your mini reviews of all the concerts..wow – i saved it for future reference!!

    and I agree with you in what i think you are saying…that he looks really really much more wonderful…

    1) without a hat – so his face is in clear view…and
    2) with his hair in ponytail like KMG or SIH or HTK….

    And I know some may disagree with me – but to me, he was simply beautiful in the IJWHF with his hair neatly braided away from his face and ended with a blonde ponytail,as he was in the IJWHF dvd (I know he was saying someplace that it was the end of his blonde days recently) .

    One of my favorite songs of his is also Welcome to My World…the IJWHF version from the dvd. His voice was very clear and resonant in that song – without any straining on his part – I also loved his solo part or rather the aria part during the Gotta Getcha at the end of the dvd…

    Siew, thank you for ecellent detailed review!!

  10. Akiko
    Team H Seoul DVD was sold only through the official fanclubs. So only members of the Korean and Japanese fanclubs could purchase. It was not sold on any public sites

  11. Siew Hin – Thank you for answering! I guess I will just have to wait till January to see if it is sold on the Cri J site!

    Thank you for the info!


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